Women in the street, whether or not want to make friends with them, should maintain the basic respect, create an equal environment, and give the girl the right to go shopping at ease.

Womany: Do you have such experience? Walking on the road there is a strange man approached to try to talk to you, some people say this is a pick-up , but some people think it is a verbal sexual harassment, in the end what is the difference between this line? A group of girls who have heard in the Street write down, let's judge together! (Protect Yourself:"legal little common sense" sexual harassment, how to do ? )

The issue of sexual harassment on the streets of Taiwan is less mentioned, but in foreign countries, sexual harassment on the street is considered a human rights issue because street sexual harassment is often directed against women with disrespectful speech or behavior, and the type of sexual harassment on the street includes a wide range of eyes, whistles, vulgar gestures, Sexual cues, even more exaggerated behavior, masturbation, physical contact, and violence against women on the street. Wait a minute.

Once there was a film describing, a female-dominated world, what the male will encounter, the film occurs in the real life of women will occur in the unequal treatment, including: can not expose their body, the streets of verbal harassment, street rape sexual assault ... Wait a minute. The film hopes to make the public more sympathetic to the plight women face. (Read on: behind the jokes about rape ...) )

and the movie also mentions the street sexual harassment section, Some people think it's just a simple pick-up, and there's nothing wrong with it, so a group of girls share what they hear in the street and let's think about what it would feel like if we heard those words.

A black woman hears: "You're lucky, chocolate milk is my favorite thing to drink."

The girl walked on the road was blocked down, the man asked her: "Are you single?" 」

A man follows a girl and says, "If I go home with you, will you take good care of me?" 」
(The man has been trailing behind)

Hey Cinderella, why don't you come to the prince? 」

Hey Sexy woman, where are you going? 」

The girl was wearing a coat and snow boots when she heard a man say to her: "Your body is so beautiful and incredible."

"Delicious ~"

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The girl hears this: a whistle like a wild dog.

"You are beautiful" I am silent to the right, the man said: ""f*ck, you should thank me because I praise you "

When I passed by, a man said to his friend, "I will do it, but it is a statutory rape."

Hey Slut! Good pair of breasts! 」

"Dear ~ Why not print your red lips under mine?" 」

"Can I put my bottom in your back?" 」

The girl in the street heard someone call her: "Laugh a ~"

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A group of girls, who couldn't stand the uncomfortable remarks they heard on the street, made a counterattack. They call on everyone to walk down the street with their faces, because smelly faces can avoid some unnecessary trouble, but the most important thing is to want the public to pay attention to women's human rights and security on the street. (same field Gayon: dress is too short, no one "should" be violated )

Why I don't smile in the street, because ...

It's not a good time to talk to me.

My face is not meant to entertain you.

Because I think I'm intimidated by you.

I'm happy in my own world, I don't need anything from you

Because I don't want to be stared at by any male.

You violated my basic human rights, I have the right to walk on the road without any harassment.

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You don't deserve me to smile at you

My smile needs you to work hard to get it.

With such activities, just want to fight for women in the street should be more appropriate treatment and more respect. But there is also a film that reveals the true meaning of men who flirt with women in words or deeds on the street, which in fact reveals their diffidence and how they do not know how to communicate with women. It may be natural for men to be attracted to women, but we should learn to use appropriate expressions to have a healthy relationship between men and women, which is to express "praise" or try to arouse the attention of girls behavior, and will not develop a desirable relationship, but will cause a woman's disgust and fear.

when no one is walking in the street, they should be confronted with strangers at all times, but women are often subjected to such unkind treatment in the streets , no matter what kind of status women walk in the street, they should not be subjected to any eye, speech or any form of harassment, even if men want to know women on the street, they should retain basic respect, create an equal environment, and give girls the right to go shopping at ease.