There is a singer, always let you heart, as long as he listened to his love songs, will be drunk in that gentle and unique voice, heard his fast song, will be tempted by this playful cute boy attracted. He is Pan Yuwen, a singer who has worked on the stage for seven years. See Pan Yuwen First Impression, is a handsome slim boy, no star of the shelf, but cordial and everyone hello. Two hours of visit down, we saw a different Pan Yuwen, his eyes have a kind of perseverance, listen to his story you will find, in addition to the prince's handsome outside, in the road to become a singer, he has much effort and no hesitation. (You should see,when you are 30 years old, do you dare to face your 20-year-old dream?) )

To participate in the singing competition, also inferiority

"began the game to find that the other players are in the battle, not before is in the singing hand, is already participated in many competitions, only I was the first time to stand on such a big stage." 」

From the Star Boulevard fame, took the third place, but Pan Yuwen said, just stood on the stage of the starlight, fear and inferiority of the feeling big too realize the dream of happiness. At that time he did not have a professional singing foundation, only a weekend and family and friends to KTV singing a faint music enthusiasm. There is no basis for him, in the singing competition has not bloomed in the era, can only send some demo to the radio, but always have to go no back, just to give up the singer dream. The first Super Star Avenue began to be selected, Pan Yuwen decided to summon up courage last try, this thoroughly is the boy, accidentally passed the hundred primaries, all the way to the finals, he smiled and said, in fact, when the registration did not think too much, just because "love singing" and the competition.

Until he stood on the stage of the enemy, he found that the feeling of fear far exceeded the joy of fulfilling his dream. Compared to other players rich experience, Pan Yuwen found their own shortcomings, or even several degrees, almost by their own inferiority complex down. His eyes were so clear, but vaguely aware of the uneasiness at the time, and he said, "when they have enjoyed the performance on the stage, I'm still shaking." From the tension, to be able to sing freely, Pan Yuwen than others for a longer journey.

Because the shortage, so more than anyone to redouble their efforts, when we ask Pan Yuwen how each song can sing their own taste, he said that he did not like the average singer a song to practice singing 100 times, he likes to pick his favorite songs repeatedly listen, and then slowly digested into their own voice and singing, finally injected feelings, sing exclusive to Pan Yuwen song. He doesn't just want to be a singer who gets good grades in the singing contest, but a man who simply wants to sing a good song and simply love to sing.

The poster of the concert can not see the face of Panyu gas, only honest to face the confession of music. He said, "If you ask me what kind of singer I want to be?" I would say, I don't want to be a prince or an idol, I want to be the kind of singer who can interpret every song with great depth. He mentioned the favorite idol Eason Chan, because whether it is soulful songs, or hysterical songs, can convey a different feeling. This kind of skill may need to spend a little more time, more attentively some feelings.

I hope to be a singer forever and sing all the time.

In addition to singing well, Pan Yuwen also talked about his own learning to write the words of experience, he said he could not write a word, but this difficult test unexpectedly let him start in another way to see a song, no longer just to sing over, but to savor in each of the meaning of words, singing began to have more interesting possibilities, He tried a different song road, let himself wander in each song of the situation, learn to sing each write a word to write the song people really want to convey the mood and feelings. He tried to try different songs, more focused on making every performance more progress, so that their singer road can go a little farther.

How hard does it take to be a singer?

"I'm the kind of person who doesn't have the money to die, but doesn't do what he wants to do." The word withered is a bit exaggeration, but you can hear the firmness of his tone.

If there is a Ferrari or a great song for Panyu in front of today, he says he will definitely choose that great song and then use all his strength to sing the song well enough to forget. Most people may feel very silly, but his eyes of the shining light told you, become a singer, is his happiest dream, is that he would rather give up all the dream of desperate.

But the music circle is very cruel, after the first Star Avenue ended, the winners and the record company signed, we thought henceforth is called " Singers "They have the guarantee of the contract, can not be a big round of a record of the dream, but the reality is that the music market is very cruel, very few people a cannon and red, most people out of the single or after the album out of the music, or like Pan Yuwen, still in this road stumbled.

The end of the contract, bloody face to give up the music dream, or continue to walk this not necessarily can have the result of hard road This problem, when no record company is willing to hair for him, Pan Yuwen has not conceded, he spent the past few years when the singer's 4 million savings, put into independent music production, set up a studio, Record their own albums, and even write their own words, to find someone to compose, from scratch to complete their own music dream. He spent 4 million to buy his dream, but he did not regret it. Tell this story when Pan Yuwen said cloud light wind, but we understand that the 4 million behind, there are some of the last shot of courage, and hard to go the music road.

Next page, look at 30 years old will it be the end?

After 30 years, it's not the end of the dream.

Dream, there is always a time to meet the reality. Pan Yuwen 30 years old, he said himself, 30 years of age after the shoulders will have a lot of responsibility, will start to think about whether they can continue to dream down! So perhaps they should give up the music dream, give up seemingly more and more hard independent production road, began to do some of the community think "have a future" thing. Maybe, there should be a new dream?

"My mother told me the other day when she was in Taipei that it would be a pity to give up now," she said. This is the first time she said that, in the past, she was the one who advised me to give up. 」

Hear Pan Yuwen say this sentence, in addition to hear mother's not shed, hear a singer's struggle, 30 years old! He would like to stand on the bigger stage singing, he would like to sing more of their own songs moved all, he also wanted to think well and all the way to support the fans said, I will still sing, or the efforts to adhere to the singer dream of the Pan Yuwen.

"After 30 if it is the end, please don't be sad." "he wrote the poster himself," he said.

This concert, in the name of 30, he hoped that in this complete compilation can present to everybody 7 years of effort, he is not sure after 30 he will not go down, he wrote this copy, let people feel distressed and nasal acid, perhaps we always say, when the dream died, and then find a new dream to work hard. But if this dream follows you, it is as natural as breathing, how to give up without feeling suffocated. Pan Yuwen said, at any rate, this concert for himself, but also for everyone, whether or not the end, all the best to sing the full field. Women fans believe also sincerely hope that such a Pan Yuwen, after 30, will not be the end.

6/22 Listen to Pan Yuwen 7 years of effort 〉〉 Pan Yuwen 30 concert

Does the dream die? Or is the death of a dream born of another dream?

Be familiar with the romance and ideals, or it's time to play with the responsibility and reality.

Three ten to make me who I am now.

After 30, if it is the end, please don't be sad,

As long as we

Always remember the current obsession with the dream.

Pan Yuwen

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