Why should a woman's body be within the bounds of social "control", and why is it the private property of a patriarchal society that needs to be stamped and validated as "complete"?

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From the previous two-point test to the current "virginity test", have you ever thought about a woman's virginity or not, and why is it related to the country and society? A recent decree in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is that if Brazilian women want to be teachers, they must first pass Pap smears and doctors identify them as virgins. What is the problem behind such a decree? For gender and female bodies , the world is full of absurd imagination, in women fans, we hope to lead a gender-conscious revolution, so that women's body can be more free, more themselves! (Recommended reading: feminism is always asking for privileges?) )

We just had a good laugh. Turkish Prime Minister "women can not laugh in public, lest lose their virginity" speech, and now we hear another binding women's body autonomy, let people listen to the case of distress, this incident occurred in Brazil, Sao Paulo Sao Paolo.

Sao Paulo has enacted a decree that if women want to be recruited for the job, they will have to go through Pap smear screening, and then certified by a physician, who are virgins or have no regular behavior. Smear Well? Now that Brazilian women want to be teachers, they have to prove their "body innocence" first?

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The decree was a big rebound, with the city's education chiefs clarifying that their aim was to protect Brazilian teachers from the health problems that affect workplace performance. This seems safe, but we have to say, if so, why is not the whole body health check, but the detection of private places? If so, why do only women have to pass such tests, man? Finally, when a woman's "sex life" becomes a problem that the Ministry of Education must worry about.

"This is a ridiculous violation of women's body autonomy rights, this is a woman's personal privacy, there is no need to be made publicly." "The Brazilian women's rights campaigners said angrily.

In Brazil, it is not the first time that the "female body" is being made. In 2013, Bay Asia Bahia, in northeastern Brazil, announced that if women were to be recruited into the legislature, they would have to pass "virginity tests" to prove that their hymen had not been "damaged". (The decree was cancelled at the end of 2013 due to excessive protest.) )

If it were you, what would you think of these events? If you are a Brazilian woman, do you think this is the government's destiny or the imposition of social restrictions on women?

From another perspective, from the veil of Iranian women , the attacks of the Turkish Prime Minister , and the current Virgin act of Sao Paulo, these seemingly trivial things can make us think about why a woman's body must be socially " Control "within the scope of our body why is the patriarchal society of private property that needs to be stamped and validated as" complete "?

The events in Brazil are reminiscent of the 2011 Amnesty International (Amnesty International) publicly denounced the Egyptian government for testing female protesters with a "virginity test" in which 17 women were forced to test their batons after being electrocuted and stripped. Egyptian military intelligence agency head Abdul. Fatah Major General Asse said the virginity test was a way to "protect" soldiers from possible rape accusations. One woman later said that being forced to undergo a virginity test was just like torture.

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Another point is that women enjoy sexual life why so evil, why do women's lust let patriarchal society so afraid? Is the hymen really "destroyed"? (Recommended reading: virgin membrane, not a puncture on the membrane )

And so on, constantly deformed but the same law constantly suppressed women's sexual autonomy rights, secretly affixed to the "enjoyment of sexual life" and "unclean" the same label, but also to enjoy the sexual life, become a need to pass the "Test approval" thing. But our bodies, in fact, are not within the jurisdiction of society.

It must be said that even in modern times, many people have only too limited imagination and fear for the sexual autonomy of women. Every time society tries to show the desire to "protect" women's virginity through various coercive laws, it is actually consolidating the patriarchal system's potential manipulation of women.

when will our society be able to understand that men's passions can be openly crossflow, and women's can? When can we stop looking at women as passive, sexually-charged, pure objects that need to be protected? (more discussion, recommend you to see: the patriarchal society accomplice structure and mainstream feminism limits )

Please go with the woman and start this gentle and determined revolution. In fact, it is simply a sentence, to regain our right to speak for their own body. Because our virginity does not need to be protected by WHO, we have the right to enjoy the pleasure of our bodies, to enjoy our passions, and not to be responsible or accountable to them. This sentence to the brave women who fought loudly in Sao Paulo against the unequal treatment of society.