Take us back to 1969 years of New York , the whole is full of a culture of social harmony, and influence the countless free concerts of future generations of rock .

1969 years of August 13, in the United States in New York City, a history of the impact of music events, by a group of the 60 's postwar baby boomers to build a new social atmosphere and culture, they turned out to be a cattle-raising grassland, changed into a 500,000 audience of music Holy Land- Woodstock Music Festival (woodstock,3 days of Peace & Music).

The crowd at the time

Some people say this is a utopia, then the media more lambasting this group of ungrateful young people (how to feel a bit like now), said they are whimsical, destroy the environment, but finally they really completed the three-day music festival 500,000 people !

In addition to the host John Roberts John Roberts, Joyrosenman (Joel Rosenman), Attila Confide (Artie Kornfeld), Michael Lang, the other is the protagonist of Ang Lee's "Woodstock Storm" Litter Teber (Elliot Tiber) offered them the rural land, so an unprecedented musical plan was launched! (doing a thing to get everyone to fall below the glasses: Write yourself a brave every day )

The concert caused the worst traffic jam in 1969 years, when many people sat on top of the car playing guitar, sleeping, very comfortable

No love, no hippie, no Woodstock!

Held the Woodstock music festival, originally just want to engage in a business behavior, did not expect the participation of the masses changed the music festival, so that it finally became a famous " free concert ." The whole festival is full of a social harmony, high-quality music, and wave bohemian style of clothing. The event was representative because nearly 500,000 people were suffering from the catastrophe of disease, riots and looting, but they did not, as the media reported, "This festival will be a disaster" and the people at the scene have three days to awaken peace with music. is a real musical activity that preaches and practices love and equality after World War Ii. (You see: this summer is a bohemian wind )

They used Baut bottles as a "peace" symbol.

I left this picture of a hug in the crowd.

The most important part of the concert is the audience--the hippie paradise.

These natural hippies love peace, the scene of men and women, regardless of sex hug kiss , do not think they are what erotic party, their love is equal, no race, no high and low, hippie pursuit of freedom and innocence , at that time formed a very special culture , in the Woodstock music scene, these hippies in music to find the mind sustenance, also become their way of communication, they created the spirit of that generation, also in modelling fashion and philosophy of thought influence the future generations. (You would like:Road trip 60 ' hippie wandering Mind )

Kissing is a very happy thing.

"What we don't know about hippies."

Many people have a big misunderstanding about hippie impression, let's start with American society in the 60 's. At that time, whites were still hostile to blacks, homosexuality was seen as a cancer, young people were dazed by the future, the inner passion and anguish of the same huge and much-needed outlet ... so people started to fight, and various civil rights movements and hippie generations came into being. What is hippie? In the minds of many, a group of disheveled hair and a flower on his head are probably first appeared. The drug addict who loves to wear long skirts, in fact, from a serious point of view, the central idea of the hippie culture that originated and flourished in the West Bank of the United States is the construction of anti-war, anti-institutional, anti-traditional, anti-class and racial hatred, anti-capitalism and conservative hypocrisy. The hippies are also advocating the promotion of various civil rights movements.

The hippie opposition is mild and idealistic, paying more attention to the situation of homosexuals and women's rights, and advocating nature and loyalty to themselves. As for marijuana, LSD, promiscuity, sloppy ... And so on negative impressions, just superficial foreign phase, the true spirit and deep meaning is often misinterpreted by the media and people. (You see: feminism always asks for privileges?) When feminism becomes a negative label ... )

The songs that touched hundreds of thousands of people

Woodstock's slogan is: "woodstock,3 days ofPeace & Music", artists and groups invited to perform almost all have a clear ideology, and most clearly express the anti-war and support of the pro-democracy movement position. Next, we are going to introduce you several singers who were moved by hundreds of thousands of people on Woodstock stage.

Inspiring and graceful Soul, Lich Heifens (Richie Havens)

The Woodstock Music Festival of the year was opened by the ballad legend, and he conveyed the value of freedom and friendship with a warm, granular voice. In Richie before the Woodstock performance, he is a even the living expenses are not stable in the singing hand, Richie recalled at that time said: "I run three cafes a night, can run 14 points, that 7.5 is an incredible time." "After Richie Woodstock on the show, and then recorded Beatles's ' Here Comes the Sun ' to sing the single and get success in the rankings, also launched the glorious days of ballad legends. (You would like to: enjoy adversity, better taste success )

This film also recorded the grand occasion, the crowd and the atmosphere of the scene is completely shocking Ah! It is also seen that only a guitar can shake the whole audience's charm of folk singers.

Ballad Chombaya (Joan Baez)

The first is a fresh style of singing traditional ballads, soon changed to popular ballads. Famous singer Bubba. Dylan (Bob Dylan) from the songwriter to the curtain show, and later become the father of folk rock, is mainly influenced and encouraged by Chombaya, the two people later also shared a secret love, although it is still the history of music paradise. Chombaya is a pacifist, from the 1960 's through the songs of anti-war thought and the message of protest, to actively participate in political, social mass movements, also make her impression is always a radical reformist. (You will like: thousand female passions: academic circles, social movements and feminine passions in popular culture )

Share Joan Baez's "Donna Donna" in 1970, which was sung from an Israeli ballad of the Jewish people. Donna Donna The meaning of freedom in the language of Israel. The lyrics are born to know that they are destined to eventually be slaughtered the fate of the calf, looking at the sky free flying swallows, the kind of both helpless and desolate mood, implied to the body in the free people often do not know how to cherish freedom of the valuable deep sigh. (Recommend you: Taiwanese people should not forget the name: to you!) Zheng Nanxi for freedom of speech

Janisjapurin (Janis Joplin)

She is a leading age, contempt of the traditional rebel music, but also to overcome adversity, the peak of the hippie movement, can be said to be the 60 's most prominent rock female singers, but also as a rock and roll history of the greatest female singers. Psychedelic singing with a thick blues color, even if she was only only out of an album, from an early age not smooth Janis Joplin, with her loud voice combined with enthusiasm, will show vitality in its music, singing the pain of life, hesitation and loneliness. She died of an overdose of heroin in 1970 and was 27 years old. (Extended reading: Your life is beautiful, believe that you believe in love )

Janis Joplin sang with a soft, hot voice: " baby, no one can really hurt you, don't cry ." "We are as warm as the Janis Joplin of the Moon in the night, and in the music Pageant of the year, her voice gave strength to all." (The same field Gayon: really understand you, is to love you )

The power of Music contributed to the 1969-year Woodstock music festival, now we are surrounded by spring waves, ocean music offerings, it is difficult to know the music at that time to 500,000 people in a piece of the valuable, it also affected the later generations of rock and music festival, even if someone once wanted to make the Woodstock pomp, but the effect is not as before.

Because at that time the things of the people have been converted, Woodstock unique moderate against the mainstream hippie, after the war after the warm value of freedom of people, their spirit is not to imitate, unless we really to practice, experience that era, we will really understand, in music to enjoy love and peace, how rare! Apply a movie "Woodstock Storm" propaganda copy: " everyone has a Shenyu bleak in the heart of the Brokeback Mountain, there is a colorful Woodstock ." "(Recommended you see: smile to see the world, the world will smile to you )

Adults, kids, no worries.

Hippie, do not dye hair not cut hair, return to nature

Although the Woodstock Music festival has become a history, but we do not forget its spirit of the world, the three-day music festival, circulated more than 60 years of " Love and Peace ", we are not that generation, and can not be their, but we still miss their yearning for innocence and freedom, Strive to create a better our generation, thinking of the history of the brightly colored this page!