Come on! Bake! In 2007 officially into a regiment, that a "world I like you most (but you do not know)" leaped into the hottest confession song, seven years of creative career, come on! Bake! Just launched the third chapter of the new album "Private Experience", they have always been gentle, clean, pure, but also in the creation and composition of lyrics, more and more explore the essence of thinking. All the way, they begged, never a crash of fame, but a solid downward roots.

Introverted and shy, unadorned in the face of pride, discourse calm with life philosophy, come on! Bake! Brother and sister are very quiet, but the quiet behind, there is a deep root, a lot of power. This is us and come on! Bake! A deep impression of talking about an afternoon.

Come on! Bake! Smile said than the direct introduction of their own group name, prefer to directly say we are Zheng and Zheng, simply introduce their own name, because two people are really not like the group name, is to give people impression of people, sometimes to shout out! Bake! Group name, and really will be a little embarrassed about it.

Come on! Bake! Very quiet, because for them, every word has meaning. After listening to their songs, come and hear them talk.

Our listeners, and we are the same group of people

Ask It! Bake! Whether siblings have been playing music since childhood, and thus have a chance to organize together. Sibling two first Leng, then just smiled and said that in fact, the original group, is a temporary rise, the past!

Already has the group experience, likes the performance the elder brother, occasionally asks the younger sister to want to organize together, come! Bake! Come on Baybay is born, take sibling common baked word, and come on baby homophonic, come! Bake! In fact, as well as their music, pure, not too much calculation and scheming.

Zheng said in his heart to come! Bake! is a picture of the literary youth bar, take a more shy, introverted route, many things like first think and then move, pay attention to literature, art, film, research details, and not deliberately to locate themselves. Zheng also smiled and said, think will like to come! Bake! Music people, should also have the same temperament as they have it!

When we sang on the stage, we thought about the audience under the stage, and we were all the same people.

Sister Zheng listened to also in the side quietly nodded, also said that in fact from the small sibling of the personality is very similar, do not go outgoing lively that faction, but always feel to people soft, to gentleness. On the way, sister's words are not much, but from her look to the elder brother's vision, also can let a person realize without too much language bearer tacit understanding. We think, this is also to come! Bake! The way to communicate with their listeners.

I like this picture so much that I can see my brother and sister comfortable together.

Perhaps not particularly loudly shout aloud, but there is no need to deliberately say the export of the surging moved. Come on! Bake! The way to talk to the audience, all come true, the heart, in the heart together there is tacit understanding, shy smile is enough.

Creation, Word

If you listen to me carefully! Bake! Album, you can hear their exquisite work on the album. Writing songs before, writing is the present state of Mind Express; now write songs, reflect on the cud and then write the composition of more and more, Zheng said: "Write a song, I will ask myself in every word of the choice to make an effort." Why choose this word, not another word, I can explain everything. 」

Come on! Bake! For their own music, very demanding and accurate and in place. Put into the song The thought of the heart, the way of telling the story. A song behind, is one after another stretches of the story, said to the conscientious listening. (Shunshun: as long as there's a pair of glasses waiting for me to sing, it's worth it)

Ask how to think about it! Bake! This group, brother and sister of the face flashed a shy look, and said that actually did not specifically to locate it! Bake! To become what it is, it is natural to put what you want to say, into the song, sing out of the process.

We do not expect to use a strong vision or a specific feature to conquer the audience, we want to slowly, slowly cultivate slowly roots. It's just us.

Slow roots, for sibling both, group is to play music together to grow old process

"People often ask, what's the breakthrough in this new album," Zheng said. To be honest, I don't really think we have to break through anything, so what is 28 years old and 23 and 24 going to have a major breakthrough? Why do we have to push ourselves into new people for a year or two? 」

We do not talk about breakthroughs, because we feel that the change should be in life, if we want to change, we must first think why you feel that the original is not good enough, each change behind, in fact, need to think.

