In the afternoon of Friday, there was a heavy rain outside, but as soon as I opened the door of the Café box, Hu Tingting's face was full of confidence but a smile of affinity, let us forget the bad weather brought about the unpleasant. That afternoon, tingting with her peculiar gentle voice, to share with us her from the beginning of the big emotional challenges, this way to the journey. In the rain, we talked a lot, talked about the feelings, the enthusiasm for the creation, also talked about the face of setbacks with the birth of fear. That afternoon, Hu Tingting gave us the impression that not only the glamorous, talented star, but the beautiful women who are charming because of sincerity and courage .

As for Hu Tingting, we used to understand the international movie stars that were emitting light on the big screen. Today, we want to invite all the women to be fascinated by the reader, and go deeper into the Jiantingting of the other side. Let us listen to as a writer of the Hu Tingting, as a lovely woman Hu Tingting, how to talk about the love and hate life, how to embrace the ordinary and extraordinary life . Let us indulge in her bravery, her romance. (Recommended reading: Actor: himself, is the most beautiful treasure Hu Tingting )

Have been hurt, give me more pure Love faith

Earlier this year, Hu Tingting and her husband Julio announced a divorce . The news came suddenly, the outside world in addition to feel surprised and regret, but also to Hu Tingting in the face of this emotional dilemma in the expression of tolerance and strong, feel a little bit of not shed with a lot of moved. After six months of precipitation and healing, tingting in the interview generously with us to share her experience after this emotional setback, the change of feelings. (same field Gayon: more free after divorce, Miranda's 11 beautiful Secrets )

Many people fall in love, because of fear and anxiety and no longer want to believe it. When we asked, in the taste of love after suffering, tingting is still holding the same faith in love, Tingting did not hesitate to smile to tell us that after the injury she had more courage to dream, but also to appreciate the beauty of love.

"I love to smile more than before, and more believe in love, because I am not as afraid as before." I believe in love more than ever, because I find that the growth he brings me is something that other things can't bring to me, which is the most beautiful place in his life. 」

The eyes of the flow of the sincere light, tingting in a resolute tone tells us, before she lived very firmly, always feel that things always have a certain, always contend for right and wrong. But the pain of this love, in addition to once shattered her world, but also broke her view of the world frame, let her learn to tolerance brought about by the possibility. "I deeply feel that in love everything happens, there is no right and wrong, we are very different, but we are always in the way we understand, in life to seek happiness in the search for survival in love." "(Recommended to you: the highest state of love: I love you, not with you )

Because the understanding of love in the dispute and pull , in fact, are only from our love of hope and fear, tingting can really start to put down, and face the fear head-on. She recalls that when she began to lay down these burdens and put down her fear of pain, she became more humble, and the dreams she had made were not limited, which was the greatest growth of love.

"Believe in yourself and be tolerant of others." Then, when each relationship is over, the most beautiful memories will be collected. In the pursuit of love, you have to be very savage, desperate, brave to pursue, but when the fall, we will gracefully stand up. 」

When we asked tingting her generous and elegant face of the small secret of love, she briefly thought for a while, slowly began to say, her faith in love is to embrace the fragile and fear of love. "Most of the time we think of being strong and vulnerable as opposites," he said. In fact, not at all, I feel the embrace of their fragile, he gave you the strength, stronger than the strength to you, more depth. "

See tingting that was wounded, the eyes still flashing firm light. We seem to understand that in love the ugly emotions that we learn to escape or turn a blind eye actually precipitate the purity and goodness of love. Learn to dance with all the fragility and fear in love! To embrace the feelings of the world of those seemingly imperfect, we can become the most beautiful dancer in love. (You will also like: you do not need to always be strong: Five ways to face the fragile )

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Lose, give me more power

In the past the image of tingting on the screen, is so extroverted and unrestrained, as if it is a permanent stop the naughty big girl. And Tingting through her new book and this visit, let us see her quiet, sensitive and delicate side. When we asked Tingting is how to switch between the movement, Tingting confessed that she was in fact a very quiet person, she was afraid of quiet, always feel the need to be busy in order to find happiness and the value of their existence.

"I used to fill out the missing chunks of my heart with external things, and then I used something outside to make me happy," he said. But now I do not need external things to fill my incomplete. Myself, I can make myself complete. "Facing the lack of the heart, calm down to communicate with their own good, is to let their integrity of the key."

And to enable Tingting to start with the heart of the dialogue between the opportunity, is the emotional setback. Perhaps and Julio break up seems to let Tingting lost life important lover, perhaps suddenly divorce seems to let tingting always smooth life has missing block, these we think of the loss, in fact, let her get more wonderful. "I feel that the loss of the original seems to have brought me beyond the imagination of the power of this life." with a faint but resolute smile, Tingting said softly.

