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Avril Avril Lavigne's MV "Hello Kitty" recently aroused concern, many people said "see the obvious cultural discrimination means, really can't see", but also some people said Avril is in the current Japanese and Korean culture to criticize, exactly why this MV Will cause such a wide range of discussions? Let's look at it together! (recommended to watch: when a man uses a woman's private place to clean the supplies ... ) )

Following last year a song and husband Chad Kroeger Chorus of Let Me go, avril son again launched a new MV, full of "Japanese flavor" Hello Kitty, but this song's MV may make many love her fans feel a bit overwhelmed.

After watching MV many people in the heart probably only out a sentence: " I'm sorry ivy son, Asian women really is not what you think." We are not a cute doll with no expression and stiff motion. "

In the Hello Kitty MV, when Avril son in front of the Hot Dance, a group of stiff-faced Japanese girls, (let us assume that, since Avril in the lyrics in the first sentence with a strange accent of the Japanese kawaii) after her mechanized repeat similar dance movements, Four women deliberately dressed in exactly the same, from makeup hair, hair ornaments, and then to dress action, like four copies of the infinite duplication of the flat flat figure, no personality, also do not need personality.

The MV was aired in the United States, sparking a lot of backlash, and many media have questioned it at the first time. Public letter list Billboard said: "Avril Children's MV no matter which language to see, are very embarrassing." "entertainment Weekly said," I think we can all hear the double meaning of Hello Kitty in there, and we can't even decide whether this MV is offensive or offensively obvious."'s entertainment news." NE said: "The only for the entire MV explanation, is avril in the open we have a big joke." 」

In this MV, we can further think of a direction is: how Western culture in a single "cute" replace the whole Asian culture.

To be honest, the examples of cultural misappropriation (cultural appropriation) are commonplace in music videos and movies, and have long been a total invasion of our lives. Hollywood Martial in flight, enveloped in an oriental atmosphere of the Enlightenment monks; often mention of Indian culture must summon a group of dancing and jumping closed eyes, cultural misappropriation of course not negative, complete end see how to operate. If used improperly, it may slip into racial and cultural discrimination (racism). The first line of the two is to promote unilateral racial superiority in terms of whether unilateral interpretations of discrimination are cleverly packaged in cultural messages and viewed from a top-down perspective. (Recommended reading: in this age, Google tells you that sex discrimination does not exist )

Of course, we can also look at from another point of view: Avril Lavigne's MV as the current Japanese and Korean specific culture strong and powerful criticism. When the perfect has a demarcation of the standard, when we use to celebrate such standards, big eyes, long legs, black hair, slender waist, the standard of the same dance movements, we are not also moving to the self-duplication of the road, gradually become like the MV in the same copy people? How can we define ourselves when beauty can be replicated, not conforming to standards? (same field Gayon: Please, give us back our appearance)

So to speak, whether Avril's MV is an obvious cultural discrimination, or by the line of discrimination, the irony of the real? Or perhaps the irony is too much of a form, a lack of depth of thinking, with beautifully packaged commercial kawaii shell, the packaging of deep cultural discrimination?

With this short MV we can think about the business messages we receive every day, can also further train themselves from both sides of the point of view, because there is no stand on the two sides of a thorough thinking of the comment is too light, not enough strength, after all, will only become a wisp of green smoke floating in their own thinking Small world.

We put forward different points of view from the pros and cons, hoping to provide you with a little space for thinking, hey, think about it, what's your opinion?

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