Have you ever been ostracized? Have you ever been laughed at for your looks or body? Let the woman fans take you to listen to these children's brave stories.

Maybe in the process of growing up, we've had some setbacks in interpersonal relationships, may be ridiculed or excluded because of forgiveness, this experience may have been in adolescence one or two times, but for the children of the Roheifu Skull Yan Foundation, they because of congenital cleft lip jaw (commonly known as cleft lip, with cracks or jaws inside the mouth/ There are cracks in the soft jaw, which can be repaired and returned to normal by operation. ), Small ear disease (no complete external ear or ear canal defect) ... And so on rare facial defects, apparent differences in appearance, make them more susceptible to other people's speech or behavior of rejection, in their little heart left deep shadow. (Woman fan recommended: happiness, not the burden of life is lighter, but you finally began to "learn to face")

Roheifu Skull Yan Foundation not only use surgery to help children, but also hope to use love to make up for the pain of the children's heart, to help them face themselves, to regain self-confidence, women fans interviewed five brave children, let us learn from them, how to face their own, bloom out more wonderful himself.

Painting, let the child find the heart of the export

Artist Renoir once said: "Pain will pass, beauty will stay." "And we, under the children's brushes, saw that they had painted their past gloomy and unhappy experiences, but in their paintings they saw the hope of light."

Author: Cheis

Author: He thinks fine

Often go back to the foundation as volunteers, to help more children Cheis patients with small ear disease, the painting background black, there are many mouths above, representing the Skull Yan patients always bear many people strange vision, accept many hurtful words, these make her life once full of darkness, but family, friends, and foundation, With love and care to accompany her through the pain, so that she can regain a splendid life, another he thinks is fine, the painting around her is the laughter, dark color background reflects her sadness, but also because the family and friends to build a rainbow, so that she can bravely face those hurtful words, More self-confidence to face their own, facing the future. (You should learn, self-confidence not arrogant, insist not stubborn )

Zheng Jingyi

Author: Gioanz

In the children's paintings in addition to see their once sad past, but also see their imagination of the future, love painting and love music Zheng Jingyi, although it is a single ear of children, but from childhood like music and art of her, in the work of a girl, happy in the staff fluttering, beside also around the piano keyboard and Huaju, You can learn how much pleasure painting and music bring to her, another dancer who loves to dance. Gioanz, who is a ballet dancer, revolves around many friends who have different interests, she believes: "Maybe we are not the same as the world, but as Xu Fangyi teacher said:" Don't be afraid we are not the same as the world, can go out of their own way. " (same field Gayon: not afraid of me and the world is not the same, Xu Fang appropriate )

Author: Wang Tingyu

The Wang Tingyu children who were born with giant melanoma, most people will be surprised at first sight of her, because melanoma in her face left a deep mark, although her voice is not loud, but sound strong, we think that such a child will be a little inferior, but her optimism surprised us, She was happy to share with us the pictures she and her friends practiced catching the ball, because recently she was very serious in practice catching the ball, hoped that can participate in the basketball match when graduating, to the future full of imagination she, completely did not receive the innate restriction, instead tried harder to try more possible. (In fact, we are not the same, not all girls in life, only Cartier and Hermès )

Although because of innate difference, let these children in the growth process, need to face more setbacks than others, but they are not frustrated, even if the need to work harder than others, or bravely pursue their dreams.

With love and warm companionship

Because there is love, we are not alone

The process of chatting with children will find that they have a common problem growing up, because the public do not understand them, so they cast a strange eye, or have a verbal injury to them, so that children have a period of doubt about their own time, feel that they are not the same as others, or their own bad will make people hate And not be liked.

Also in the family, friends with the company, they can gradually regain self-confidence, the unfriendly attitude of others, and the ability to participate in the activities of the Foundation to help themselves and help more children with congenital craniofacial diseases, such as the Public Service Almanac, many people have participated more than once, and each time their paintings , are very moving, they hope to use their own strength, to help more children who have the same experience, so that they can also go out of the dark, towards a brighter life. (Woman fan exclusive interview Joe Dad: Man's most gentle name, Dad )

When we were chatting about these experiences, we found that the look on the children's faces, in fact, slightly revealed sadness, even smiled and said: "It doesn't matter!" I don't want to ignore them, just keep on doing my thing. "Still can see that they are behind the helpless, when they are ridiculed by the children, and at noon lying on the table secretly crying, that experience in the young mind caused by the injury, we can not imagine, so we hope that, in addition to their close people to give them support and encouragement, the average person should use empathy to understand them, So that they do not need to experience the darkness, but can be all the way in love and support of the environment to grow and thrive.

You can have your own dream when you face it bravely.

After walking through the time of doubting myself, children begin to face themselves bravely, accept their own differences, and believe in their own uniqueness, so they are more motivated to pursue their own dreams, so when asked what their future dream is, each child's eyes immediately become shiny, Eager to share with us what they want to do in the future.

Like to go back to the foundation as a volunteer Ishi, the future dream is to be a screenwriter, hope that the moving moment record down, let more people feel those warm and happy, and love to dance Anzi is want to be young and young Taiwan sister, I believe that have a hearty smile and sweet voice of her, will be the children's favorite idol, Love to paint and love the music of the sister, want to be an art teacher, continue to use the brush to the world to convey more love and care, and Yu Qing is hoping to be an advertising designer, court Yu is want to be an English teacher, can help more children. (same field Gayon: The simplest dream of a little girl is the life everyone wants to experience )

In these children, we can learn their spirit and attitude, courage to face their own unique, and beyond their own limits, to help themselves to help others dream, love and warmth to share with more people, believe that the world will be better for us.

At a press conference, some children show their musical gift on stage, some children are indifferent to the movement of their bodies, bring us a lot of moving, and the foundation is through 3 consecutive years to invite the children together to create a public service calendar, let us through the painting, better understand their inner world, and their expectations of the future. (The simplest dream of a little girl is the life everyone wants to experience. ) )

Singer Pan Yuwen also enthusiastically responds to this activity, because of their unilateral hearing impairment, so for the suffering of small ear disease, more empathy, he has three consecutive years as a Public service Almanac promotion Ambassador, hope to be able to through their own strength, so that more people can understand the patients with craniofacial, understanding their situation, to create a more friendly environment for them, Also let the children through the bazaar, continue to help more children have the same encounter, together to face themselves bravely, and then beyond their own, welcome to more likely.

Together to help children realize their dreams:2015 "beyod beyond breakthrough" public calendar