In the evening of the rain, we walked into the coffee shop filled with art. And the teacher Mei Zhuo Yan was smiling. The "approchperson" was the first impression that Teacher Mei gave to the people.As dance and choreographer, Master Maitoyan is famous internationally for traveling in the style of tradition and modernity , Eastern and Western styles.In many international festivals, she has performed in many international arts festivals, not only for the Hong Kong Dance Company, but also as an independent creative dance troupe.In the interview, we gradually found that the gentle, friendly teacher Mei Zhuo Yan was actually a dancer with an idea, an independent and creative energy.

The teacher's personality is just like her creation, and has been moved by a shallow, elegant dance step, moving people's hearts.(Recommended reading: Dance Home: Living for Dreams and Hope Harder

The teacher has been writing for 20 years, creating a variety of creative works, bold in style, and good at working with art in different fields.In her creative work, the "Diary Series" was the most popular of the "Diary Series". The "Diary series", which was first recorded in six styles, a wide range of responses from the audience and the art community, and awakened many people to their lives and enlightenances.

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Iranian women confuse )

Integration of Eastern and Western Dance as a process of physical and mental integration

Ms. Maitoyan, a traditional Chinese choreographer, joined the Hong Kong Dance Company at the age of 22, and became the chief dancer." Traditional dance can be a piece of style and aesthetics , and it can be able to draw the dance action into an exquisite height, so that it can be so deep that it can be portranalable.When she was talking about Chinese dance, she had a relaxed and deep look on her face, like a piece of the past, a piece of familiar memory ." But the downside is that the action is too deep to go down.

the Western modern dance, Teacher May brought up the shortcomings of traditional Chinese dance. It also pointed out that modern dance and the advantages and disadvantages of modern dance can complement each other."The movement of the body through traditional dance can reach a height, but at the same time we need modern dance training to liberate and seek more possibilities."When it comes to modern dance, the expression of her steadfast and joyable look seems to tell us, perhaps, that she enjoys the freedom of modern dance than traditional Chinese dance. She enjoys the freedom of modern dance, a kind of dance from the heart.(Recommended reading: Art and Medicine: Cancer and Dance )

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It is really difficult to do modern dance from China.Teacher Mei talked about her modern dance teacher Jiang Qing. " At that time he was the art director of the company, so I knew a kind of different art style , and I wanted to learn how to dance.After that, Teacher Mei began to dance in New York."At that time it was fun to go to New York to learn to dance, and return without money."

" I remember the first time I went to class in New York, the teacher asked everyone to dance with music, but I was stupid.When she talks about his first contact with modern dance, she seems to have a relaxed tone of voice, but she can feel the impact of this memory on the experience of her teacher.(also recommended: "New York" in the jazz center " York")

A student dance for years, the Hong Kong Dance Company's chief dancer has no way to follow the music. " At that time, I was very eager for my teacher to give me a dance, because I cared too much about how people looked at me.It's a big leap for me, not to follow orders!

body and consciousness
Mei mentioned that when she was afraid that she would jump in the right direction, she would be conscious of the need to merge the Chinese dance and modern dance, which is

process of integrating the body and the

This kind of dance is from the bottom of the heart; it is the dancing that makes herself completely silent in the music, so that you can jump out of deep and deep dance.

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Living in Life and Touchdown

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It was beautiful. said wanted me to go to the 25th anniversary of · . to the world. She wanted to return the world. She said she wanted to stage the festival."

