The dream is to learn to decide from the heart, but also for their own decisions.

Your dream is ___________?

On the evening of five last week, women fans held the first Salon lecture on the Dream Trilogy . We have invited two entrepreneurial players: a founder who was once a nameless station, founder of FLYINGV, and a founder of Lin Hongquan , a social enterprise that brought the community into Taiwan, Lin Yihan , apart from sharing their dream stories, Also teach everyone how to realize the dream, really is spent a very warm, full of blood in the evening.

If you haven't found your dream yet, it doesn't matter, "said the two speakers:" We don't know what to do in the first place, but the future starts with the search. "Everyone starts with the search and listens to what they say."

I'm actually unambitious.

"I'm actually unambitious. "Lin Hongquan (small) said so in the opening. Wearing loose T-shirt He started with us to introduce his previous dream, he wanted to be the lead singer, but also want to be strong and muscular male. But later, he recognized that he was not on the stage of the piece of material.

"Because you can't stand on the stage, create a stage for people who are capable." 」。

In the process of seeking, but also through the precipitation, he found his dream, and is in practice . sometimes you know your limits, but you can find your dreams faster.

Entrepreneurial centroid

He has a few things to tell people who are starting a business:

1. Failure is inevitable, success is accidental.

Don't give up because of a few failures, because the chances of making a mistake are high in the face of so many new things. Although do not necessarily will succeed, but I know not to do it will not succeed.

2. Suspicion is the drive to kill your own blood.

"Is it really feasible?" "Is it really good to do that?" 」。 When you walk on the road of entrepreneurship, the constant suspicion will be to kill the blood and momentum of the murderer. It's a matter of course to evaluate things, but don't let yourself be deterred by being skeptical.

3. Do not forget the original intention

Sometimes the road goes by and you forget why you did it. A certain period of time to examine their own way in the original intention, will not be lost in the process. Or when you are confronted with a difficult problem, you can quickly find the choice by clarifying it from your original intention. (Recommended reading: don't be confused!) You're on your way to the dream.

Be responsible for yourself

"People want to have a dream, no dream is just a salted fish." "Small words to say this one of Stephen Chow's classic lines, Extra blood!" Although the small honorifics oneself unambitious, but he thinks the person must have own dream. He encourages those who have dreams to practice, and to embark on the path of seeking dreams without a dream. For dreams, we all want to seek advice from others. But the small said: "My only Advice is don ' t take any Advice." The dream is to learn to decide from the heart, but also for their own decisions .

In addition, he advised people not to believe that success stories, "because it is mostly successful only after the preparation of the entrepreneur, many times in fact do not know what they are doing." At last he said, "If I can do it, so will you." "Don't think too hard about your dream, just step on that road!"

I don't think I have a dream, I'm interested in everything.

Really did not and Lin Hongquan collusion good! Lin Yihan (Sunny), founder of the social flow, started off with a "feel no dream"! So she went to grad school. Because in the United States has the concept of social enterprises, coupled with the United States in the water and independent consulting company internship, from the many process of slowly feeling, and finally to the establishment of the social enterprise flow. So she also encourages more internships in the school period, because it's a way to find the lowest cost of love before entering the society.

As for the strategy for entrepreneurs, it's easy to avoid having a strategy first. always plan is not change, if the first thought too much too far, can not reach the time will become their own pressure.

Q & A Time

After two wonderful entrepreneurial experiences, the two ladies who co-founded the women's fans joined the conversation and had a wonderful entrepreneurial dialogue.

two miss: also as an entrepreneur, I chose to embark on this arduous road, told my mother, my mother only asked me: "You happy." " do two have the time to give up in the entrepreneurial process?"

Lin Hongquan (hereinafter referred to as small): Everything is past, now look at all right, at least we have not lost money to start a business. My dad would read it every day, but I wouldn't have thought of giving up.

Lin Yihan (hereinafter referred to as Sunny): did not want to give up, but is to overcome their own demons this point I have been fascinated by the net. I am a risk aversion, so there is no hundred points to grasp I always dare not take the next step. (Recommended reading: MBA taught me: the greatest risk in life is never dare to risk! )

Miss Two: May I ask Sunny how to restrain his demons?

Sunny: The main thing is really to understand yourself, and constantly challenge themselves. I have three small suggestions:

1. Starting from an early age

Start with a small goal and achieve a sense of accomplishment, just like building a small milestone and then getting to the next step. This will not be overwhelmed by the immense pressure of the invisible.

2. Find someone to say your dream

Whether it is not related to the occupation of people, do not fear the idea was stolen, more people say your entrepreneurial dream, you can grasp the market acceptance, but also to confirm their own ideas is not feasible.

3. Chat with partners

I'm thankful to my buddies for telling me, "We're all set, and you're dead!" "Talk to partners, on the one hand, to understand each other's personality traits, can be placed in the most suitable position; On the other hand, encouraging each other is extremely important! This is the driving force for us to go down together!

Miss two: What if the idea of uploading is stolen?

Light: In fact, many ideas do not have a threshold, rather than spend the effort to apply for a patent, as quickly as possible, do faster than anyone else. Take time to think, rather than spend time doing. Then the user experience is also very important to understand your current main customers will not pay, to know how to please consumers. Finally, do not be afraid of being copied, if copied, and then think of a new one is good. (Recommended reading: Lian Qiang President Du Shiwu's career: Compared to strategy, execution is more important than you think. )

With the passage of time, the first salon of the Dream trilogy ended under a wonderful q&a. I hope everyone can get the nutrition of the dream in this lecture.

After the lecture, a lot of the audience left to share a photo with the speaker, some people still sit in the position and continue to chat with friends about the dream of the topic, and we started filming a start to the "Dream questionnaire." Some people can write quickly, know exactly what their dreams are, and some may think for a long time or can't think of what to write. But that doesn't matter! If you already have a dream, hope to pass this lecture, can let you get some positive energy, let you in chasing the dream of the road more brave! If you have not found the dream, it does not matter, then from now on to look for, a lot of attention to the things around, every day with their dialogue five minutes , will always find!

The same as walking on the Dream Road Womany, we cheer for you!

It doesn't matter if you didn't attend such a wonderful salon. Secretly tell you, the next dream Salon is now in the application! Because we know that the pursuit of the dream of the road to pay a lot of costs, so the registration is free Oh!

Dream Trilogy: Women are obsessed with dreams, so that dreams are not just delusions

Everyone has a dream, but not everyone has the ability to realize the dream, perhaps the key lies in how much you want to sacrifice for your dream? How much do you struggle? Do you have the guts to set foot on that thorny road? Women fans invite classical Su Zihin musicians to say how to break a day in the elite music industry, but also let the modern musical talent Huang Junrong tell you how to from the love of Music boy into Jay Chou, the Queen of the lyricist. Listen to their dream-driven stories, in the face of their dreams, you can actually choose to stand up.

Welcome to listen to the brave story about the dream!