To be lost as possession, to the people who have brought us harm as a life of the noble, need is a great life intelligence and tolerance of bearing. But Tingting said she is not like everyone imagined the great, she just did it down and Thanksgiving. When Tingting talked about appearing in her life each person, is a piece of beautiful jigsaw puzzle, pieced together her integrity, her smiling eyes, reveal the warmth, still let me deeply moved. (After the breakup, you really should put down, not he )

From Tingting to face the lack of generosity and Thanksgiving, we saw when the loss of integrity, small in the great. When we can embrace our flaws bravely , when we can put each injury or loss as a piece of unique pieces of the puzzle, we can really piece together a more perfect ourselves.

To be the most true self, more beautiful than an angel

The cover of Tingting's new book is not her personal photo, but a far-reaching painting. The picture presents a smiling angel with blood still trying to elongate his wings. We were curious to ask Tingting why she chose this painting as the cover of a new book, Tingting first Leng a moment, open big eyes overflowing with smile of light, as if recall which section of happy fragments, and then tingting smiled with us to share the picture behind the little fun.

Originally, this painting is a friend of Tingting painted. In drawing this picture, the painter appeared Hu Tingting face in his mind. In her heart, Hu Tingting is like this, in order to emit light and warmth, even if the blood flow, injured, will also strive to grow wings, with a smile brave take-off of the lovely woman. (Guess you like:"The Awakening Map of Love" women, you can become the extraordinary goddess )

When we asked if she thought the painting was a portrayal of her character, she laughed heartily and said she was not an angel, she was not so great. The reason why she tried to stretch her wings to take care of others was that she could only find her own value in the process of caring for others. But after the frustration of marriage, Tingting realized that love, in fact, is just a selfish and self satisfaction. As a result, Hu Tingting said she only wanted to be a mortal as a person, rather than as an angel of personal longing.

"I am mortal, and I am contented to be myself, to be true to myself, more than to be an angel." She sincerely tells us that value only can be given to ourselves, and there is no way to find it through the outside. If we do not find our own value first, there is no way to grow bigger wings and fly farther.

Although Tingting humbly said his ordinary, but can really like her brave and loyal to herself, like her never change the original intention to believe that the world's beautiful, the kind of beauty, perhaps any goddess or angel can not. To be the truest self, you are more dazzling than an angel. (Recommended reading: Writer: From Life, the courage to do their own'm going tomorrow )

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Out of the frame, every moment of life is brilliant.

As an actor of the Hu Tingting, as the author of the Hu Tingting, in fact, the most real heart to treat her artistic creation , but also with the same sincerity, live out the brilliant life.

Tingting said when she put into work, she will enter the realm of ecstasy. Not thinking in the brain, but in the body and mind to feel, to move. "When you are not in the brain, when you sink into your own atmosphere, when you are not so tightly grasping what you perceive, give yourself more space, let some of your different possibilities occur, is the most potential and strength in life." "When we pull away from the frame of thought, when we integrate the most authentic self into our work and life, our infinite possibilities bloom at this moment." (Recommended to you: Hong Kong chief dancer Mei Zhoyan: I create with life )

And the true meaning of life, in fact, is very similar to the essence of art. Put aside the past limitations, every moment of life is beautiful and innovative. ˹ in fact, life and art are very similar. You do not put down your insecurity, do not put down your own knowledge, in the art you can not be a level, life is also. "(same field Gayon: The artist who makes life )

But Tingting is not from the beginning with such a childlike heart and sensitive to challenge the framework of thinking . She is half joking to share with us, since childhood she has a small smart, anything, as long as 3 points of strength, you can get everyone's drink. But the conceit and certainty of life also gave her a lot of ego-setting limits. When the emotional challenge disintegrates her past perceptions of the world, Tingting is more able to see the outside of the framework of the million flower world, because the experience never thought of setbacks, Tingting put down her insecurity of the unknown, embracing the diversity outside the framework, began to use the body and mind, rather than using the brain to carry out creative and experience life.

Let us try to think outside the framework of the free Mercedes, let us lay down armed and self-defense, so that the most authentic to experience life, with tingting lively pace, to be a living artist.

The real Hu Tingting, that's the way it is. With the most pure enthusiasm for acting, with the most sincere heart writing. With gentle to irrigation strong, with tears and smiles to nurture tolerance, this is the most beautiful woman, the most real appearance. At the end of the visit, we asked this brave and lovely woman to give a word to all the women who stumbled in love but still didn't give up hope. Tingting smiled and said that she wanted women to be forever romantic, all things in life can be viewed negatively, but our romantic nature allows us to see the best in the world at the most difficult moment.

Embrace our fragility, kiss our fears, grasp our romance, put aside our existing framework for the world, you are the most beautiful brave angel. (You'll like it too.)

May Day: Embrace, to the more beautiful future )

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