In addition to looking very beautiful, alcohol is a different character for each kind of wine.Let's take a look at what you belong to!

For the summer, cold cocktails, summer heat and cool!However, many alcohol's calories are actually very high, and they are not careful to drink too much. They may have doubts about the deformation of their physio!So today women's fans prepare a cocktail with five calories below 100 cards, and come on intuition to pick up the kind of wine you've been trying to try and see where you're a slightly drunk girl!At the same time, you can teach you a simple and easy cocktail blending practice at the same time!)

(Women's fans are a little reminder that drinking should not be overcommitted, drinking not driving, not driving, not drinking)

This is a playful sour, sweet and sour.

You're a playful little girl, always brings a lot of cheesy, glowing , clowberries, clocking, cheesy, grumpy, and grumpy, like a smile on your face, a little bit of a pink, a little pink, youthful breath.

: 56 card


Slim Lizzy ’ s Cosmopolitan

1 ounce of apple juice

1 ounce of cranberry juice

1 piece blue lemonade

Practice: Mix all materials evenly, and finally add a little green lemon slices to decorate and quickly complete.

Singer: Wong Xiao Flexible
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This is the secret of the gods' recipe.

Your of eye contact with the "eye" of the " eye , pale of a smile that makes it impossible to ignore. 's like steam bubbles. It's like a steam bubble. It's like you dig a little bit of a treasure trove, like you dig in, and


Heat: 60 card


1.5 ounces of white cherry vodka

6-ounce bubble water

Add the appropriate pomegranate juice

Practice: After mixing vodka and bubbling water in the cup, add the red pomegranate juice and the crushed ice blocks.

For God's Secret, you
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This is an elegant white spirit fairy.

Personality A gentle, gentle breeze, a fairy tale of sweet, sweet and sweet, sweet, sweet and sweet, just like you fresh and natural, undecorated, simple recipe has created an infinite number of surprises, and offers a to you, the elegant, sweet taste.

Heat: 60 card


3 ounces of white wine

3-ounce jelly lemonade

1.5 ounce soda

Practice: After mixing the materials, add crushed ice and put them into long glass cups, which is done.

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This is a free Patriot Prusik.

independent and independent you, you always have a busy life or work, like champagne, a champagne, a champagne, a challenge, a challenge, a hard time, a strong personality that lets you build up your pressure , , the Puprius, the Patriots, regain your strength.

Heat: 70 card


Skinnygirl Prosecco 3-ounce low-card champagne

3-ounce-of-lime juice

moderate sweeteners (free mix)

moderate sweet orange (free combination)

Practice: You can enjoy free booze by mixing all materials evenly.

What kind of a woman is the one that you dedicatore to freedom of independence

> > As a woman, you don't need to prove to the world
> > Lin's heart is just like a soft one, that is, the most beautiful power of a woman!

This is a warm and warm sun.

A warm, warm you, like a sunrise sun, gives you hope and .Friends always like to talk to you, and you are like lemon vodka that gives you a gentle and firm recommendation that is full of confidence, always full of sunshine, and it's full of hope, hope, and expectation of life, and it can turn a whole night and a whole night, and recommend it to you, my dear.

Heat: 80 card


2.25 ounces of Skinnygirl Meyer Lemon Vodka

A moderate amount of cranberry juice

Adequate vapour bubble

Decorative oranges and cherries

Practice: After mixing the ice block and the material well, use the orange slices or cherries as the last decorations.