Enterprises to run the "public welfare activities", whether it is to ride the public good, or really repay the community?

Recently, Wang products group's original burning because of queuing to send meal vouchers caused by disputes, each branch is expected to issue 100 free coupons, the first 1000 people can also get a buy one to send a voucher. Activity several days ago the face book has a large share of Wang Pin marketing public activities, people have also to the Post office to convert thousand-dollar bills into 10 yuan coins, the same day in the stores more attracted a large number of crowds, opened a few hours before the queue has exceeded the limit number of coupons, the public because of the early payment of meal vouchers Wang Pin dissatisfaction, critical group "dishonest" , "Deception".

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From the burning of the events we can see that most people are dissatisfied with the queue but can not get coupons, "limited policy" brought the Wang Pin group of money and crowds, people frantically looking for coins, waiting in line, here, we seem to see the significance of marketing brand greater than the public good, and Wang Pin will be lambasting due to the lack of good planning and effectiveness of the prediction, so that people fail to return, the processing of these decisions and the response of the people we can not help but wonder: the Wang Pin Group was the purpose of the public good is not lost meaning? Even misunderstood Wang Pin just want to get on the reputation of public good, marketing Group brand is the main purpose of this activity. Here's what the Taiwanese should see from two, and what we can do in addition to public opinion and abuse. (same field Gayon: do not replay bloodthirsty picture!) Let the R.I.P the victims of the revival of aviation truly. Five Points )

First, when marketing meets the public good

Many scholars have come out to criticize this Wang Pin's "public welfare activities", whether it is a good ride to the public good, or really repay the community? We like to advocate for the public good brand, especially when they have harvest in the enterprise is always thinking about the other groups in the community, many large enterprises also released a scholarship to help the children of low income families to complete their studies, but also a lot of local brands quietly in the cultivation of Taiwanese public welfare. Taiwan's love is Brong, when Kaohsiung gas explosion, the same as the island of the people we can not feel their despair? During the week of the incident, the total amount donated to the Kaohsiung government has reached NT $2.8 billion, and the Taiwanese have spared no effort in donating money and relief, and we are not hesitate to extend our hands when there is a need to help, and these friendly people live in Taiwan . (Recommend you: learn Denmark's six happiness genes, Taiwan will be better )

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is moral marketing really moral?

But this time fuzzy public interest focus of the original burn coupons, we really need to think hard, the public good reason to do the marketing, is to carry forward to achieve the real expectations, to help more groups. "Moral marketing" is an image that many companies and new groups like to try, because many successful cases have convinced people that "public goods" and "profit" are in direct proportion to growth. People are also more intimate with the brand, of course, we believe that enterprises do the purpose of the public good, but also carefully measured in the public and business between the enterprise to achieve balance. (To be a paid practitioner: It's a wonderful thing to be able to pay )

A Taipei Citizen Huangsongru published an article on the incident, we excerpt part of the story: "The most innocent victims of the whole incident, is the original burning branch and grass-roots staff: In order to enterprise high-level decision-making, the United States and its name is to do corporate social responsibility of public welfare activities, but additional staff burden, is tantamount to" Enterprises take the salaries of employees to donate to disaster relief "as the generosity of others," and to withstand the inexplicable Austrian guests abusive. Think three seconds, you can not join the accomplice structure. (Another media-induced uproar: What happened on the playground?) From the volleyball is the sister Shabina watch alternative sports violence )

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Think three seconds, you can not be an accomplice

We want to say: "Think three seconds, you do not have to join the accomplice structure." "When an enterprise releases a public good that is more than you think it is, you should use it in a more beneficial way to help the weak, unless you actually want to eat the original burn exception." We do not deny the Wang Pin group to give back to customers, but we also admit that the Taiwanese people in this incident, we see companies and each other's eating, better than the public good.

There are many ways to do the public good, how to use the right pipeline to help people, and instead of distributing 10 yuan, can there be more practical ways, such as giving these meals to disadvantaged families who need them or deducting the cost of each meal to the needy Foundation. (same field Gayon: the power of gentleness!) To every caring society of the "Queen of the Sun Flower" salute )

The pure Commonweal spirit of Jincheng Martial tree

Do the public good can be for no purpose, remember before the fiery red "Jincheng Martial tree"? A roadside tree because of Jincheng ads after the red and was named "Jincheng Martial tree", because the collapse of the typhoon transit by the media attention, immediately by the "grass-people tree" can not receive special treatment-is actively fuzheng protection. So the Netizen produced a set of "Jincheng Wu Tree generator" Let everyone put Jincheng martial synthesis in those you want to protect the tree, environment, everyone is Kaneshiro, everyone can protect the environment. This movement is not any commercial interests exist among them, netizens are not satisfied with why only "Jincheng Wu tree" by the public concern? The roadside trees, the Songyan of the old tree is worthless? Although it is a very funny synthesis software, because the fun to make everyone crazy reprint, but also let us simply see care about the nature of the environment, and for us to do the marketing and public good combination of the best demonstration. (Recommend you:how can a 3-year-old girl change the world?) She cut off a long hair )

(Jincheng Wu Shu in this film Beautiful Fortune)

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Second, Taiwan's most beautiful scenery, is it?

