Did you notice? Today's Google Doodle is especially mathematical, does it remind you of the dismal (and rebuilt) math time at high school?

Yes, today, 5/16, the 296 birthday of the Italian mathematician and philosopher Maria Gaetana Agnesi! Agnesi not only mastered calculus, but also wrote Calculus textbooks, the first person to turn calculus into a subject that could be taught. (Should love her or hate her) at the same time she is also the tongue line (versiera) well-known researchers! (yes, Google Doodle on the line that looks like code, is the tongue line Versiera)

Although the thought of the university to rebuild calculus, I feel that the past is really unbearable, but after listening to the story of Maria Gaetana Agnesi, you will also cheer for her wonderful growth story.

May 16, 1718, Maria Gaetana Agnesi, was born in Milan, Italy. At the age of five, he spoke fluent Italian and French, and was considered a prodigy as a child. When Maria was 11 years old, she had learned the essence of Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, German and Latin language. This amazing woman, at the age of 9, " women ' right to be educated" for women's educational rights. As a topic, writing a paper in Latin to a well-known contemporary scholar. (Recommended reading: Pakistani girl who strives for women's right to be educated, Malala )

Maria's father, who was a well-known professor of mathematics at the University of Bologna, was a student of mathematics and philosophical issues, and was at the age of 10 talking about math and philosophy with a well-known scholar around her father. Maria as a precocious genius, but her sharpness did not have the "hour, big is not good" curse. After 20 years of age, Maria devoted herself to mathematics research, published "Instituzionai Analitiche" (Italian), organized algebra, calculus, integrated mathematical analysis, known as "The best introduction and analysis of trigonometric Euler formula", The book has also been translated into several languages, serving as the Bible.

X 2y =a 2 (a-y).

In addition, in Insituzional Analitiche book, also studied the tongue line. The tongue line is a simple mathematical principle to draw the asymptotic line, the detailed approach can be studied above. The tongue line has another alias, called Aniesi Witch Witch of Agnesi, but the source is not to say Aniesi how hateful, but actually from the translator's mistranslation, will be derived from the Latin root of the versiera wrong translation.

Maria's remarkable research achievements also made her the second female professor in history, formally appointed by the then-Pope Benedict 14. Her painstaking research in the fields of mathematics and philosophy has allowed her to get sick many times due to lack of sleep, and has been warned by doctors not to do any more madness.

Maria's beloved father died in 1752, and Maria was struck by a great blow, turning academic research to theological theology and devoting herself wholeheartedly to philanthropy, helping poor, sick, homeless people, and creating opera Pia Trivulzi, So that the disadvantaged in Milan had a home to be able to inhabit, and Maria finally in the institution, peacefully closed her eyes and died.

This is the story of Maria Gaetana Agnesi, in addition to her brilliant talent, but also see in every field, she wholeheartedly invested. Today we want to wish Maria a happy birthday, thank you for bringing great and difficult calculus lessons for posterity, and perhaps we will have different feelings when we turn to the calculus exam in college and think of Maria. Happy birthday! (Recommended reading: Audrey Happy Birthday!) About Audrey Hepburn Seven things you can't not know about.

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