Last night, is not calm one night, the South Korean victory ship difficult, there are many parents came to the shore of the island with tears, night waiting for the child back, how also can not sleep. (A painful moment: the last message of South Korean ship: Mom I love you )

And this morning , according to CNN's latest report, 450 passengers on the victory of Sewol, 290 people are still missing, 179 rescued, 9 found dead bodies, the ship is undoubtedly the worst in nearly 20 years of South Korea's most tragic maritime accident. We heard the survivors of the scene description, heard they obviously frightened, voice still trembling, that day like a human purgatory ...

"I heard a loud bang, and then the boat began to tilt, and we didn't know what was going on," says Lim, a rescued student. Many people fall into the sea, others fall out of the boat, or they start bleeding from heavy blows. 」

Another survivor, Hyun Hung Chang, said: "We were told not to move, stay at the scene, otherwise there would be life risk." We are helpless to stay where we are, do not know what to do. But then, as the water level rises, the child cries for fear and screams for help ...

He tried to describe the scene and trembled in his tone: "I must pull my hands, the water is cold, but I really want to live." 」

The scene into a chaos, there are many people are still students, they originally expected a happy graduation trip, cruised unexpectedly overall tone. Some of them chose to stay where they were, while others jumped into the water.

A mother, after a difficult ship, received a message from her child: "It's so dark, I can't see anything ..." Mom, I want to tell you, I love you. In the end, the Korean media confirmed that the child had been rescued and had the opportunity to speak to her mother, only to understand how rare it was and how fragile the human life was.

But there are more and more people who don't know if they can see their family again ...

They were waiting for their children to return.

It's going to be a tough one for the family. The original smile to send the child aboard, now crying is not necessarily waiting to get the child back ....

Why is the ship difficult to take place?

"I think it was a big mistake to tell people on the boat to stay where they were and not to go aboard the lifeboat," CNN analyst Mary Schiavo said. 」

Kim Petersen, the honorary chairman of the Maritime Safety Association, proposed a different idea: "The captain should be judged by the circumstances, and the vessel will be sunk at the expected fixed rate, and there is still enough time to escape from the sinking." If the pace is not hurried, more people will be saved. 」

Until now, the cause of the shipwreck has not been confirmed, according to YTN reported that the police are investigating the case, the captain has been detained, and the maritime police are investigating the safety of the vessel and rescue situation. But the icy waters, the rushing tides and the very low visibility have all created difficulties in the rescue process.

At this stage, let us use the most sincere heart for South Korea blessing,pray for Korea, look forward to more children can return to the bosom of the family, look forward to more in the shore and other parents can also see the child side.

Looking at the South Korean ship is difficult, we are very distressed, also want to say life is really very sudden, very short, the next second what will happen, we really do not know. What we can do may really only cherish the present, this second in our side of the people, every moment to live like the last moment. Life will not have no regrets, but we can not forget to force the living. (Have you ever thought about it?) if Doomsday, who would you call for the last call? )

Have you been living hard today?
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