One night, Pina had a big dance with dancers and invited dancers to participate.One side drank a little wine and danced and danced while dancing. Originally, it was gradually spread out in the middle, and it turned out that the Pina had been asked to dance by a foreign man.It was a very beautiful dance. I didn't think of a lot of it, and I recorded it, and then this dance was reproduced in my "Diary" series.

talks about this memory, she seems to tell us that when a group of art people is gathered together, the beauty of the beauty of the relationship is extremely rare and beautiful, but it is a beautiful and beautiful meeting.(Recommended for you: This article is addressed to someone with a dream

and a beautiful collision has also sparked the creative power of the teacher of Mezhuyan." As a dancer, what I can do is to make a living through creation and realize the realization of life.Teacher Mei says that the "Diary Series" is created in the hope of moving moments in the life of life and in life, and making a dance and sharing it with everyone."Creation is like opening a small box of memories and sharing memories in the box and sharing it with the world."During the first half of the "Diary" series, Teacher Mei's friend, Pina, died in 2009, and his friend's death gave the teacher a feeling that the body was very fragile, and that death was beside you, so that the idea of creating a teacher was more motivative.

" I chose to record my life by dancing, and this kind of dance is from the bottom of my heart, so I can move people."My work doesn't have any tragedy, but it cries the audience, and their tears flow through all the time."Teacher Mei talked about the reason why the "series of journals" moved people's hearts." When we encounter total defeat and suffering in our lives, how do we look at this pain?In fact, it should not be felt at all. It should be beautiful to think that life is a good one. It is good to cherish it." This is what Teacher Mei wants to communicate through dance and audience. She also believes that this kind of thinking resonates with many people, because it resonates and the audience moves, and she likes her work.(Hope you like: Stand by the world's dance platform, free creation )

cherishes every moment in life, whether pain or not, the fragility of the body and the unpredictability of death, and the ability of the teacher to discover, to have and value life.

Dancing with others, creating a more beautiful creation of

The performance of the Taipei Arts Festival is actually an agreement between Teacher Mei and three close friends. It is a convention between four women."This is a very fun thing to do, and it's the best way to know your friends."" The teacher talked about creating the whole person, especially with other people.

" Because you want to create, you open yourself, this exchange is the best, the distance between people and people, and friends that I create, will become lifelong friends." process of creative writing by Ms. Mei is very beautiful, because it's a spiritual communication , because there is a beautiful and creative process of communication, and because of the creative process, it's a lifelong friend.

Mayer also communicates with different art circles through cross-realm cooperation, and often, such exchanges can inspire her more ideas, and she also has her expertise in different fields." When working with device artists, dancing actually has its limitations, and dancers are only physically related to space when they dance, but the device art will emphasize the environment and see what stimulus is going to be for them.This way of thinking also allows Teacher Mei to think through different perspectives, and the teacher will bring this kind of thinking and comprehension back to her creative work.(Recommended to you: Creating three spaces of happiness for yourself )

The collaboration of this music and dance of this time is a new attempt." If you run into a dispute, fight it!Sometimes more imagination is motivated by a dispute, and the work is perfection.Teacher Mei's talk about cooperation with friends is a process of mutual support. It is more capable of stimulating more thinking than a person's creation." When you can't think of it, others can help you, and let you see what you didn't think of, like jazz, it's a beautiful rhythm from a different instrument.(Sibling: Celebrity & Brand Cross-Border Cooperation )

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The day we met, Ms. Mei Zhuo-yin, who had a cordial but unique creative energy, had a wealth of experience and experience in his life.

The beauty of the teacher Mei Zhuoyan is deeply rooted in the inner beauty of the deep, after life experience .And the teacher shares this beauty, through dance, to everyone. Mei once said, " There are a lot of things in real life, and once you have a mind, no matter what it is, you can dance, you have to be able to wake up the feeling of life and make people feel and empathate-that is, the work that can be done is good.

think that this is the reason why Teacher May has been continually trying to share with others reasons for moving. a good piece of work can wash people's hearts and resonate, so that people can be enlightened and moved.(Hope you like: artist of life )

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Teacher Mime is adorable and independent and admirable.At the end of the interview, we asked the teacher to tell the reader a few words, and the teacher shared her personal experience with us. She said,

" Women rely on their own business, their affection and their life, and the more they have independent abilities , the more they will be supported.It's like a twist. When you start to become independent, you begin to carry things yourself, and the whole frequency is different. At that time, good things will come and they will naturally get help, and good things will happen."

brave and independent
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