The most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is people. even if such an event happens, we still insist on believing it.

Most Taiwanese people see the reporting angle, but they still think, "are they losing the essence of public service?" "We hope that all people learn this time is not the" brand to do public service to people choke not to do ", not to optimistic about the play mentality" Wang products group how to smooth the public outrage ", but see whether we can" do moral marketing more pay attention to morality "," in the participation of corporate activities to help people's heart. " We can imagine that the scene in the line for eight hours, but not the wrath of the voucher, of course, this blame on the activity of the enterprise line, the mobility of the history is not strong enough, and did not do a complete supporting measures. However, perhaps to another point of view, when you wait in line to take this 600-dollar coupon, how many people in the world have not even a glass of water, a bowl of rice can not afford to eat it? (You would like: what is Justice?) Rethinking the meaning of citizenship from Cambodia )

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Learn the same, can we speak loudly?

We do not feel that the behaviour of these angry people at the scene needs to be wantonly lambasting, when you are in line at the end of the night there is such a reaction to the source, you are angry about this activity why there is no specific decision, why let people empty, why not in the Face Book bulletin board issued? Many people will have the mentality of petty greed, this is normal, and almost will happen to each of us, when you sit and drink coffee someone free to give you an afternoon tea dessert, you are not happy? But why is it that everyone in particular feels humiliated by those who live in the scene, even saying "Taiwanese are greedy for fear of death"? Why do so many voices on the internet say that the masses deserve and do not face? Why are we so busy with those people at this time? No matter the media, or ourselves, should not divide each other, we abuse is not just a line of people, but live in Taiwan each of us.

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We believe that on this island, the national nature of 20 million of people can not be overturned overnight, if we now see such a phenomenon is absurd, prove our inner " Good "tells us that because our interests blur the focus of public interest is very stupid, if the same reason to think: those who line up in the field why the wrong enterprise measures to be scolded together? You know you don't need a pole to knock all the people in line at the scene. If the media, famous mouth talk about how the Taiwanese greedy, humiliating, if we are busy to stand a high degree of criticism of the people's anger, hurriedly stop dividing the Taiwanese people! Today, we can say virtue with such a backbone, it is not difficult to ensure that we also become the mass public opinion to promote the wrong media to the murderer. (Recommend you: Macau's largest anti-black box civic campaign!) Taiwanese, do you care about the news of Macau? )

Excerpt blog post blog: "Taiwan is a very interesting creature, living in Taiwan's environment to scold Taiwan is ghost, but Taiwan's food, security, law and order, environment, medical care are better than many countries in the world, but Taiwan people directly ignore these advantages, no matter what happens is to find the media, Even if it is their own fault to find the media, and the media is particularly interested in this extremely boring topic, even the panda will be able to roll up the continuous report for three days, strange! 」

The national nature of Taiwanese people is still valuable

The national nature is the history, the environment, the humanities to develop for a long time, respect our nationality, if can better place, the improper behavior, we saw, must speak out, not one ignorant scold us to have together Taiwan "If those people have enough foresight to tell us that we can do better, then we should put forward concrete guidelines and it is not entirely right to put blame on the people on the ground." In the fever of this matter, we do not see the "public good" in this really get the best ending and shelter, so in addition to blaming either side, we can refuse to do the incitement of the person? Can we see the space that we should work together? (in the same field add to the trade review: The people we left behind, you dare to listen to our song?) )

Taiwanese people, we still believe in our goodness, Taiwanese enthusiastic Lotte National nature with a bit of greed and lack of self-confidence, we do not think that this is to let people hates things, this is the simple Taiwanese ancestors left us, we should cherish the lovely and not waste of simplicity. We see that there is a lot more than complaining about what we can do, how to be the person who keeps sane when the crowd is stirred up by the atmosphere of the media, how not to be dominated by information, and insist on doing what you believe? Huangsongru the words, actions or comments of the Taipei residents, think three seconds , we can not become the people we feel wrong, Taiwanese, we are Better together!