There is a training experience that is more powerful than today and every tomorrow.See how female interns think about, how to learn, how to grow at high speed.

-week internship program for women's fans can only be used; it's a disorderly way to describe it. One side requires a solid training course. On the other hand, it needs to keep up with the speed of the track speed, and there is a real sense of the upper battlefield, so that the adrenaline will burn completely!In this week, you have to absorb a wide range of expertise as a sponge, and then apply it in the shortest possible time, constantly challenging your own limits and possibilities, and you can get yourself out of your office every day, very satisfying.

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In this week, you can fully feel the spirit and value of women's memes

Woman are many and you are the only

Every single person who is a woman is diverse and unique, each showing a different charm and idea, so in each discussion you can find a different spark, and you can find a quick word after school: If you want to go fast, you can walk alone. But if you want to go far, you need a team .

In women's memes, I believe: I can go further than women fans.

I believe that there is a place where people get along with each other, so always draw like people, so when someone says that a woman is a place full of workaholic, I'm not surprised at all!Everyone goes to the company and has a busy schedule, but the main point is that everyone is very busy and happy and returns to the dormitory every day after the completion of the hum , or is still a busy I think because: womany is a place where everyone can find their self-worth, self-fulfilment, and that might be why we are converging on the womany today.(Share with you: Why do people need to work ?)

Finally, I'm impressed: "We have so many classes for interns, and the entire company has been stopped for the completion of the course, and the interns are not necessarily eventually left in women's fans, but we are willing to do so because I am very worried about the future of the Taiwan."At this time, she was choked with sobs.But I would like to say, "While there are some situations in Taiwan that give us a lot of concern, we always find that some people are still trying to make some small changes that make me feel more hopeful about Taiwan, and that the spirit and spirit of the women are also one of the hopes that I can see in Taiwan." (Recommended reading: Most people want to make a little change the Taiwan's)

Glad to be a fan of women and hope I can make some changes here, and also try to make some changes to the land we love.

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Author: womany Intern/Lo Yan