problem in love Breaking in the are the differences in the relationship between today's young men and women?

Korean dramas have been a very popular < story love love stories love love stories , and a few more romantic stories about age difference in women's age. 1.7em; "> also gives you more different views about the sisters'narcissism 've sorted out netizens' love to share with you you want to share your view, welcome to this big campaign: this ( Extension reading: from the five romance movies I love your picture )

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who can be accepted by:

is not a mature criteria, and regardless of age, the nature of the boys is naive, so long as the job and the way things are handled is mature, age is not a problem all

netizens feel that they have no absolute relationship to age, just like previous women's fans have shared you Is one of the very important things in the relationship , besides being able to enjoy the excitement of romance and get together to face the ups and downs of life, and make both of them better. (You would like: letter from the girl to the future boyfriend: Will your love grow me? )

can express yourself in a very comfortable way, and you are less likely to be limited by the appearance of a girl in the face of a girl, and it is easier to do so.

a deeply rooted Chinese society, some engraving prinkels are also unconsciously feminist, but in the love of women Breaking these bondage - true , which is one of the reasons why the girls' love will be recognized.

Respecting each other and loving each other and being able to talk to each other. Very often, the age of this gutter is just an excuse for you to not confess and dare to love each other.

netizens feel that emotions are things between two people, and can not respect each other Communicate , treasuring each other, and finding ourselves in life soul mate who lives in the heart of the pursuit of and who takes care of her well-being. (Extended Read: age not a distance and love is a problem? )

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addition, netizens who cannot accept the following-in-law:

n't feel safe, and the two people want a future that may not be the same.

Netizens believe that women are older than men in physiological and psychological development, so women are more mature than men and women too young to be a boy immature , let alone a young woman's young lover. In addition, because the age gap has created a center of life for both parties and the is not too much of a plan, and this will also be a problem for emotive business. (you would like : four happy-to-lovers code of )

majority of girls need a sense of security, while younger people tend to be less secure than mature men, and women need to be protected, and they feel that they are protecting others when they are smaller than they are.

I prefer a mature, mature boy, and a young male usually rarely has to be a little stable. Age-large, feeling more sense of security, after all he has lived longer, seen, and seen more than

Girl A woman who wants to be protected and loved, believes that older men are more likely to be more mature and more secure, and may not be able to satisfy the expectations of a woman who wants to and who isn't able to take care of her age. (Extended Read: imperfect 100 )

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watching the views of the netizens, do you have any more views on the issue of the younger brother-in-law?

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