After the women's leadership positions, the average performance is better than men, and the world view requires more women leaders to change society's view of female leaders.

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Dismissal of the matter is unacceptable to anyone who feels that it is a job and an effort to be denied. If this happens in a woman who has been voted by a wealthy woman to become the first female editor in New York Times history : What will happen to Jill Abramson?Let's take a look at the female strongman facing the story of being fired.(Extended reading: The learn failure is successful!to see the stories of six successful women )

Jill Abramson, an outstanding woman who needs to know, Harvard University, who has worked for three years at Harvard, has been a legal reporter in the Wall Street Journal for nearly a decade, and in 1997, she became the first female editor of the New York Times since 160 years ago, and was voted in 2012 by a wealthy woman .

This was the first time that the New York Times didn't have an early warning, but many New York Times staff complained about Jill Abramson's violent management style when he was editor-in-chief at the editorial meeting, and the mood was damaged.But I don't feel ashamed." (Sibling: As a woman, we don't need to prove to the world what )

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When Jill Abramson first learned that she was fired, she was not crying at home, but picked up her boxer, and took this photo, and she wanted to tell her daughter: "Even if I was fired, I'd still be me."

New York Times has always been a serious conservative known as The Gray Lady , a conservative traditional medium that has been "stubborn", "stubborn ," condescendin "," unbinding ", and" unbinding ".

present, the percentage of women leaders worldwide is 20 %, and in Taiwan, the ratio of female leaders is 27 %, although this ratio is growing compared to the 10 % in the 1980s, but the overall number of female leaders is lower than that of male leaders.But in terms of earnings, women entrepreneurs run more than men, 7.8 percent, flat, and 4.3 percent, compared to a loss of 12.1 percent. This shows that women are better than men, and that we really need more women leaders to bring more change to the world, and that the social perspective of women leaders needs to change. (to let you know: It's not the case, the real face of a female leader )

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When Jill was young, she was frustrated with his dream job, and she was now very happy to share her career plans with young people, and her dismissal had given her more experience in the workplace to share with us.

It's no big deal to get fired

Jill thinks that she is not ashamed of being fired, and that she does not need to be ashamed of all women, because in the age of competition , there are many reasons for dismissal, sometimes beyond the limits you can control.

It's not shameful to show your vulnerability

Jill, in the face of his, undisguised face of losing a very loving job and seeing her inexorable comments in the political > newspaper, told us she was sad, weeping, and she thought it was more important to be a real person to express real emotions than to be a merciless strong woman who was forged.(You would like: You don't need to always be strong: five ways to be vulnerable )

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Women need to get better conditions for themselves in the workplace

In the workplace, women are often unable to keep up with the discussion of promotions or pay raises, which are often conservative or reserved for women, but Jill believes that women should be a self-confident negotiator, as Sheryl Sandberg mentioned in a TED Talk. Men will take credit for themselves, but women will be humbled to be more lucky, and women should be more able to understand their own abilities and to fight for commensurate salaries and positions. (We are great: This is worth a better salary, shout reject equal pay work )

If you face a gender gap in the field, do not let it happen

Jill has experienced a period of severity of differences, and even though Jill put up an idea in the editing room, the editor only remembers that it was suggested by some male staff, and Jill encouraged young women to face up to gender discrimination in the workforce and to fight for the respect and value of women.

Don't let your job define you

While Jill loves her job and misses the time she worked with, Jill said: "I don't miss the" editor-in-chief " of the title. He once told Jill that he was afraid to let the coffee shop owner know he was about to retire, because he was afraid that he would never get a priority.The value of our own will need to be self-recognized.(Sibling: Why do you have to work?)

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woman leader, Jill made a good example of she could be gracefully faced, not as a failure to define her own , and to stand up and share her heart history, tell all women in the workforce to understand their own abilities, actively strive for the position of the workforce, and love work but not be limited.