When you are truly conscious of an injustice, you will have anger, and the moment you speak out for hope, the revolution has begun.

September 2014 28, Hong Kong has written a proud page of democracy because of the outrage of Hong Kong people caused by the "false universal suffrage" created by Hong Kong and China's one country, two systems, and the "Let Love and peace in the middle" (Occupy and Peace) to attract large numbers of Hong Kong people's support, The international media called the Umbrella Revolution (Umbrella Revolution) because the protesters took umbrellas to ward off police drive. (Recommended reading: always stand at the end of the egg!) 25 shocking photos to show you the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong

29th in Mong Kok appeared in Hong Kong people's memory of the most beautiful picture, "beyond" guitarist Cutting Wong led the people in unison "brighter", the crowd raised their mobile screen, the Assembly of the light in Mong Kok everywhere into an xinghai. This scene, let us remember together through the sun Flower student movement, miss the freedom to go to today's commendable, and continue on the road continuously. Dear friends, we want to be in the "Song of the Gentle Revolution", do not forget how Taiwan people come from the blood and tears, think of the love of the land, hold the flame of hope, not let it be the sophisticated, even if you and I have thousands of positions, but the love of Taiwan is only the only.

To make a Beyond of the human value of music "brighter"

Beyond is a legendary rock and roll group in Hong Kong, and their creative directness, uncompromising, different from the mainstream value of popular culture, even after the group, but still for Hong Kong music culture left a critical social, humanistic care and adhere to the ideal of the deep impression. For the people of Hong Kong, Beyond is "the voice of earning their place in the mainstream value-oriented Hong Kong, and upholding the voice of freedom and love in Hong Kong".

Forgive me this life uninhibited love free
I'll be afraid of falling down someday
Whoever abandons the ideal can
It'll be a day when you'll be mine

On the most courageous woman in Hong Kong He Yi poem "No Face Man"

(Photo source: He Yi Poems fan Page )

has been very active for a variety of weak rights and interests vocal Hong Kong female singer He Yi poetry, this time also do not fall behind to do Hong Kong art lead this event pioneer. As the mainstream singer in everyone's mind, He Yi poetry accumulated many care about the society, not just the creation of love, in addition to actively participate in public welfare activities, in the community and home need her, she did not walk slowly. (recommend you see: unwilling to do only after days, He Yi poetry: "In Showbiz to be a chivalrous woman, in fact, not easy")

We're like a man without a face,
Invariably, walking in this life's big gear,
Think about how others think, until they become one.
But when I look back on this journey, do those dreams ache

Zhang Hang: "We only have one chance" "Rosy You"

This song is a tribute to all the social transport people, MV a large number of interpretation of the history of injustice, including the promotion of Ye Yongzhi events, Tibetan people's grief, suicide comrade, nuclear power plant, Zhang suspended for this song under the endorsement: "Just look forward to peace and justice, is not to bring peace and justice!" Even if we think how small and mediocre we are, we have created this world, only to participate in the practice, we can in this era, to create a true peace and justice. "(The same field Gayon Zhang suspended in the United Kingdom to raise the flag: not political, about respect )

You're one of the happiest people at this moment.
You see what you want to see, you make it happen
Because of you, I like to wear rosy glasses
To see the strangeness and joy of the ordinary.
You're beautiful and you can't incredible

Taiwan, Softly and you Goodnight Fire extinguisher "Island Skylight"

A few days to watch Hong Kong day and night tear gas and pepper water, you and I may not have slept well, because this peaceful revolution reminds us of the "Sun Flower Movement" of March 18 this year, as well as the social movements that students call to lead, when Taiwanese children sleep on the asphalt, and Taiwanese parents use silence as their child's greatest support, "We failed to catch the change, the future of Taiwan is on you", the parents of this generation of children are mostly from the wild lily movement, through the white terror, they were born in the worst of times, because so many parents are willing to let their children adhere to, because they can not bear to Taiwan one day, need to go over the wall to know the (The same field Gayon written after the Sun-Flower movement: The next step for the younger generation, the end is the beginning )

It's getting light and we're singing a song
Till the light of hope shines on every man on the island
It's getting light and we're singing a song
When the sun goes up the mountain, it will turn.

Share another song with us for a couple of restless nights: Good night, Taiwan.

Good night, Taiwan, we hope to wake up and be closer to the dawn.

Some people may ask, "Why do we always pull Hong Kong together with Taiwan?" All political factors and backgrounds are not the same. 」

Taiwan and Hong Kong, we have also watched the defenceless people face the oppression of the powerful, because the "democracy" in the mind does not have the right to talk to the ruling people, because we believe that we live in a free country, but in a decree after the verdict, it dawned on us that we never really have the right to determine the future of this land. (Recommended reading: Do you swallow "service trade"?) Make a life choice for yourself

Have heard people sigh to say: "in the Legislative Yuan of the road sleep 23 nights , not return to trade has become a foregone conclusion." "

Here we would like to quote the words of Taiwan singer Zhang Xuan said:

"If a revolution is a must, it is not a real revolution." The true revolution is the awakening and awakening of the human mind. 」

The emergence of the gentle revolutionary song is to accompany the ideals of our hearts.

That ideal tells you to close your eyes when the crowd is in turmoil, independent thinking right and wrong, not afraid to listen to the voice of dissent, also not afraid to express their views; that ideal tells us not to be able to make a difference in the illusion of peace, to understand more and to hear more about the information that Taiwanese people should get; that ideal teaches us that revolution is not just about fighting the But to hear the most pressing needs of society. When you are truly conscious of an injustice, you will have anger, and the moment you speak out for hope, the revolution has begun.

We all think that the revolution is heroic and sacrifice, but the revolution needs more is a gentle insistence, a caring for the weak, a sense of compassion for the plight of others humble. The recent two years of Taiwan unrest , from the Dapu incident to the nuclear power plant, from marriage equality to the Hong Zunchu incident, thank you here or a thought-friendly space let us to protect the personnel worthy of protection, thank you always unwilling to fall in the tide of the times to lead us to a better way. The clean, is also willing to seriously think of "Taiwan" you. (You will like: those of us who stay, you dare to listen to our song?) )

The Sun Flower student movement

He Shishi's words to the people of Hong Kong on Facebook is also a good fit for us to talk to the future with hope:

"Democracy is a protracted war, have to be prepared for a short period of time will not get the answer we want, said not even two weeks a week, the need may be ten years 20 years , all want to think more long-term, not impulsive, not in a hurry, to properly equip themselves, use intelligence to face all conflicts. Then there must be a lot more dark to suppress the sound of the incident, we do not fear, not from the disorderly, it is important to remember that we are not alone, and do not underestimate this group of people who have been in trouble in Hong Kong, Hong Kong because of you, people style from this rewrite. 」

You know, there are people in Taiwan who hold civic forums at Liberty Square every Friday night six o'clock for nuclear power, tree protection, stray animals sound; a group of people did not stop to sign the bill of Ghost, a group of people who had never wanted to give up the Taiwan, which many of their own people jokingly dubbed the island.

Taiwan is our home, the place where we grow up, the future of Taiwan, we must have the right to participate. One day when everything becomes the past, the torrent of at least we can write their own history, can not be ashamed to say: "This road, I walked solidly."

Thanks for free will.