She said: "Nude photo incident, I do not need to apologize!" Naked photo Outflow, it's not a scandal, it's sex crime. After reading her answer, you will love her more!

After the Hollywood actress nude photo leaked out the storm, Jennifer Lawrence in the water goddess of the statue of the November Vanity Fair cover. Eyes charming self-confidence, red lip micro-Zhang, the upper body naked only diamond necklace, soak in the pool, sexy index bomb.

Photograph by PATRICK Demarchelier

Naked after the storm, Jennifer Lawrence chose to "voluntarily bare" posture to board Vanity Fair, and the first public talk about topless outflow incident. Well, maybe you would think the same is naked, what's the difference?

Jennifer Lawrence used a simple sentence to respond:

This is my body, so only I have the right to decide how to bare, to who to see.

Jennifer Lawrence in receiving Vanity Fair visit, but also share the mind course of the time. When she found her nude photos on the internet, she wanted to write an apology statement, but later found that she did not have any good apology! She said: "I was in a healthy, loving, stable four-year relationship, we are at a distance." I think it's better to look at me than to let my boyfriend see other nude women photos. "(Recommended reading: Seven distance lovers maintain the secret of the temperature of love )

Photograph by PATRICK Demarchelier

"For me, the naked Exodus is not a scandal at all, it's a sex crime." "" It's not a sex scandal, it ' s a sex crime. "

"Just because I am a public figure, because I am a female star, does not mean that my body is everyone, does not mean that the naked photo outflow is I asked for." My body, I can only decide by myself. I felt pretty sick when I found out that all this was dominated by hackers, not me. I can't believe I'm living in a world like this. "(Recommended reading: Reflection on the exodus of Hollywood actress nude photos )

"Naked photo theft has seriously violated my rights, the law needs to change as soon as possible, the release of nude photos of the website must be responsible." I can hardly imagine how a person's sexual autonomy could be exploited so much that I can't understand it at all. Human nature is down to this point, to infringe upon the rights and interests of others, and take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy. 」

"It's a bit harsh, but I want to tell people who have seen my nude photos that you're doing this to promote sex crimes, even if my friends are," he said. The nude was red, and my friends told me that they had seen my nude photos and I wasn't angry. But I would think: "I did not agree to show you Ah!" 』」

Finally Jennifer Lawrence also want to appeal may have seen topless, screen after us:"You have a choice." When we all consciously have a choice, the world will be better. "

To this day, we also found that nudity (nudity) gradually became a normal thing, from the Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" MV and Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines" mv high rate of clicks can be seen. We are no longer afraid of nudity, more and more willing to talk about physical nudity, and nudity is no longer a taboo to touch. (also recommended: nudity equals pornography?) British women's rowing team bare charity Almanac banned )

According to a Pew Survey Network Survey, 44% of young people aged 18-24 said they had received a bare message (including a film or a picture), while 15% said they had sent a bare message. This number is twice times the growth of 2012. Nakedness is the new normal. At the same time, selfie, in daily life, we have more or less through self-portraits to appreciate their own body, or to share the people we have the will to share. (same field Gayon: Take off that little sock sock!) #Cockinasock all naked Muscle Macho report )

from this level, as long as the "naked" is under the premise of the consent of the parties, more can be regarded as the expression of self-awareness, generosity to show the beauty of their body performance! Future, when we discuss nudity, the talk is no longer "Gee!" He's not wearing clothes ", but" nudity is allowed by the parties. " nakedness isn ' t about lack of clothing anymore–it ' s about lack of control.

When the network gradually blurred the "private" and "public" field desire boundaries, we should think more seriously is: How to avoid the network to become a carrier of sexual crimes. How to let "self-confidence to show the picture of the body" is not stolen and reduced to "the rights of the parties violated" is the goal we all should work together. In fact, everyone can be a part of defending others and their own interests. (Recommended reading: The nudity picture wrong?) )

Jennifer Lawrence's naked photos of the storm, no doubt for us on the most valuable lesson: His body only has the right to decide, regardless of nudity, regardless of size, are their own decisions.

For the sexy only reserved to a few Jennifer Lawrence applause!