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The beauty of the show stage, the private female stars are what? Christy said: " I can be sexy, but I still have a lot of ordinary myself." Patty said: "Through the 30-year-old panic, I like what I am now." Chen Yihan said: " what reason do we not crazy for ourselves ?" "janet said:" let the world be your playground. " "Let's hear what Huang said."
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Huang as a singer, lively and cheerful image of the full range of drama, hosting and comprehensive arts, or a successful brand operators, so seemingly successful transformation of all-round development; but in fact, in the process, let her once feel very dazed

"Really, I can't find the center of my life," he said. 」

Most people may wonder why such a girl with an extremely high rate of exposure and an audience will have such an exclamation, but after all, simply liking and actually doing it is two different things. Even though she did well in every field, she felt she could not get a real sense of existence from it. (Extended reading: woman, in fact, you are very beautiful )

Until 07 launched the design brand hot Heart, small soft finally in the creation and design process, found the steadfast. "When the artist, is someone else to help me arrange everything, and brand is the first time I go to realize what I want to do, feel quite a sense of achievement!" "She likes to paint from childhood, and even the former children and friends together in a joint exhibition; with little soft have more understanding, will find, in fact, this girl, want to do something so much."

If you think back, small soft in all aspects have a significant change, even she also thought that these years personality changed a lot, but Xiao Rou also said, even though many people think she is a full of dream girl, but in fact, she was a very restless, and hesitant girl. A few years ago, she often on the TV's handsome image, wearing handsome military boots, the body hangs with the punk-style nail jewelry, to make their own like a hedgehog, although visual eye-catching, but let some people will feel the distance feeling,

"It's just to hide your insecurities," he said. 」

Because there are too many whispers to tell her what choice to make, her heart also have a lot of small voices to pile up into the immediate obstacles, under these noisy clips, she simply closed the receiver and began to listen to her inner voice, "when I put these fears out and out of all the frames, everything was clear." I found that I want to be loyal to my own restless, no longer forced myself, honest to face myself. 」

Once again, Xiao Rou began to go out of his own way, and in the course of his own exploration, he found some of his best self-confidence, whether it was a long awaited oil painting exhibition, or the operation of a clothing brand, she received quite a lot of admiration. "When I feel like I'm going to get a lot of strength on this road, I'm going to go down!" "(Extended reading: self-confidence not arrogant, insist not stubborn )

And the beginning of this year to create a brand Fashion Memory, is also a milestone in a small soft step into another phase, compared to the hot Heart of the anti-bone character, Fashion Memory more than a bit mature and elegant , small smile said, these two different styles of brand, It is the projection of one's own heart at different times.

Now she has unloaded that layer of insecurity, because she has enough knowledge of their own, whether the shortcomings or advantages, can frankly face the most real self, and as long as it is able to make their own happy things, she will disregard the eyes of others to achieve. Now I am in front of the Huang, still have the sun-like ladies laugh, but at the same time more than a little more than a bit of easy to mature women at ease.

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