Technology and fashion to play an important step! Have you heard the MICA? See how technology in the future will be more seamless with women's lives!

Iphone 6 released at the conference, Apple Classic One more thing ... Trailer wear smart watch iwatch will be launched in 2015, a few happy few worry, but you know almost the same time, Intel also quietly with the IOT (Internet of Things) of the trend, in Intel Will the developer conference launch a smart bracelet with both stylish and future trends? Yes, that's the way it feels!

This invite well-known new design brand Opening ceremony decorate the appearance, the Intel engineer is installed the smart hand ring name do MICA, will technology and fashion blend made perfect interpretation, and, exclusive woman. What the MICA is selling, what Intel is thinking, let's take a look.

Deconstruct the MICA smart bracelet that belongs to women

Image source: Intel

The MICA has two kinds of modelling, a white and black, black snake-lined substrate, and inlaid with pearls and Madagascar gems, White also has a snake line with the color of the South African Tiger eye Stone and the Russian The stone. A strong personality, a unique charm, let you choose, absolute fashion.

If you think the MICA is only modelling fashion, then you can underestimate it. The MICA is definitely a IOT of a smart screen, each MICA has a 1.6-inch blue surface screen on the back, which can connect to the 3G network, and also has the function of displaying time, sending and receiving mail messages, history reminders, and supporting USB and infinite charging function in the state of the unlinked mobile phone. More features Intel is still confidential, to be announced in October, but everything is done in the hope of a perfect combination of consumer life.

Intel also predicted that the MICA would be one of the main shows in the spring and summer 2015 fashion Week, and would sell at upscale fashion department Barney's New York and Opening Ceremoney, which is priced at less than $1000 trillion, and is expected to cause another wave of snapping. (Recommended reading:Barney ' s apparel ads, take you to listen to the body's voice )

When science and technology collide with each other, they also agitate each other.

In fact, the imminent advent of the MICA also shows Intel's ambition to combine wearable technology with fashion, and we are equally excited, as it will be the first smart bracelet to be born with a woman's needs in mind. Strictly speaking, wearable devices in the technology industry is not new, but the Intel to boutique road flagship female market, to discard the past strong sense of science and technology, by imagining the real life of women, so that technology devices also become women want to have a dream of escape, may be able to kill a way out. (Recommended reading:10 of the most novel wearable technology devices )

Intel said: "We want to make wearable technology into a modern life style lifestyle, as long as we can solve the problem of consumers, why not in the form of fashion to do?" When we design the MICA, we not only consider technology, but also value women's needs. 」

Photographed in Idf14-intel Developer Forum 2014-san Francisco
The Intel developer Conference was on the same day that the iphone 6 was released, and the head-on was not afraid.

"Wearing technology is a future trend, but we also want to know what makes people want to wear it every day," Barney's department spokesman said at the Intel conference. "Like I definitely don't want to wear the same thing every day" (the audience laughs), this is definitely a challenge, so this cooperation, we just want to make people really want to wear fashion accessories. 」

Through this cross-border cooperation, we saw that the two are not to let each other also surging domineering, but also look forward to the future of technology and women are no longer such a clear barrier, science and technology circle is no longer just men's field, more happy to see the technology circle has more such attention to women's modern life device inventions (Recommended reading: Design your favorite life )

At this time we are fortunate enough to witness the currents of change, to move forward, to explore the various possibilities that we have never imagined ten years ago, and to feel the future as now the wind of the Future is blowing through my ears.

In addition to the beautiful innovation of the MICA, we began to look forward to be regarded as "negative" of the boutique industry and the "positive" technology industry has more cooperation, as well as different industries to lend power to make the future of power. In the end, women, together, look forward to MICA, the fastest words in New York in October will soon be on sale!

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