This is the goal of public good marketing by raising awareness of public issues by public interest marketing, reestablishing the right vision, and then more people.

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Recently, people may have been baptised by the Ice Bucket Challenge , which is popular in the United States. The main purpose is to get people to know more about the disease and make real contributions to help people freeze. But the activities are also criticized in Taiwan. Is this a or bad ?By doing so, the crowd can do more for public goods , and women's fans want to be concerned with them.(Extended Read: Charity: It's not easy to make a public good, and it's not easy for Chen Jialie )

From FB founder Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) to Microsoft founder Bill Gates (Bill Gates), the glamour of a series of Ice Bucket Challenge (Icebucketchallenge), even US President Barack Obama, has been singled out.

And recently, this activity has also been a challenge for Taipei City mayor: Ko Man-che, Lien Sheng-wen, and the founder of the venture, Jamie Lin (early in the morning), to complete the ice bucket.But look at the excitement. Do we really know what the purpose of this activity is?Let's come together to uncover the challenges of the ice bucket, and spread the secrets of the like a .

#Ice Bucket Challenge Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Association, known as the ALS Foundation, hopes that the ALS Foundation, commonly known as the ALS Foundation, will be able to experience the paralysis of muscles in the process of freezing people's muscles and increase people's understanding of ALS.In addition to the popular trend, the American ALS Association actually received a doubling of the amount of fundraising for this successful viral marketing campaign.This is a very rare digital growth for many public interest groups, so it makes us even better understand the importance of public interest marketing.

What is public interest marketing?

In Taiwan, public goods are often used to create good corporate brand images. Common forms may include selling activities, donating part of the revenue, and chronically subsidiating public welfare groups. Recently, the fire has been hot and hot, and it was originally a public good.(Sibling: Wang Pinbara feast volume phenomenon: we should redeem our confidence in )

But public good marketing, in addition to fundraising for public goods to stabilize their operations, is more important to the public good marketing campaign to raise awareness of public issues, reestablish the right ideas, and then more people to participate in public affairs .

United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) on Tuesday set up a "dirty water" vending machine in New York, a treasure trove of automatic vending machines that allow people to appreciate how precious water is in developing countries.

mirror of the Drunk Mirror, where you can see yourself drunk, then you can see yourself being drunk, and when people are still surprised, the mirror is a slow, only a few drinks, and a successful marketing campaign that has succeeded in making the campaign a good look at yourself.(From the heart: detonation demand: marketing is not a resource battle, marketing is a psychological warfare )

DRUNK MIRROR from DrunkMirror on Vimeo .

and the previous DUMB WAYS to DIE! Video, with a simple melody, a cute animation that makes people crazy about the movie on the Internet, has also succeeded in giving more attention to traffic safety.

There are also the old fruit and vegetable programs that women have shared before, and the success of marketing changes to change people's attitudes toward ugly fruits and vegetables, and to solve the problem of waste of resources on the planet.(You would like: Fruit and Fruit Project?How people see how people buy the lost fruits and vegetables )

And the ultimate goal of public good action is to initiate action!

Blood Trade: Blood Donation: A bag of blood is a success story. This is a successful example of the game's ability to donate blood to each other, as long as players participate in blood donations.

Red Cross Blood Trade from Guto & Rapha on Vimeo .

Is the crowd power or resistance?

These marketing campaigns can focus on the social networking mechanism to expand the spread of an activity, and the challenge of this ice can quickly spread through the community's website tag three friends, allowing the mobile virus to spread, and the celebrity's ability to activity to the public, and thus the crowd of people, and the crowd's wisdom and pattern.

challenge of this ice-barrel challenge to Taiwan is to entertainments that the media and those involved in the event do not understand the meaning of the activity. Instead, they are not even more concerned about the fun of the people. (Extended Read: Get off the girl!Women's body on the stadium )

Fortunately Lin Chi-ling chooses elegant contributions, and emotional responses:

"We're not ice, but warm," and affirms that this activity can give more attention and care to the sick groups that need help from more Taiwan.

As a result, marketing campaigns that leverage social forces are highly vulnerable to the influence of the participants, but to truly help these public issues that deserve attention, the power of everyone, as just just said, every , sending and accepting challenges is a chance to communicate with the public again.

The famous director heard stories of fathers and family members were deeply impressed by the ALS Movement's muscles in the ALS movement, in front of the lens, in the context of the family of the gradually frozen human being.

"The pain of the ALS is very clear, because my father is a frostbite"

At the age of 19, the bean was guided by a larynx-contracted father who was treated with an intubation treatment, and was later detained on the bed, sustaining life by breathing apparatus for than ­ years.He says that in the course of this process, the most painful of all is the father, but the family is very hard for his father. The way he looks at the eyes of his father does not know how to help him, and his beans will never be forgotten.The last meal is so happy that this activity allows you to take note of this rare disease, but more hope, this is not just a bustling , but that we can be able to care more about the world in which the world has never stopped suffering, and that it can the ­ it has.

Other participants, such as Liu Hsuen, a famous musician, explained the purpose of the event in his own film, and an actual call to the public.

is a key force in public marketing communications , hoping that we can make these campaigns truly effective: raise enough contributions, raise awareness of public issues, reestablish the right vision, and ultimately have more people to participate in public affairs, in order to actually help these public issues that need attention, and are willing to change the world's small but important power.

Women are invited to take care of society:

full name of the ALS is the ALS. The causes of the ALS are not known. The ALS causes more than three to five years of respiratory failure. The only reason is that the ALS can only rely on the blink of breath and the outside world.The Association estimates that there are about 1,500 people in Taiwan at present, and that the association has about 300 people per year and 20 million people each year. The Association also calls on the government to make more emphasis on the issue of Taiwan's long-length, and to promote it with accessibility.

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