womany editor: Who doesn't bite the chicken after working for one day ?Who wept with a bucket of ice cream after a loss of love?Of course, we can choose to move, or a candle to relax your body and mind ... Yes, we all know that, but sometimes, sometimes, we always think 's the quickest and most useful way to solve the problem by .If you think about it this way, quickly explore with womany to explore what food can reach the effect of ease of pressure without creating a body burden!(Recommended reading: Eating a pair of pastries: Eating the Four Seasons )

When the pressure hits, always wants to eat super sweet , ultra-fried, super-garbage food!Although we know that relief is not the best way to relieve stress, especially eating foods that are super-high heat and not being fed, the so-called "comfort food" can be called "comfort food" if it is not comforting, has the effect of making the mood sound .Let womany secretly tell you that, in fact, food is right. Not only does a lot of food don't create a burden on the body, it can also make you happier and happier , so that it can achieve compressive effect and maintain a healthy body.

1. Banana black chocolate Fondue

Yes, the banana black chocolate doesn't actually make the body too much of a burden.First of all, prepare the black chocolate pot, then cut the banana into tiny slices, and put it in a black chocolate pot, so you can have a feast of sweet and unaffordable feasts!(Recommended for you: Beautiful sweet food Pantone color ticket )


Do you want to eat ice cream sages of raisin raisins?Replace it with blueberries and yogus!There are many benefits of blueberries, and it's not just a cyan, it's true, it's that it's not going to be old, it's going to improve the recipes and reduce abdominal fat. In addition, the calories are much less heat than ice cream. The blueberries and the blueberries are definitely good choices for the body.(If you don't buy blueberries, you can replace them with strawberries or momei .)

3. Kigi or Full wheat bread

This is awesome!It's time to start the division!When pressure is high, you especially want to eat cheese. But compared to the cheese slices, the fried cheese balls and other high calorie foods, the whole wheat or French bread cryatoes are not greasy, delicious, and good and healthy!In addition, if you want to see the world at night, prepare a full set of cheese-French bread crummy bread, and be healthier than eating crisp potato chips or salted crisp.(Also recommended: What is your point tonight?2014 World Spare Snubbleed Count

4. Blow beans/vegetable biscuits

If none of the above food can solve your hunger for potato chips, go buy fried bean or fried biscuits.You can look at the movies on the side of the movie. The only difference is that half of the hot potato chips with nearly 500 cartons of hot potatoes are replaced by half the vegetables!(Sibling: Casted mushrooms at home )

The next page allows us to do the dessert for dessert

5. Chocar chocolate balls

It sounds like it's hard to do, but in fact only a few steps can be done.

First, you need the peanut butter (preferably natural low sugar) of the ½ cup, the ¼ cup full cereal, the ¼ glass malt, the ¼ cup's sweet coconut, the cinnamon powder of the ½ cup, the maple syrup of a teaspoon, and the ¼ cup rice cereal.

Then, add all of the materials, except for cereal grains, and stir them in a bowl, and then pinch them into a size that you like, preferably round.Because the next grain cereal is to be sprinkrolled on the baking tray, the small balls are rolled up there, and when the small balls are covered with the cereal, they will be able to enjoy it!If you don't eat it, you can eat it after the refrigerator.(Do it: ripe red wine apple )

6. From chocolate bar nut thinus

It's our good friend banana and chocolate!In the small knowledge of bananas, the ingredients of the banana are as exciting and stimulating the brain to secrete serotonin, so it's a food that will make people happy and have a drink!If you have a juice extractor, you can put the banana and the chocolate in it, and then put it on the nut and then put it on the nut.I hope you like it: Let your water flow!sandwich creative recipes around the world

7. From bean curd pudding

Both tofu and cheese are healthy and compressive food.If you mix the two together, we can make a healthy, heat and not too high dessert-bean curd pudding!Soybean curd pudding is made in a manner that is similar to that of producing plain milk or cheese pudding.(In fact, the tofu is cool: delicious cooking recipe: the oil bean curd brewing )

First we want to heat the cheese and then put it in the bean curd, and then stir until the tofu turns into mud, and then pour in the fresh milk, if it is afraid of the fresh milk, to the maple syrup.

Then add the cornstarch, and then you turn to middle fire, and you always stir until it turns from water to pasty, like a pasta that sticks to the blender.and then pouring the stirred pasta into the bowl, and then cooling it into the refrigerator for 2 to 3 hours after the room temperature is cooled.

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