Physiological periods are the process of girls and women, and are a vital part of their mother's life.

Perhaps the uncomfortable feeling of the period of time is that people want to be born a boy, but the feeling of being uncomfortable is a warning to the body.Think about it, is it not enough to sleep recently?Have you eaten a few more ice cream in these few days?As the saying goes, "I am not only a good friend of ours, but I should thank her for the most direct reminder of our health."From the beginning of the first period of treatment, the days of the month, hot milk, four items of soup, and black sugar will automatically appear on the breakfast table. It is the mother who has gone through the same process to take care of us.So, this month, let's take three steps together to express our gratitude to our mother and our own bodies for their good intentions and their companiontime.

First step: write it down, write it down

How often do you not care about mommy?How often didn't say "I love," or "thank you," for Mommy?

We know that our hearts are full of love, but those who love, thank you, say that they are too meaty, so I always feel that even if you don't say anything, your mother must know that she continues to be in her mind.Perhaps her mother knows best about her daughter, but her family's voice to her mother is very important to her and her.If you can't say those words, then write it down!We believe that words have a warm and powerful force, so every little red box, we stick to each of them with a little card for every .This time, we also attach a blank card, and replace it with a blank card, and write down the deepest point in the heart of the heart, to Mama!

Step 2: Adequate sleep is a tribute to your body

Sleep is the time for us to restore fatigue, build resistance and immunity.This time we are different from the skin care of the past. We hope to take care of the body from the most basic body. Therefore, we attach the vapour eye film.The physiological period is the time to repair the body, put a steam eye on the front of the bed, and use the warm steam as an SPA to ease the tired eyes of the computer all day, and then relax with the gentle breeze that comes out of the steam, and comfort the body through a good feeling of sleep.

Step 3: Beauty with Mommy

Health and beauty is the best gift that we give ourselves and mummy.From the age of 20, the body's nutrients and the collagen will begin to lose. Apart from the daily routine maintenance of daily life, the key to the strengthening of diet is also important.

This time we, along with Branchine, provide jelly collagenin with a molecular weight that is a jelly-like taste of general collagen 200, with an anti-oxidative effect that reduces free radical-generated vitamin E, from inside and away from mummy to youthful youthful vigour.The design of strip jelly can be put in a bag, and when the mother goes out, she works as a snack for the afternoon's sweet mouth!

From today, stop complaining about mommy's nagging, don't treat uncomfortable periods of comfort as the enemy of every month, let us all be grateful, and express our concern and emotions to the closest family, the closest body, and the most intimate.

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