Come on! Bake! is our visit to date, in the interview chat, the most often mentioned "the importance of thinking" of the group. We also see in them the power of the introvert, the gentle thinking, the quiet and the far, especially suitable for them. (Recommended reading:TED speech, the power of introverts )

We used to think how to keep a good faith in singing

"In fact, I often have no way to face the world, I like you most (but you do not know)" This song, sometimes, I really do not want to sing this song. "Zheng or a little shy," said the distressed.

Some songs can be transferred at any time, sing and sing, but some of the songs moved, is the complete whole to stay in the present. "The whole world, I like you most" is come! Bake! The track of World War I became famous, and sometimes it becomes a curse that must be reproduced again and again.

"It's important for us to be honest in singing. " my brother," he continued, "The world, I like you most" from the creation to now has been nearly ten years, in fact, I am very difficult to face it, because many of the mood and concept, now are different, it is difficult to put themselves back to the state of mind to sing, and this kind of singing for a long time, The true part of the song will be less and fewer.

Yes, come on! Bake! , each performance is not the same, need to be brewing and lake, need to know what the performance and the audience to say what words, after thinking, to stand on stage to pick up the microphone good singing. This is a creator, come on! Bake! 's insistence.

The most famous song of a group is not always the creator's favorite song. Zheng that "fearless and tolerant" is the best lyrics they have ever written. Because the whole song, is like a microcosm of the outlook on life: To be a man, to first think clearly, then to do what they decide to do, so fearless. But to be a free man, we must first learn to give ourselves the limit, the order.

We asked Zheng like the song, she said "second discussion, Love", the first time to hear this song, do not like why. Like it's not a simple chord, like its architecture. Although the elder brother writes the composer, does not have the special discussion with oneself, but from this, she also hears belongs to own story.

This time, come on! Bake! And the original record company warm break up, just want to very pure, to make a write their own music, to handle the details of each album production, from the platoon performance to the album production process, shop, inventory, album cover hand-printed, to witness an album from zero to have, their own to let it be born, for the creator, Is nothing but the deepest touch.

Looking at the baking and baking 檍 the brother and sister, narrowing their eyes to talk music, Toot Mouth said a few days before the quarrel, intimate pinch each other's palms, shy and serious, gentle and firm, like a faint, scattered into the window of the sun. come on, man! Bake! Often think, singing how to maintain sincerity? Perhaps it is difficult to achieve a balance of things, then on their own every time to stand on the stage, sincerely sing it!

Stop talking about dreams and take root for life.

Stop talking about dreams, because dreams are not a gold medal that can be killed every time you move out. Like, come on! Bake! Singing in the heart of gold, "I do not know where it is, is that I gradually do not talk about Dreams" (Recommended reading: life, after the adventure, there are always ordinary )

We're coming! Bake! See is not talk about the dream, but slowly set out, the intention to find something to do, the kind of slow and determined strength. Come on! Bake! Brother and sister use three adjectives: straightforward, introspective, quiet to describe their orchestra, the same, we also come! Bake! The music found these elements, not deliberately sensational, faint, real, thinking after the mood, are in their songs, their body.

Hey, stop talking about dreams, but take root in your life day after day. Because life is not just to realize the dream of the existence of the day, live well, heart every day, then every day even do the same thing, can have a new understanding. "The deeper the root, the more different nutrients you will be able to suck in." Life is like this, you are more and more mature, more and more can get new things. 」

Listen to the said, we nodded, but also thanks to their simple and straightforward singing language, a period of difficult to understand the journey of life, singing the lightness, behind has its own chewing deep.

Let's invite them! Bake! Record this film, do not talk about dreams, talk about the glow of the eyes, talk about pure happiness .

Come on! Bake! Say to us, dear you, live well, seriously feel every day, expect us to become deeply rooted old tree!

Finally, I recommend you to listen to their new work (how can I tell you) there is no freedom in love, because you are too important, so I can no longer be free. Use it! Bake! Gently singing, accompany us through this is too suitable for contemplative afternoon.