Not only has the bright appearance, but also has the feminine independent thought and the social family's love. Let's take a look at Sally's wonderful movie!

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Remember that blond actress in the Dior J ' adore perfume ad with a graceful figure? She is the best actress Oscar Sally Saillon Charlize Theron, she in addition to the film in the exquisite acting stunning, but also active social participation, take advantage of her 8/7 birthday this day, let us from her film, Know her better! (Extended reading:"The Woman of the Year" step by step to boil the Golden Horse actress Zhang Ziyi )

Sally Saillon Charlize Theron, the representative of many people's sexy goddess, is actually a good actress, she was a ballet dancer before she became the best actress at the Oscars, and she performed famous ballet "Swan Lake" and "Nutcracker", She is a native of Afrikaans with African nationality, and in addition to her proficiency in English, Xhosa and other African languages, speaks 28 languages, travels solo to Los Angeles at the age of 19, and opens her showbiz career after the star Scout. In her film career, the most famous masterpiece is a real story of the independent film "The Devil", and she this is because the role of the 76th annual Oscar award for the best actress, wrote her film career a wonderful page.

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What many do not know is that Sally Saillon is also a very active social participant, with South African nationality, who founded an African outreach project: Thecharlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP), which has long been committed to fighting AIDS in Africa. As a child has experienced a family violence, for the disadvantaged groups in society, a more caring, so she is also actively involved in the protection of women's rights and interests of the Organization, and appeared in many good animal organizations advertising and anti-fur movement. (Women are born social entrepreneurs: The True Story of female entrepreneurs: "Social flow" Lin Han )

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Sally Saillon, also a gay marriage supporter, has even decided to refuse marriage before gay marriage is legalized in the United States, saying:

I don ' t want to get married because right now the institution of the marriage feels very one-sided, and I want to live in a CO Untry where we all have equal rights.
I'm not going to get married because now the marriage system feels very one-sided and I want to live in a country where everyone has equal rights to marry.

Sally Saillon always actively try different types of roles and movies, each performance of the costumes and characters of the uniqueness of the eyes a bright, today to share with you, five of her starred in the wonderful film it! (same field Gayon: Actor: Happiness redefine the Hukeri declaration of Hollywood actress )

2003 Female Monster/monster

The monster was adapted from a serial female killer Aileen Wuornos, Aileen Wuornos was a prostitute who killed six men in the late 1980s and early 90 and was sentenced to death. Before the Sally Saillon, the public's impression of him remained in her glamorous appearance and graceful figure, but to challenge everyone's impression of her vase, decided to take up this challenging role, for the play the Cylon a special weight of 14 kg, and through special makeup to change their flawless skin, Yellow dentures and the use of repeated dyeing and ironing edgy hair, showing the role of the female killer, but she not only in the appearance close to the role, but also from the heart to try to Aileen mood.

Sally Saillon said: "Irene's appearance is like reflection of my feelings and life of the mirror, I do not know how to interpret the feelings of others, I only know the care, try to understand others at the time of the psychological process of the situation, and into my personal state of mind." 」

The Cylons had a sad childhood story, just like the character Irene, her father, who had seen her mother killed by domestic violence, had a better sense of the sympathetic side of the character story, saying: "It is easy for people who commit terrorist crimes to ignore the emotional parts of her life." "In the end, she won 17 awards for her dedicated and outstanding performance, including the Academy Award for Best actress, Golden Globe Award for Best Drama actress and the American Actors Guild Award for Best Actress ... This performance is considered one of the greatest performances in the history of the film. (actors in their life's work: every day I am beyond the limit to fix Jie )

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2005 Northland Sexual Harassment/north Country

is a 2005-year American Film project that describes the collective accusation by American mine workers that the steel company has not dealt with the persecution and protection of female employees from sexual harassment, and later adapted it into a film, performed by Sally Saillon actress Ju Shi Ames. Actress Ju Shi Amy works for the steel company, and other female miners have long suffered from unintentional verbal and physical sexual harassment of male miners, and finally decided to hire lawyers to take legal action against steel companies, a lawsuit that has taken 14 years to confront the persecution of companies and the intolerance and exclusion of other female miners, In the face of clashes with male miners and pressure from trade unions, the court finally ruled that an injunction requiring steel companies to develop sexual harassment policies and a sexual harassment complaint that would allow women workers to work at ease was the first class of sexual harassment lawsuit in American history, very representative, Also has the legal reference value. (How to protect yourself in the workplace: There is a line of intimacy, how to encounter workplace sexual harassment?) )

In this film Sally Saillon plays a single mother, showing the face of life and sexual harassment when the pressure of vulnerability, but also showed the courage to sue the resolute not to pull, the two appearance of the present, To make viewers more aware of the helplessness of women facing sexual harassment on a male-dominated basis, the Cylon and the women miners talked to them in a humorous way about how they had been treated for their own protection.

