The girls don't want to be afraid of loneliness and make themselves feel worthless in a relationship that is not worth guarding.The girl who came out was so brave!

womany editor: How did a woman share boy or a you share the bad guys we've ever , in the course of stick to the time of the fire, and today we want to look at the secret that we would rather remain unwilling to let go. (Extended Read: Don't wait for the prince to save, the prinkmen fight their )

a relationship between girls and women, sometimes it's not worth the bad : Maybe a little cluster or a spare tire ... we are willing to lower the standards, ignore these men's problems, and give them a chance to not only be bent on themselves, but also lose the opportunity to find a better man. Today we have found some blind spots, we'd like to say, girls, better! (with the same farm : you think you're wrong today?Eight thoughts shorts in )

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01. Sometimes we're just afraid of loneliness, we'd rather be with the wrong person, and we don't want to be alone

Fear of loneliness is an unpleasant feeling of the girls, a psychology that appeals to us Lonely sentimental We want to share a feeling of loneliness and loneliness, and that a boyfriend is more likely to fill his own close attachment to one. But sometimes two people are not alone and are not alone, only to make us more painful, and to learn and to be alone in the process of becoming a woman. Lone Time Leverage this moment to understand yourself and make yourself a better person. (You would like: used to being alone before falling in )

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02. We were constantly paying, but we never received each other's good

are full of compassion and care, willing to us feel comfortable with each other when it comes to doing breakfast, running things for loved one, but sometimes feel happiness and satisfaction, but sometimes take our efforts for granted, and we don't your own requirements, growing like this Inequality becomes increasingly heavy and cannot feel the joy of emotions. are not untrue to loved people but also learn to express their needs at the right each other only expects us to pay without thanking us or ignoring our it worth the unreserved . (Extended Read: yourself happy, don't say “ I'm all you ”! )

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03. Sometimes we're going to, women's beauty will fade over time, so we need to find men

, the gender labels for dogs or leftored women have never been criticized, that women are still single, so we have been anxiously looking for the right object, because it is not to be a person to discuss, but the truth is Audrey Hepburn once said: “ A woman's beauty is not just a woman's beauty, but a real beauty is a soul."” real beauty of a woman is not to disappear with the time, but to make a woman more mature and more mature. The beauty of her appearance will depreciate over time, but the true value of women is defined by us. Instead of finding the right person, it is better to flesh out their own inner self, and let yourself look beautiful in the soul. (Share with you: “ My story, just painting on me ” white spot chantelle, the beauty of which is defined by )

we can't break a man for a big reason: don't believe in , don't believe in your beauty and value, so you keep asking for and giving, but believe that we deserve better. not a pity or a pity not need to reduce your criteria for being single or unwillingness to become single, single is a person who can enrich yourself, enjoy life there is a passion, a commitment to your commitment good > Give it to him again and join hands A better life, a better life, and a way for a girl to love herself more than ever. (Extended Read: have to love themselves before they