I think what we want to pursue is not gender equality, but gender freedom.

Have you ever heard of Dr. Bao? Dr. Bao, a Geru Jun, is the first Taiwanese person to enter a joint NASA-Google-founded Future college: Singularity University, who is in Taiwan this evening nine o'clock, Dr. Po Jekyll and Lightning Commando, To the female fans of the global headquarters (is said to be an exponential growth of the women obsessed with the world headquarters) and the female fans of the small Zhang Wei Xuan to talk.

Today we talk about Singularity, also talk about the starting point of women fans!

After the simple chitchat, the woman is obsessed with the small took Wei Xuan immediately, for everyone to ask "go to the point of the University of Learning, please use three key words to tell everyone", to see how Dr. Bao how to answer? And what future inspiration we can get from his answer!

Odd Point University graduate, get three keywords and more

Dr. Bao said that the future is the era of human and robot competition, in such a torrent of times, how do we retain the core value of people is a key competence, will be very important!

Dr. Bao is very serious to say three keywords, I hope to provide you with some of the future direction of thinking! Also suggest everyone in these three groups of keywords, the next solid work! (also recommended reading: As a leader, the most important key word is ...? )

1. Creativity: Be a creative thinker who knows how to think creatively

Although artificial intelligence is very powerful, but for the machine, "create" this matter still a bit difficult. This is a place that human beings can do better. (same field Gayon: Six tips to make your ideas easier to implement )

2. Thinking in context: A philosopher with a vein of thought

Develop the ability of thinking in philosophy so that you can think deeply and analogy. Full of human nature, perceptual thinking ability, not very creative very innovative, in fact, is difficult to get. Wei Xuan, heard, immediately nodded and said: "This is the thinking of the venation, end see there is no way analogy." "

3. Bold and daring: To be a more daring and courageous man than a machine

When the machine is making the decision, it is with us that the otaku is writing code, will follow some kind of rule---"The risk is least, the benefit is greatest." " but in fact sometimes humans can do a certain kind of robot not to make decision, called" the risk is very big, the benefit is bigger! "In the world, there are decisions that only people can get and do." This is where the machine can't be replaced. (want to know more details of the Point University, you can participate in Business weekly 10/15 on the small giant egg innovation Night )

Dr. Po V.s Women fans to talk about sex

Women fans have always been concerned about gender, so also invited Dr. Bao to have a gender-conscious discussion! This series of discussions was a hail of bullets, and a few of them were captured as follows:

Small Master Wei Xuan: I think Womany has been doing is that we do not feel that we are starting a business, but that at a certain level, women are obsessed with social reform or social movement, and we are doing in a gentle way. In fact, we are in the same mood as Emma Watson's U.N. speech, not just for women's rights, but for both sexes .

So we will not be very radical to say that men and women, is both sexes, is antagonistic, women are to bring down men, never. We hope that different sexes can understand each other and tolerance, girls can have positive characteristics, men can also have negative characteristics. The world should not use gender sieve to screen our preferences or the existence of our own gender stereotypes. Women are obsessed with breaking this stereotype and have been here for three years and feel that it does.

Dwell on, there will be echoes.

Dr. Bao asked what the world would look like in 30 years. I think I hope that after 30 years, there will be a free society. We have to let people know that we have the freedom, the right to love ourselves, to do what we want to do.

For example: In this age, I may actually want to be a good mother. But now that feminism is high, many people may feel that such a wish is very ordinary, when the mother is very lame. But I believe that every choice should be a choice that follows the greatest free will, so that the world is a state of peace. (Recommended reading: A woman's Choice )

I think what we want to pursue is not gender equality, but gender freedom.

I think that not only women have freedom, but also men should be free. We want a woman fan to be a starting point, and the point is that when this thing becomes a sense of self-awareness, he starts to think about a lot of things.

Finally, I want to tell you that the most valuable thing about people is that we can think . It is fascinating that we can think and be able to reflect on why we are now. No matter what sex person, as long as can think, can bloom the light which belongs to oneself. (same field Gayon: neutral, beyond the sex of the United States )

Next, if you get a secret mission to Mars, would you go?

Take the world as our duty: Do you want to go to Mars?

Have you ever thought about it? 2045, what will it look like? Talk about sex, and then talk about the singularity of the University of Dr. Bao brought the idea of stimulation.

The University of Singularity aims primarily to "address the major challenges facing humankind" and is led by Futurist Rey Kuzwil (Ray Kurzweil). He believes there is a "singularity" in the field of artificial intelligence. Across this critical point, AI will transcend human intelligence, and human beings will be integrated with machines to achieve "eternal life".

Dr. Bao, at the University of Singularity, also asked Ray Kurzweil a question: "If you have a Martian residence plan, do you want to go?" " Ray Kurzweil's answer impressed him:" If I am convinced that the future of mankind is there, I will certainly go. "

The future may not be the Earth, the unprecedented plan of the Martian residence, Dr. Bao also asked the female fans, did not consider enrollment? Small Master Wei Xuan put forward another point of view "is not I want to go, but there is no need for me to go." "

If I go, not only because I want to go, not only because I want to be the first person, if so, I will not go, I went to just waste a quota. But if I am a soil biologist today, I am a person who went to useful place, that place needs me to exist, the future of mankind must have me, that is not me, then I must go. (Recommended reading: life is like traveling, open the heart to see the scenery )

"Thousands of people, I go." 」

Quiz: In Taiwan, the most important group to see romantic novels?

Close to the end, Dr. Bao and Wei Xuan talked about a lot of gender-related issues, but also some tired, Yu Shi Xuan launched a quiz, guess, in Taiwan, see the most important story of the group of romantic novels?

  1. Junior High School Girl
  2. Ripe female
  3. 16-18 of boys
  4. Mature male or middle-aged uncle

The answer to this question is somewhat different from the imagination! Also invite you in front of the screen, write down your answer together!

According to the small-headed study, the correct answer is D, mature male and middle-aged uncle! Because many mature men in fact lack of love experience, and his ideal love in the typical, can only be in a romantic story in the proof. So mature men have always been a romantic novel very important to watch ethnic groups.

And another secondary answer is a, but with the answer compared to mature men, the country High school girls reading frequency is higher than the ups and downs, the reading frequency of mature male is stable. Is it unexpected?

Dr. Bao, the head of the women's fan headquarters, success! (Show the W posture of the sign!) )

This night, the woman fans and Dr. Bao talk about, a little relaxed, a bit of gender attitude, a bit of a heart, one hours of time quickly, and finally must return to Dr. Bao just started to mention the three points, the Times change fast, but anyway, as long as the grasp of their own heart, to find their own core Value You can change with constant change!

To you in front of the screen, let us look forward to the future better ourselves:

For a full version of the video discussion, please click here. "Live House PO Dr. Lightning Commando X Women's mystery small master Zhang Wei Xuan