We want to hear the voices of women through in-depth special topics, street visits, and forums, so that society knows that women can actually be in politics.

The recent news stories are filled with election topics, candidates' speeches, political views that make us feel that politics has been influenced everywhere in our lives, and when we don't know how to change the situation in Taiwan, the election gives us an opportunity to speak out our ideas loudly with votes, and to make our hopes change.

While the focus of Taiwan is focused on economic policy, we believe that there are more areas in the economy that need improvement, such as education, environmental protection, social welfare, health care, gender equality, and so on. But in the developed countries of Europe and the United States, these issues are of concern to the economy.Let's find out.

Women make more possibilities in the political arena

The Nordic countries have nearly 50 % female participation rates and many women as spokesmen and chairs for political parties, thus adding a lot of women's perspectives to the need for improvement in society, making the country more economically and culturally, educated, environment, gender, and caring for all countries.

, many foreign women politicians, national leaders are not political background, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a doctor of physics, and the first elected woman president of Iceland: Vigdiz Finnbogadottir, born in literature and theater, is a physicist.

First elected woman president of the world: Vignis Finnbogadotr
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used different perspectives to look at health (disease hygiene), environmental protection, women's problems, education, gender, and so on. They were not satisfied with the status quo and had their own observations and experiences. They were not only concerned about the economic growth but also the desire to create a better environment.(Extended reading: originally it is not like this, the true face of a female leader )

Women not only participate in politics, but change history

Harlem Brundtland (Norwegian politician), a former doctor, served as the first woman prime minister in Norway's history, became the first woman prime minister in Norway's history, served as the WHO's director general, and was committed to the eradication of poliomyelitis, the UN's ambassador to the global change, and the mother of four children.

Africa, the political participation of women in many countries is much higher than previously

. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who was a permanent vice president of the World Bank, was a vice president of the World Bank, and left her husband and her home in the United States, and returned to her home to make .

Whatever you call me, I'm a fighter!" (I don ’ t care what names they call me. I ’ m figure.)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton , IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, President Michelle Obama, and the UN Women's Department of Women, Brazilian President Rousseff, and Brazilian President Rousseff, who have made more and more different changes to the country and society, regardless of the external evaluation, they have written a significant new page in history.

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Women's political participation is no longer a dream

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France's one-woman councillor Licia Ronzulli, with her younger daughter appearing in parliament, political, nor does she have sympathy, but wants more time to get along with her children, and women in the political arena must also take care of their careers and family, as well as the important mission of deciding public issues. Perhaps some wonder, is women really so big?But from the past to now, in foreign countries, women's national leaders have been elected for re-election, even three or four times, while creating a better political environment that allows more women to invest. (Sibling: Lean In, Women's Conquest to Work )

Once women did not have the right to vote, starting from the late 1900s, women began to engage in politics from areas such as Sweden, Finland, the United States, and so on. Today, in Europe and the United States, there are many good women who emit heat in politics.

one can be perfect, but we see these women do their best in the political arena, with softer power, softer heart to measure the world in a softer political circle, and stronger resilience and resilience. Prove that "women can be wives, sisters and friends, more likely to be a politically critical role, making the world a better place!"

After watching the experience of foreign women's political participation, let's look at the number of women in the Taiwan Congress who occupy a third of the seats, and the number of women who are important political leaders, and even more.Perhaps we can see a slow pace of thinking, but can try to speed up changes in other ways, like the last presidential election, the number of women voters in Taiwan is 270,000 more than men's voters!In the same year, the number of votes in the votes of the mayor of Taipei was higher than that of men. In the majority of the votes, women actually have more influence than they thought!

future is in your hands. From the experience of European and American countries, we can see more political possibilities. When women are willing to stand up, more people are willing to come forward, and can change many ways. There are many ways to participate in politics. As long as we are willing to pay attention, every little move is a driving force for society!

Women's fans invite all women, let's make a sound, and let the change happen!

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