Victor says: music can be associated with many people, except to give you some comfort in mood and to calm down to feel the comfort of the melody.

Liu, you may not be familiar with this name, but you must have heard of the song he wrote, like Li Min's < Shadow >, Dai Ailing with you>, and many good songs that you can sing to the upper hand are all from his hands. The first time we saw Victor was a , he grew up from producer to singer, he grew up in San Francisco, and he confied in us in San Francisco. He also told us about the city's “ good sense ”, “ " Ilipop ” Victor said: “ I love this place. It's warm, very warm.” When you hear Victor, we suddenly feel that he is warmed are the most beautiful landscapes in , this is something that we often forget as a Taiwan man. (Extended Read: Aruba, we are all small national )

Victor: “ How do you suffer when you do what you like?”

Victor that we originally used as a home would tell us a lot homesick homesickness , a person's bravery, didn't expect to ask if he had any inappropriate place to ask. Victor laughs and says with a smile: “ When I went to Taipei, I was taken care of by the autumn and his mother, but there was a feeling of family. ”

We felt strongly in the conversation that he was a very optimistic big boy, he would not amplify his frustrations and dilemmas , Victor tells us that there are many things “ as difficult as ”. We all know that it's not easy to get to another country, and that's not easy, including his dream of coming to Taiwan from San Francisco, pursuing music, and from producer to singer. He says that although the process had ever wanted to give up, he would continue to do so as long as he heard that someone loved his music. Ten years have been successful for a long period of time, and we see Victor as a person who knows how to “ of pain as a ” How can he support himself in such a way as to get to the present day? “ make music.” Victor laughs at us with a smile, without hesitation. (Share another hard voice with you, Yu-wen: I want to continue singing after the age of )

“ in the vast sea of people, not alone ”

music can be associated with a lot of people, except to give you some comfort. The most interesting thing is the live performance, and we feel the same thing in a space, a group of people, and a quiet mind.

feelings for Victor also says that he often feels that the city is bustling with people, such as New York City, San Francisco, many strangers and visitors, and people go shopping, and people drink coffee, and everyone is doing their own business. In such a large city, although many people are on the side, it often feels like: “ You're actually a person. ” 's a lot of time in life, emotions are coming, you're still on your own, and you need to face it . So Victor likes music to strangers in these , because he believes everyone's heart needs to be comforted, and he wants a way to bring a group of wounded to a group of wounded, the same , which is a very meaningful .

says he was happy when he was a producer, and as long as he was creating music, enabling people to find resonance or comfort in it, it was the reason why he was inspired to do so, but this time, Victor was on the stage, and he wanted to use his voice, the most authentic emotion of his creation, and to talk to us. Victor said that there was a fan who left a message under the MV of YOUTUBE, thanking him for his song him on the low , and thanks to his music for finding the power. This is a very, very nice thing to do, and Victor's face is very sincere when describing it, just like saying: I thank you for hearing my true music as . He wanted music to bring more people, so he wanted to stand on the stage, not to let everyone know: “ I'm Victor Liu."” Instead, we want to feel the music, and make each other's hearts closer.

page listen to Victor's vulnerability women

Singing the Vulnerability of

a boy, he actually created a classic love song for a lot of female singers, and you may be touched by Aileen's love forever. You may also cry in A-Lin We are curious, how do Victor write the songs of these female singers? He said, “ When composing music, I would like to imagine what the singer would have in this music, imagine what she would do in this MV, how this kind of personality would react to the event, and it would naturally have a melody to me."” Victor says he not not write a song to write the , soul of the song is the most important for

also says that each singer-songwriter has a different flavor, so they also take into account a lot of different factors, such as how the singer's voice is suitable for singing, what the record company wants to be, but the most important is “ ”, Victor said that he was inspired to write her character in the music for "The Brave". “ Although A-Lin sang a lot of sad love songs, she was actually a very warm and very warm person.” Victor attaches great importance to the personality of the person who will collide with a different spark in the music, and he also “ the warmth of " warmth ” into the A-Lin song, so we feel that we have been cured by these songs. Victor says that he really wants to give two songs to a woman's fans, one of which is that he made a song for A-Lin: "It's not me."

“ I feel that girls are very often like this, especially modern people. Sometimes they do a lot of things, but they don't need to be so brave, because they still have a lot of people who love them .” As he sounds a little bit of pain, we know that women don't need to arm themselves and wrap themselves up like this, and Victor says we're actually not really a real person, people are actually very quiet in helping , perhaps a different way to embrace you. We want to be like Victor's music, and it's always been saying in a very quiet way: “ I have you with me."” He wants to tell all girls that you don't have to be so strong, you can be vulnerable occasionally, you can go on those who love your family, friends, . (You would like: don't need to always be strong: five vulnerable )

“ Heavy rain to tremble in the brave not is because you warm ” hand

song to be presented to a woman's audience is the first solo album by Victor, which is not the master of the album, and we feel that Victor really wants to chat with us, and think that this song should be dedicated to the Readers, every and soft . Victor says, “ This song is like sometimes hold a lot of things, but we can't hold anything."People are really like this, it go, you can have .”

“ Tell me what you are missing the most precious thing is should have a wide is free only to be

believes that everyone has a -released , the unwillingness of the wounds, the traces that have been present, are bound to be wrapped and stored, are not painful memories, but are not painful memories, but rather those who make us feel sad, and forgive . Maybe when you really think it's okay, you'll find that the growth you've experienced has become the nutrient for life, and now you are happy, because you feel so easy to feel comfortable, and you know, you really deserve to be so much more loved. (Take a look at another story, Brave smiling Angels Hu Ting-ting: injured, more confident in love )

Warm Great Boy with

Victor to comfort , he says not to help him solve things, because, because we girls often need a speech exit, “ I think importantly , she sometimes just needs someone to listen to her.”, Victor says he listened to a female singer chatting about the emotions, talking about their inspiration, until the studio took a DemoRecord, and he thought it was an interesting thing to do with people. You don't have to talk to everybody, but there's always one person. you don't know.

think that Victor is an optimistic and delicate person who knows how to listen to each other and write a good song about many women's voices. us, friends of the , he will listen to your feelings, and walk through the valley of your life. He may not be around you all the time, but he always will be there.

's music is a fragile, sanguinable song. He finally sang his own song in the middle of a decade of music. In his first album, he didn't hear what he said was a man's heartbreak or emotional injury. He worked hard to chew Chinese characters that weren't familiar to him, and he sang a word that all men and women needed: Warm. (You would like: , just like a love song )
Album says he is the city curator chasing dreams, and feel more
Victor's personality and gentleness, a dream we chase in this . What you see in him is not just a “ of the sense of distance, ” we can feel that he's been doing it all the time, 're already dreaming in your dreams time you're doing the best thing . , I would like to share with you our deeply touched voice, listening to his feelings and the vitality, depth and warmth of our emotions.

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This weekend we've been warmed by Victor
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Victor Liu's City Love Song Live

: July 27, 2014
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