Sally the Cylon said: "The story touches me, although this collective sexual harassment lawsuit is a legal landmark case, we should try to change the law, but it does not mean that we have changed people's minds." It takes a long time to change people's minds, that's why we can't stop this fight, we still have a long way to go.

From the Cylon's film, it is not hard to see her concern about social phenomena and the status of women, she said: "Although I have never experienced these painful things, but from these stories, I can feel their helplessness and sadness ", so she hopes that by the movie show more people will notice that there are still many unfair things happening in the society, and people's idea still needs us to improve. (The world can also be better: the most humorous counterattack!) Turkish woman laughs in response to Deputy Prime minister's "laughter loses her virginity" theory

2005 Shadows Assassin/aeon Flux

Adapted from the animated Aeon Flux film, describing the catastrophic catastrophe of human suffering from the deadly virus of 21st century, the formation of an authoritarian government of surviving scientists, after 400 years of despotism, in 26th century, dissidents tried to overthrow the government by way of assassination, and Sally the Cylon's heroine, IANF, was the leading killer in the organization, was appointed to assassinate the top leaders of the government, but found a huge secret ...

The film is a copy of the human plot, trying to look at modern human problems from the perspective of the future, in the play Sally the Cylon plays the role of female killer, perfect body with specially crafted film costumes and scenes, so that viewers can integrate into the movie plot, as if really to the future, and the plot deduction is unexpected, Take advantage of your free time to enjoy the wonderful performance of Sally Cylon in the play.

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2008 Battle of Seattle/battle in Seattle

The decisive event in Seattle has been one of the most violent demonstrations in the world in recent years. When the World Trade Organization (WTO) prepares to meet in Seattle in 1999, tens of thousands of people took to the streets, including political activists, protesters, anti-globalisation, anti-authoritarian activists, and so on, hoping to arouse the WTO's interest in the trade environment and labor welfare; their common vision is to make the world a better place with one's own efforts, But the initial peaceful demonstrations turned into a bloody incident of clashes between the police and the community.

Sally Cylon plays a policeman's wife, Ella, in the protest, trapped between the demonstrators and the police, and finally lost her child because of the protest, which reminds us of the recent demonstrations in the streets of Taiwan, It is in this film that we can rethink these aspects of how people gather together for a common vision, and why they clash with the police. (Why on the street: after the Sun-Flower movement: The next step for the younger generation, the end is the beginning )

2012 Princess and Hunter/snow White and the Huntsman

The Princess and the Hunter, we know the fairy tale adapted into a dark version of the Love Story, tells the evil Queen hired hunters hunt Snow White, but the hunter did not bear to kill Snow White, but help the princess, so they embarked on a fugitive journey.

Sally Cylon plays the Evil Queen in the film, because of witnessing a lot of life and death and betrayal of the world become indifferent, always hovering around the crow to make people more feel her dark, and the role of the bad Queen because of the Cylon's excellent acting, performance of the Queen's fragile and wandering fear, fear of beauty and strength of the passage, The evil is hidden in low self-esteem, strong in the inner fragility of mixed, for the film added depth and breadth, very recommended to the people who love to adapt fairy tales. (Inner complexity:"30 women, sexual opinion" vol.20 single freedom and inferiority )

Have you been surprised to see the performance of Sally Cylon in these five films? Sally the Cylon once said:

I would have to be in the life we want to challenge ourselves. In our lives, we all want to challenge ourselves.

So she constantly challenged herself on the big screen and used different roles to make the audience more aware of her. For the role of interpretation, she not only changed her appearance, more fully invested to figure out the mood of the characters in the play. As a child of family experience and the experience of the actor's life, so that she can be more sensitive to the plight of vulnerable groups, but also found that many of the community need to be concerned about the issue, so she not only through her performance to change more people on different issues of the view, and lead an active role in many To promote AIDS prevention and treatment in Africa, and so on, I hope that this person's beauty and beauty of the sexy goddess, can continue to use acting and public good action to make the world a better place. (Everyone is power: How to change the world: you and I both have the ability to change )