What do you think of when you mention Mr. Yoo-jin? Most people must think of ballroom dancing! Liu Yoo's courageous pursuit of the dream story is very moving, and recently she also continued her bravery , the choice of their own love and marriage , and this Mr. Right also let her discover the different oneself, let us discover more different Liu Yoo teacher! (Extended reading: women after 25, why can not have their own dreams?) )

Just walked into the restaurant, Mr. Yoo was still on the previous visit, in the side secretly observed, the teacher will get up from time to demonstration movements, or direct contact with the body to guide the correct posture, from the teacher's eyes, you can see her passion and devotion to work, while talking about their professional distribution of the charm and light, Can be verified: "Serious woman most beautiful" this sentence.

Many people's impressions of Yoo-jin may have been: wearing a beautiful dress and high heels, at any time can come to a wonderful ballroom dance performance, distributed on the stage charming self-confidence and charm of girls, and Mr. Liu Jin's exquisite face and special voice, more often in the program to become the focus of attention, such a seemingly weak need to protect girls, But in order to dance, to become more than any one of the more tenacious woman. (same field Gayon: Dream Trilogy: Women are obsessed with dreams, let their dreams not just delusion )

I was a very good girl since childhood, but I have spent all my life in the dance of rebellion!

Liu Yoo-jin is particularly fond of the pursuit of the story of the dream, when reading the story of the special feeling, because she is also all the way in their dreams on the road to adhere to, talking about how to pursue the dream, Liu Yoo said:

"Since I was a very well-behaved child, the book is also good, not too much to worry about parents, but in my 24 years old, I put my life stubborn and rebellious have given the dance!" 」

Say this sentence at the same time, the teacher's serious expression, like her 24 years old, in the family meeting face parents questioned, with a duty-bound attitude, summon up the courage to leave the stable high-paying work, one into the dance circle. "Because at that time choose GB This road is to quit work, holding a broken kettle Shenzhou mood must make some achievements." So in the pursuit of the dream process, even if hurt or hard, I will bite the teeth through! So since then it has become very ㄍㄧㄥ, and it is not easy to shed tears. 」

Because of its slender shape, the teacher is often considered to be a pampered girl who cannot endure hardship, therefore, Liu Yoo used more stringent standards to treat themselves, but also because she thought: dance This road is her own choice, so must bear their own, no matter what the road encountered hard or sad, teachers will not talk to their families, but their own silently bear, So let oneself body and psychology are under a lot of pressure, but see the final effort after the bright eye performance, the teacher thought everything is worth and very satisfied. (You will like: self-confidence not arrogant, insist not stubborn )

Every dancer is a black swan with a sadist.

In the movie Black Swan, the heroine's obsession with dancing, to the ego's request, lets oneself pressure big to keep peeling the finger on the skin, these plot general people will see uncomfortable plot, Liu Yoo said: "I feel very comfortable after reading, because it completely performance of my depression and anxiety, this is to learn dance people!" "The teacher, who loves acting, tells us her happiest thing when she was young was to complete a challenging performance, feeling that every dancer had a masochist, like in the process of preparing the" three dances, "the whole body is injured every day, the heart will also appear why so embarrassed their own complaints, But when the final stage to accept the applause and affirmation of the audience, that sense of achievement is nothing to replace!

The teacher seriously thought, oneself will become a dancer or entertainer, because oneself very enjoy on the stage feeling, before the performance can shut in own quiet small universe, oneself enjoy on the stage of breathing and each movement, that feeling is indescribable enjoyable. So the teacher cherished every opportunity to take the stage, but even if the performance experienced, to the present teacher before the performance will still feel nervous, but she said:

"Moderate tension is great, it will make your whole state is good", no matter in the face of anything is the case, for very much care about very want to do things, moderate tension is to help us achieve a more outstanding goal.

After conquering the stage of big and small, Liu Yoo received a lot of beauty and self-confidence from the dance, and there was pain and joy in the process, but these experiences made her feel very happy and complete. (same field Gayon: I am Xu Fang, dance is my life attitude )

Helping others will make you stronger.

Liu Yoo-jin said: "Dance can be done themselves, but also to complete others." ", in the Dance of the world to make some achievements, in the dance to experience the joy and contentment she began to put into teaching work, hoping to let more people know dance, as well as her because of dancing and full of light and self-confidence."

