art of talking is also an art, so how can a conversation become more efficient and meaningful?

week completed my first home interview with a previous interview with Sunny and Jolin, and I suddenly found it as if I was relearning to someone 's very simple to listen to others, you can only speak in a quiet way, but such a conversation becomes a one-way communication, “ conversation ” should be a disgrace, you have the same frequency, you will have the same frequency, you can each to say what you want to say. do I complete a meaningful conversation? seems very serious to talk about it, but the most important thing is whether you would like to have something to do in your conversation, not only to understand what the other person wants to say, but also to make him feel to you is a very comfortable

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it is the usual chat, we can naturally make eye contact with friends, but if today is talking to your boss, or even visiting the objects you admire, this is a very different situation. I am a very annoying person with someone who has more than three seconds to the eye, and it makes me uncomfortable. So even if I chat with my friends in normal times, I seldom pay attention to them. n't realize I had been ” to understand the other person's nose when I first “ ”. I thought I was the first time I had ever seen “. (Recommended reading: with everyone: Four Highlights Chat )

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can also speak at 5W1H

you visit, we will have a plan to make a visit. There are actually many things I think are interesting, and we are constantly learning how to ask the other side to be more comfortable. understand one person, from which data can be removed from the data on the network? If the other party has other opinions, such as google +, facebook, we can first observe his preferences from the post he normally publishes, and can also help the direction of the conversation. lower method is that I have made mistakes in my past, and may be adjusted in the future, but at the moment I have not yet reached the space where I want to progress, and the dialogue begins, and 5W1H will be useful. (Recommended gadgets for your woman's favorite)

would like to remind myself to give each other's open response when asked n't censor the answer that he has more space to express his ideas, don't ask “ about ” if you don't. that the other is an artist, I want to ask the side “ ”, I may first simulate the contents of my question from this direction:

What : You've actually been working on the Taiwan industry at this time, wondering what your future is for yourself in this piece of paper. (“ What ” is a more general approach to a question that allows the speaker to have more room to answer questions, but notice that the wording of the question will not cause confusion, ambiguity, and indigaint.

When : Have you ever been in a foreign art village for a while, have there been any experiences that you would like to share with you for that time? (Remember what happened to each other and have to do your homework before visiting.)For example, if you do not understand the artist's creative work, it is difficult to discover what he wants to say in the statement “.

Your show is on “ ” is the theme, can you share with us your first impression of the show? (Remember why he is going to accept your visit?The other person must have something to talk about. It is possible that he needs to make an album, film propaganda, and perhaps he wants to develop an idea.

Where : You've been interacting with a number of Taiwan tribes and local on authoring (places where the other person went, for example: a country where he is studying, a country where he is a student, where he has lived, where his experience can be used to talk more about his experience, and where he can learn from “ experience ” and hear what he says, and then ask again!

Who : What do you think you want to talk to or link to in this exhibition of dreams? (Let your object talk to yourself, hear more to your own , you can know what he wants you to look like?

: On this road, you have encountered a number of obstacles: seeking sponsorship rejection, parental opposition, or even economic difficulties, wondering how you came to today. (“ to ” ” are the way to tell him “ the way he “ is ” a ” way.Everyone must be very happy to say that they may not say so loudly.If one or two times in his words do “ not lose ”, then that means that he wants everyone to know that he is a very hard man, usually being modest, not telling us how good he is, and that we have to listen to “ ” with ulterior motives.) (Recommended to you: Overflying high modesty?Don't go to space as well knows life )

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a cuisine, the most important thing to do is “ listen ” the sounds of others, and so use the method of “ 5W1H ” to make a lot of questions clearer, including why I ask this question. Is there a need for me to answer this question? If it is a report that he has explained over the hundreds of millions of times, if he asked him to feel it's respect does matter what we want to share with the reader. respect . “ and a person talking ” Actually there are a lot of things that need to be learned from scratch, but most importantly, everyone can do well, that is, “ sincere ” to understand him! , we are actually to advanced, I have always felt that “ conversation ” is a kind of “ cooperative-oriented conversation therapy ”, regardless of whom you talk to, chat, and you can always be clear about “ in this process. ” (You would like: you “ communicating ” ” or “ or “? )