Mo Yunwen said: "I think a woman in the most comfortable, most confident time is the most beautiful", is such frankness, showing her true not affectation.

Mo Yunwen, the name you may not know, but her face you must have the impression. From banks, fast food shops, underwear, coffee, and road runs, you've seen her ads or posters posted everywhere. She is Mo Yunwen, the first sight of her you will think she may be very cool, because the United States to let people hold their breath, virtually a sense of distance, the reality of her is very lively, with a smile and mature, breaking the sense of distance. She used to be a model of numerous endorsements and advertisements, but now, Mo Yunwen bravely into the drama circle, she vowed that one day, others describe her words will not be "beautiful" but "actor". (Recommended reading: Rayya: Acting with all the strength of the body, called the actor )

How long is the road from the model to the actor?

The difference between the model and the actor, Mo Yunwen has a deep feeling, she said: "The model represents the manufacturer and merchandise, but the actor you have to represent the role, you have to dig out a part of the heart and her resemblance to her soul, no longer simply show." "It's not easy to play a role, because the first attempt, so Mo Yunwen forced himself to do homework."

"Sister", is Mo Yunwen's first important role in the dramatic works, but was assigned to a not pleasant role, Fangchaumin, in the eyes of everyone the envy of the Queen, and boyfriend Dai Yao up Love is suddenly out of the Zhou Jiwei hard to rob, so she angry she angry, she exhausted way to defend their love.

In the general Idol play of the setting she may be called villain role, but Mo Yunwen said: "Fangchaumin in personality with me very much like, is that kind of more direct not hidden inner thoughts of girls." She is not perfect, but she is very real, because when any girl meets the same situation will have the same reaction. "She felt that the best thing about the play was that the first time they broke the frame of the idol play, each character was imperfect, each character had its own last resort, but it was more capable of touching the heart."

We all think that the drama is to have the villain role of existence, can let the whole play more tension, but in fact, sometimes the villain is the whole scene of the most real existence, she will cry will be angry, will be robbed in love when the heartache, so maybe, every woman is such a villain, such imperfect but the real villain. ( from girls to women, do you fall in love with your own six of imperfections?) )

For Mo Yunwen, this role must be laborious, the object of work is Lan Zhengrong, peace of Mind, Huang, Lin Mi-shou and so on drama predecessors, "In fact, I was very afraid at first, but also good at filming before the acting class, so that the actors have a certain tacit understanding, peace of mind will always give me the eyes of encouragement, and Lan Zhengrong really will bring a play, You can feel his carefulness. Mo Yunwen talked about one of the opponents of the play, she and Lan Zhengrong to a big fight, she would like to try to figure that kind of hurt very heavy state, also deliberately please Lan Zhengrong loudly scold themselves.

"This scene needs a lot of emotion and movement, so I was brewing before the beginning, he had to accumulate energy to a vertex, let himself in the most relaxed situation to show, in fact, filming the present very hard, but after the end of a kind of their own more progressive feeling." 」

If you describe yourself with an adjective, Mo Yunwen will choose to "Kill the Cockroach"!

She smiled at the end of the sentence. But she added: "I am the kind of weak but very stubborn woman, there is a strong competitive heart, in fact, so many models, everyone is beautiful and good figure, but I do not want to be buried inside." "I'm trying so hard to make myself better and have the courage to move on," she said firmly. "You may have seen many models without personality, because the work, and gradually fade their character, but Mo Yunwen is not, she in the fierce competition in the entertainment stand upright, brave to their own path." (Another model you should know: A supermodel who runs out of the runway )

Goddess, would it be another symbol of a vase?

Many call the Mo Yunwen goddess, the title of which is like a double-edged blade, behind perhaps a compliment, perhaps another woman who thinks she is by her looks without her head. To this, Mo Yunwen's answer unexpectedly optimistic: "In fact, I never put myself as a goddess, may be very hot and spicy, at first I will be afraid of everyone only to see my appearance and ignore my efforts." But then gradually feel that the fact that they are good, when others say so, I want to break through. "(We all need the courage to be ourselves )

Photo Source: Mo Yunwen Fan Page

So she is not willing to be a small mold, eager to go to the larger stage. The woman is curious, like Mo Yunwen this kind of beauty eye, the woman most beautiful time is when? "I think a woman in the most comfortable, most confident time is the most beautiful, like my holiday when the most love wearing white T clip feet, at that moment most like the real me, but also the most beautiful." 」

And we are curious to ask, the goddess when the holiday is doing? "Actually I am a curtilage woman!" She immediately laughed aloud. "In fact, I like a person on holiday, like often in the middle of the night when a person put music to start making cakes or cookies, so my people around me often eat what I do, sometimes very delicious sometimes very difficult to eat." "Then if in love, still want to have a person's time?" The gossip soul of the woman's editor immediately appeared. "I think it's important to have a space in your relationship so you can change oxygen and rest," he said. 」

Mo Yunwen: I hope one day, can be called an actor

"At first I didn't find myself enjoying acting, I just wanted to make different attempts and challenges, but gradually I began to find a sense of accomplishment somewhere else in the act." 」

Photo Source: Mo Yunwen Fan Page

The film "Sister" explores many of the events that really happened around you and me. How much can you give up for love? What kind of love is Love? Mo Yunwen Interpretation of the Fangchaumin is very real, you can see when the deep love found in the hearts of another person's heart of that heart, you can see women in the face of love can be more desperate to defend, you can see, Mo Yunwen from the theater has no concept to the road of the actor. We asked Mo Yunwen if there was any encouragement for the girl who was brave enough to pursue her dream. She said, "That's the right thing to do!" 」

"Never do anything that makes you regret it, even if you tried it today but failed." Instead of trying to find out that you don't fit in, don't regret that you didn't try. (Recommended to you: Choice and commitment, your life want to climb the stairs or climb the tree?) )

The visit was brief and Mo Yunwen after the fans ' meeting, but there was no impatience during the visit, and at last she smiled and waved to us and hurried to the next announcement. Perhaps you do not know Mo Yunwen, perhaps you only to the beautiful face of the advertisement faintly some impression, but the female fan wants to tell you, this girl is not only beautiful, she really attracts people, is that toughness and courage.

to end the entire visit, you will find the beautiful girl in front of you very different, it is not the goddess with a hundred thousand of fans on Facebook, nor the artist who always raises a kind smile at the scene of the fans meeting, she is Mo Yunwen, true not affectation, brave to say, "I hope one day, can be called an actor." "(same field Gayon: the most authentic window model )