Womany: What impulsive thoughts have you had? Have you ever wanted to know about the people on the road and the pedestrians you passed, their life story? Remember last November, "Women's fan salon," she told him: "life is a journey," said the speaker, who travels to teach us, "if we think of ordinary everyday life as a journey, curious about everything around us, You will find that there are many small surprises in life that we don't find. The same life, the same city, but someone can find a different story . Let Womany take you through seven photos to see how New York is different from what we think! (Recommended to you: Use the story to say influence )

Image source:Humans of New York blog

After losing his job in Chicago, Brandon Stanton came to New York alone when he didn't think much, the only thing he knew was that he loved taking pictures , so he opened Humans's New York (hony) blog. At first he just wanted to take pictures at random on the street, then put the photos in different neighborhoods of New York, so that everyone could see New Yorkers from different neighborhoods.

However, later he found that when he put the picture with the text, more can move the reader ! ( These words may be his interpretation of the photographer or his conversation with the photographer) one after another, the picture on the blog carries the story of a New York street man. Some of the stories are sweet, some are sour, Brandon said: "Every person who has passed away is his inspiration, they inspire him to create, also let him love what he is doing." "Let's enjoy his picture together. (You will like: bad mood bye-bye!) The most relief of Japanese healing photography collection )

"When I was young, I went on a trip to Italy. When I saw the Colosseum, I said to myself, "That's not what I imagined!" "There was a stranger next to me who thought I was talking to him. A year later, we were married . 」

"I went on a tour of Italy when I is younger, and when I saw the Coliseum in Rome, I said to myself: ' It doesn ' t look lik e I imagined. ' A stranger standing next to me thought I is talking to him. We got married exactly one year later. "

"Before he died, my father asked me to fill in his case records. It was the first and last time that he asked me to help him with his work. (Recommended to you: prepare a "death notebook", smile to face the parting )

"Toward", my father let me fill out his patient history forms at the hospital. It was the the I ever let me help him.

"What do you miss most about Brazil ?" I don't quite know how to say it in English, can I send you a letter? Try it! "

"In Brazil, we have the money, we're happy." "(Hope you like: The money is right, happiness follows )

"What do you miss most about Brazil?" "I ' m not sure how to say in 中文版." Can I Email you? " "Just try."
"In Brazil." My people. Money or no money. Still happy. "

"I want to be an artist!" So do you have any suggestions for other artists? When you use crayons, you can't press too hard! "(Recommended by artists:" playing art "full of surprises in street art )

"I ' m going to be a artist." "Do your have any advice for the other artists?" "Don ' t press down too hard with your crayons."

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"My mom's a junkie. We are always alone two people, there is never food at home, so I eat at school. There's no electricity at home, so every night I do my homework in the hallway of the school. Do you remember the happiest moment of your life? 」
"The moment I got the Georgetown scholarship. 」

"My mom is hooked on crack." We were always alone and never had any food into the house, so I is only ate at school. And we never had any electricity. So every night I had to does my homework in the hallway. " "Do you remember the happiest moment of your life?"

"When I got my scholarship to Georgetown."

"I believe that if I am more confident, I will be less envious of others." "(Hope you like: self-confidence is the most priceless single product )

"I ' m sure I ' d be less jealous if I is more confident."

"He let me have my own space . What does he do? 」
"Let me do the things that I am happy to do." 」

"He's always supported a sense of independence in me." "How did has he do that?"

"By letting me do what I damn OK please."

Brandon began the program in 2010, and so far there have been hundreds of photographs on the blog, as well as a book Humans of New York. New York's people are beginning to get to know Brandon, and all over the world, through Humans's New York blog and Facebook fan page, to learn more about the different aspects of the New Yorker's life. The plan begins with a simple, personal love of photography and curiosity about the world around it. Perhaps, when we use different mentality to face the same life, the practice of "life is travel" attitude, can really find a surprise, but also touched the hearts of small stories .

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Data and photo source:Humans of New York