Every four years will be crazy once the World Cup, let us for their support of the team together loudly cheer up ~ ~ ~ ~

Womany: The Brazilian World Cup, which lasted about one months, had a wonderful ending in the past few days! This is the German team , the Second World Cup championship since 1974. for Taiwanese fans, whether or not the country they support has won the championship, the fans have been fully infected with the football match this month, and the enthusiasm and devotion of the fans are expected to continue to enjoy the World Cup in 4 years. (same field Gayon: Brazil is so hot!) The world full of handsome guy, big exposure .

for the world, the World Cup is a four-year madness, but for the people of Europe and the United States, football is one of the most familiar ball games, the whole family to watch the game and even together playing football , are condensed Family Atmosphere good activities, so in addition to the World Cup, European fans crazy football matches are also the four-year European Cup, the European Champions League, the European Super Cup, the league category: La Liga, the Premier League, the Bundesliga and so on. The European fans ' love of football has been a state of collective madness, and whenever there is a game , men, men, and men are dressed up and painted with flags on their faces , Or wearing a special costume, drinks to cheer for the team they support, for ecstasy, when you win, you will be happy to Parade and celebrate ; When you lose, the sadness and resentment will be written all over your face, and even the radical fans will burn the car to protest the news because of the loss of the ball. This madness for the football game, for Taiwan fans may be somewhat unimaginable, today, women fans to take a look at the 2014 Brazilian football world football fans, how to express their commitment to the soccer game and love it!

A Brazilian fan with a kiss from a rich Chilean fan

The Dutch Orange Army fans dressed up

The lovely American fans scare the Japanese fans away from the enemy team

The roar of the German fans

When the team is behind, you can see the fans look dignified, and sometimes to the face of prayer, hands holding head, eyebrows deep lock, hope that the lucky goddess can visit their national team, when the team finally defeated, excited fans also shed tears of sadness.

The Brazilian team fought Germany in the semi-final, the little boy who cried in the 7:1 defeat.

Prayer for the Dutch fans to comfort each other fans

Argentina and Holland PK competition tense Argentine fans

Incredible American fans.

Korean fans into the game

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When the team leads or breaks the deadlock, the fans hug, dance, cheer, excitement and excitement, and the pictures can infect their ecstasy!

Germany from 1990, once again won the World Cup championship, fans left a happy cry of tears

Celebrating the German masses who won the World Cup championship

A French fan celebrating victory

A Dutch fan celebrating a 2:0 win over Chile

Excited to celebrate the Argentine fans

Celebrating the winning Brazilian home fans

Fans who cheer for the American team

the World Cup is not just about watching the players fight and watching the game. Whether winning or losing, the true feelings of the performance is also impressive, but also to rally the feelings between the fans, I believe that four years later we will still be together to join the stadium, for the support of the team to continue to refuel!