Now the teacher more sense of achievement from seeing the student's growth and change, accompanied the students all the way from the beginning of the practice to the final stage performance, the kind of the joy from dancing to share with and light to more people's process is very moving, will feel:

"I have a fairy wand, a person came to you, you waved him as if from Cinderella into a shining diamond, I think every girl will glow, but when you think of this light out of time, that sense of achievement is really great!" 」

Because of this move, Liu Yoo began to make books so that more people can be more beautiful, such as the new book "Liu Jin Super 222 thin Law" to share a lot of how to use fragmented time, to make themselves healthier and more beautiful way. The teacher said: "No one girl will be satisfied with their own state, including I will feel that there can be better, but first you have to accept your own imperfections, and then we actively find ways to improve it, so that they become healthier and more beautiful, So that your confidence will become more and more powerful. Because through their own process of becoming beautiful, accumulate some experience, and then share out to help other girls or good friends, Liu Yoo from the process of sharing to get more happiness, but also found that the original help others at the same time will let themselves become more confident, more powerful! (You will like: The most beautiful love, is to let you find love from yourself )

Because of "he", I don't need to be a strong woman anymore.

Mr. Yoo-Jin is Frank: "Before my life, is already completed myself for the biggest option, I just don't care about others, try to practice their ideals, in contact with Yin Yoga found that their body accumulated a lot of injuries, need to treat it well, in the previous two years, the performance of the" Taiwanese dancers " Also found that their age really can not be so wasteful with the destruction of their bodies, also because met love, let Liu Yoo began to think that actually can not be so ㄍㄧㄥ, began to spend more time with their families, also become more soft and more like crying, the girl who armed so long, can finally unload the woman's side , and find another self again.

Because meet the right person, start is no longer a person to bear those physical or psychological pressure, because there is a person can rely on and bear, those women's hard start slowly become soft.

I used to be a spoiled brat and I don't love my students. Rediscover every woman has a little girl in the heart of that side, maybe outside need is a professional teacher Liu, but back home, can in the other half like to show the little girl wayward side, in front of him can be very comfortable without arming themselves, it is very important, The original hug love, can let a person reveal soft inside, in love, discover another oneself. (Extended reading: a letter from a girl to her future boyfriend: Will Your love make Me grow?) )

The shoes are worn by themselves, and the days are on their own.

A teacher who loves shoes and becomes an idiot say to buy shoes must try to wear, because it is suitable for your shoes, I may wear uncomfortable, I wear beautiful shoes, may not be so good-looking on your feet, it is like love and marriage, no one can experience you and each other to get along with each other, The outside world may have a lot to do with the other half of your marriage, Xiao Yan sister once said to Liu Yoo: "Yoo-jin, you are a brave girl, remember that the days are their own, no matter which object you choose, you must be able to" live together ", life is very important, no matter what you are the other half of the evaluation, But only you know the relationship between yourself and your partner, as long as your object is upright and good, you can be brave with him, and belong to you two of days. (same field Gayon: Love oneself second step: pursue belongs to own love )

Like two people dance, the other is their choice of partner, the tacit understanding of the two people, how to dance in the music of the two-person dance steps, this dance is dedicated to the dance of two people, this dance is written by the two of you together, so the teacher also encouraged the girls, brave to find their own partners, To spend the rest of our time together.

Just like the teacher said: "We know Yoo-jin through dance, but Yoo-jin is through the dance to know the world", for Mr. Liu Jin, dance is a lifetime pursuit of the dream, and we see in the realization of the dream of the road, she paid the efforts and the pressure, and finally issued a woman the most brilliant light. And teachers are happy to share the light with more girls through teaching or books, she's like a woman. believe that every girl has a unique beauty, as long as learning to understand themselves, accept themselves, find the right way to think about themselves, everyone can finally like Womany logo like emitting dazzling diamond light.

and has been playing the woman, she finally met the other half, let oneself learn to unload strong armed, rediscover the young woman self-willed, spoiled, experience different life experience. In the face of love, the teacher told us it is important that you two are the partners in the life of each other, outside of the doubt can not be for you to live the future life, as long as find the right person, courage to hold each other's hands, seriously good for two of People's Day.

Liu Yoo's efforts to pursue the courage of dreams and love, let her bloom unique luster, more in the constant sharing to make themselves more confident and glorious, hope that the readers of women fans listen to the teacher Liu Yoo after sharing, can also live out their lives together bravely.