Letter, Sue saw the letter, the high voice singing "bragging", "Dead To Love", "The Millennium Love" letter, that give people bohemian image of the letter, that people full of imaginary letter, privately under him, what will it look like?

On the night of Friday, the letter stood on Legacy stage to sing before we saw the letter! He, in private, is taller than we thought (the height of the 191 giants) and more gentle than we thought. 42 years old, through the waves of many showbiz, one night grew up, he knew to do his best, singing good is the most important, other things, really is worldly possessions.

During the interview, we feel that the letter, is a pretty real tough guy, not necessarily will pile up a smiley face to you those you want to listen to the public version of the answer, he would rather not say, do not want to pretend. Let's listen to the journey of his career in showbiz. (same field Gayon: Shun Zi: I am not A superstar I am not A star )

Showbiz, let a person grow up overnight

For rock music, one of the important elements is anger. So many people will think that will sing the ultimate letter of rock music, body must also have a lot of dissatisfaction with this society. But during the conversation with the letter, his face was not angry, but there was a lot of calm. Perhaps he has already seen too many of the waves of entertainment, to see a lot of things, he chose to use a more detached and peaceful attitude to face.

Today's society is too angry for a lot of things, but I will feel that many things are the case, there is no discussion, to learn is to accept.

The letter, with a bit of a playful tone, said: "I would like to do a harmonic star, so that the community can not have so much anger, can use a more peaceful mood to see things." "That's a lot of joking, but it's also a way of looking at the attitude of many things: complaining and anger may not make the world a better place, and if you want to change, you have to start with yourself."

No longer the roar of anger, and then the gentle singing. The letter of the body, there are years of washing traces, asked from the debut to the present biggest difference, the letter first jokingly said "Change handsome!" Then he paused and said, "Showbiz is a place where people can grow up." "In tone, there is such a little disillusioned flavor."

"In showbiz, you will be exposed to a lot of different people, meet a lot of different things, this place can let you quickly" grow up. Growing up, you may encounter good friends, bad friends, there are many temptations ... To say so with a letter.

Into the showbiz this line, can get the absolute many, but relative, to pay a lot. You are held in the palm of the hand, of course, you have to risk being slammed on the ground risks!

The letter says about growing up, defining a lot. For him, in the showbiz "grow up" serve see when you will start to care about people around you to do things, when you realize that there are many people behind the success of the help, that is when the showbiz grew up.

We listen to the letter and say that he is very gentle. The process of growing up, of course, not only related to themselves, learn to feel the people around their own pay and then Thanksgiving, learn to experience, is to leave the old shell, grow up. (Recommended reading: Are you really growing up?) After 20 years of age, you should learn 15 things in life.

Life, there is no good regret

These more than 10 years in the showbiz growth Road, the letter said actually oneself, and did not have too many regrets. "I'm pretty sure of every decision," the letter said with certainty.

Seem impulsive and believe in intuition, but in fact, in planning and deciding goals, the letter is used to thinking about the whole thing first. Before you do, think long term, "if things end up with your expectations, it is not your problem, it must be some reluctance to resist the factor." 」

The letter touched the chin, smiled and said that if the biggest regret, it is probably always like to shoot MV or in the film before the publicity, but also insist on eating snacks!

A lot of things to listen to destiny, in making a decision, if the whole to the end of clearly think through, finally did not realize, it is not their own problem. Letter for life, never regret, own a set of detached philosophy, perhaps also because of this, we can always hear in his songs a lot of free and easy.

This time in the Legacy, the name of the provocative named "Letter Hospitality", also has his unique set of the attitude of life. The letter said that this time he is going to sing a whole night of B-side songs, B side, is he has always liked but always have no chance to sing songs. Some of the songs have been written out, not sung in public, it is a pity.

