How to properly display vulnerabilities is the problem that we should think about, the emotions that people have, which are important lessons in the workplace that make the tears soft.

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Some say that emotional is a fatal flaw in women's workforce, a brutal and truthful fact that we don't deny our slim, sensitive, and tenderness that we can see more and more carefully, but this and emotional are not necessarily equal, and are emotionally focused, and believe that this will make us even more professional .(Recommended reading: Lean In, Women's Conquest to Work )

Whether a boy or a girl, we can't stay calm for a long time, we all weep, have emotional instability, frustrations, a lyrical release, a lack of a right thing to cry in the workplace.

In the field of work, the workplace has been dominated by men since ancient times. As a result, we are unanimously asked to conform to a certain trend. Women with rich emotions can easily be labeled as negative labels, and emotions are even more likely to overtake all the benefits of the past, so that our past professionalism appears to be insignificant.(Extended reading: A cruel confession of a male lead: emotional is a fatal shot in the workplace of a woman )

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But are the workplace teardrops really such a sin?

Hear how female leaders see the workplace tears

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sanderg: Feelin ' Not Shame

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sanderg shares the workplace crying experience)

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said she was crying when she was working, saying, "Frankly, emotions are important. It's not a shame."" She believes that releasing emotions will increase the relationship between colleagues, not only from the things we love, but also from the people we care about together with the people we care about.(Extended Read: < Lean In > Stay with me!Facebook, Snow Soft · Sandberg, and Taiwan's Cross-Generation Conversations )

US News anchor Mika Brzezinski: Control your tears, take control of your powers

(US news anchor Mika Brzezinski, source )

American News anchor Mika Brzezinski, on the contrary, said, " It's not worthwhile to cry in the office.She thinks that weeping is like passive power to others, and when you control your emotions, it's like communicating that you have everything, and making you more dignified in the workplace.

CST Brands Chief Executive Kim Bowers: Appropriate tears, help work

(CST Brands Chief Executive Kim Bowers, Source )

U.S. retailer CST Brands Chief Executive Kim Bowers shared her experience at the conference, where she felt anxious and left the conference room to wipe her tears, and then went back to the room.She thinks: " finds a way to find a proper sense of disclosure, to some extent conducive to work.""

Perhaps it is important to think about the right way to show vulnerability, and that power mastering and emotional control are important. How can we find a balance, let us not lose the emotions we have in our work? It's an important lesson in the workplace.

Next, make your tears soft power

Releasing your soft, not crying for self-responsibility

(Writers Anne Kreamer and his/her work , source )

The notion that American journalist and author Anne Kreamer, in her work, is "a matter of privacy" and that "women cry at work, the so-called workplace killers" is out of date. to the survey, more than 40 percent of women cried at work, and most of them agree that the right to show vulnerability in the workplace is a delicate gift.

Psychologists have conducted a survey in 2008 to find that women with experience in weeping are more demanding than those women who have outperformed their depressions.A career coach also recognizes that as long as he admits his emotions, and avoids the unpacking of his own development, he is showing a soft approach to the workplace.(Recommended reading: As a woman, I am proud of my heart

" A woman can be a strong point of weakness as long as she is good at being able to talk to others.Because of the identity of the person in the process of the appeal, there is a basis for cooperation with others."

As a result of rapid technological development, we can always accept work-related information through the Internet. This leads to the blurring of the boundaries between career and family, because of the frequency of field conversion, so emotions can become more complex.

Women's fans: The workplace is no longer a work force, and it's a place where the empower women mission

(female fans believe: women are many, and you are the only!)

For example, in women's cases, because of changes in the scope of work, and the attitude of the profession to operate as a volunteer, more and more emotions have been put into it.Because the office is no longer just a place for work, it's no longer just a place where it's just nine to five years, and it's a lot of people who have been around here, and they're more like home, and more like home.(Let's make it a fan of the world: Women's CEOs share: use the business culture empower team )

Interweaving and investing more time and effort in your personal space and workplace, and now, weeping isn't taboo, it's a weakness, it's a woman's character, releasing your softness, making good use of your slim, soft, and tender expression that gives you a more powerful profession.

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