The letter said that I remember singing these B-side songs in Kaohsiung, and apparently there were a lot of fans in the air. But life is to try, sing out, just know good, the letter hope to listen to these songs in the field of power, these songs, although not so red, but each have their own stories worthy to be heard. The letter said:" stand on the stage and look at the audience below, you will not forget the reason for the original singing." "

In the letter, we saw the kind with a little rebellious, but insist on their own strength. For a lot of things, the letter said it does not matter, but in fact, we want to always adhere to the things we want to do, is also a letter of life will not leave a big reason for regret it. (Recommended reading: life, not the wrong way )

When the entertainer, from the step to the alarming to all nature

Many people sing, have a very strong sense of mission, I do not, I just want to write songs, singing, do not have to do what position.

Sing well, naturally get everyone's affirmation, has been Suri known as "rock giants" of the letter, there is a good voice, there is no so-called open throat or the secret to protect the throat, the former smoke and wine is not particularly diet, that is, took the microphone, sang, all of course.

When it comes to the identity of the artist, the tone of the letter, can actually feel his many helpless. The letter said: "Taiwan's standards for artists are too high, with very high ethical standards to examine these people, so many people in the showbiz must learn to pretend to arm themselves, the days are long, perhaps also will become their own people do not know." "As an entertainer in Taiwan?" Letter accurate Use four words to describe, called "step by Step alarming".

For the entertainment ecology, the letter has been puzzled; now he thinks that when the artist, why can't be a natural point?

"What kind of man am I?" I'm not going to fake it, and I don't want to pretend. I told myself to always remember one thing, you have to pretend, which day was caught is very difficult to see, as you are very natural to present themselves, I accidentally out of a small bag, for a long time, we can understand you are so. 」

Many people feel that the letter in the entertainment, experienced a lot of news storm storms, the letter said to look back, but feel no wind and no waves. Learn to live a happy life, that is the big things happen, and nothing.

"Sometimes negative news and news are like this, seriously you lose." 」

Now from the mouth of the letter, can not hear too much anger and resentment, a lot of things, he held a common heart, serious attitude, because life is important is the process, not the result. And the process does a lot of effort, only oneself is the clearest.

I used to believe in drinking, and now I quit. No why, one day suddenly feel that they do not have to drink again. For the letter, many things do not need too many reasons and explanations, trust their intuition, also right. (Recommended to you: Choice and commitment, your life want to climb a tree or climb the stairs )

The tough guy with the rock and the tenderness

During the interview, the letter was combed and prepared to sing in Legacy at night while answering questions.

For many of the questions, the letter is taken with a simple answer, in the eyes of others may seem to feel very "provincial", but we also feel that he is very real. If you do not want to talk, even the so-called public version of the answer is not willing to give. For him, at any rate, he felt that pretending was unnecessary.

So what kind of person is a letter? In our eyes, the letter is a heart with a continuous tenderness of the tough guy, in his body can see both men and boys.

The letter is of course typical, all over the male sex pheromone, singing rock tough guy, but also as he said, in the showbiz these years, let him grow a lot, learn to care about the people around, find the world is not only around their own people turn. In the scene of us, looking at the letter gently to the staff around, listening to his gentle talk about his girlfriend and work, his gentleness does not need too much speech foil, full use of action. Yes, who says Hardy can't have tenderness?

The Taurus letter is also more practical than imagined. Smile said and girlfriend together for eight years, this age of love of course not like 20 years old as impulsive, a lot of thanks in mind. Now 42 years old, for his feelings and hair said really old ah, physical strength is not as good as before. No longer a young man full of rage, but now the letter is more flavor. (secretly said, the letter is not shy to honestly say that their physical strength is good, should be the best girlfriend know.) )

Talk about the type of girls like, we also surprised to find that the original letter like the type is not what we think of the Leng-type girls, but temperament type. "I will still be attracted by beauty, but beauty is momentary, temperament is forever." "The answer to the letter is very honest, quickly listen to this heart has tenderness of the tough guy, talk about the ideal lover in mind." (Same Gayon: the men are looking for their own jigsaw puzzle )

For a lot of things with a normal, serious attitude, because in any case, how much effort, they should understand the best. In the letter, there is this "power of the silent person." No matter the adversity, or the many challenges of life, many things need not be said, do it right.

This is what we learned in the letter. What about you?

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