Menstrual pain, as a woman we all feel it. At the same time proud of their own as a woman, but also feel from their own body of the Matchless rebellion.

menstrual pain, as a woman we all feel it. Women's body is so wonderful, let us also proud to be a woman, at the same time each month there are always a few days, feel the very rebellious from their own body. We either lie in the bed silently biting teeth, or on the way to feel the blood clots suddenly fall, or the pain is still strong to do a smile.

This is what we all know, as a woman's hard and happy.

In the film "The Rice Meal" "No String attached" inside, there is such a bridge: Ashton Cookie for Natalipoman sent the lovely and sweet pain song, accompanied her through keep keep bleeding days. Dear, we also want to be in your period of reporting, accompany you to walk together well. We prepared 13 good songs, belly stir, in the mind flashed various emotions, to listen to some of these good songs. To the dear women, men should listen! (same field Gayon: How painful is menstrual pain in the end?) Be sure to share the menstrual cramps for the men around you.

American singer, Martian, the lazy song of the Mars Bruno Mars, the Lazy songs, first sent to you! Do you slow down on such a day? Never mind! A little lazy? Never mind! A little more willful? Never mind! Take good care of yourself most related!

Well, I don't want to do anything today! I just want to be in my bed
I won't answer the phone, so leave a message for me.
' Cause today I swear I'm not going to do anything!

I don ' t feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don ' t feel like picking up my phone
So leave a message at the tone
Cus I swear I ' m not doing anything

"Keep keep bleeding love." This is a pain in the head! Leona Lewis sang our love-hate mood for menstrual cramps and hid, but tried to hug it! (Recommended reading: men should see women will understand!) 1 million emotions to report during the period of physiology

You cut me open and I
Keep bleeding
Keep, Keep Bleeding Love

Hip hop Soul Queen Mary J.blige Mary Blige (PMS), the sexy good voice lying on the bed for the lazy listen! She said believe me, this song that sings now, must be able to sing to your heart.

There's something wrong with me tonight. Yes, I'm going through pms-ing!. Pre-PMS syndrome
See, you must have the same feeling.

Where I ' m coming from tonight
I ' m pms-ing, yeah y ' all ladies
Told you are able to relate tonight

Well, not only you, in fact, when menstruation comes, women are very want to Lily Allen as handsome say: "fxxx you! "Follow the playful sound and sway like a little pain."

Every menstrual report, the mind will think of Kelly Clarkson this song, what doesn ' t kill you for you stronger! Kill you to make you stronger, to sing a song, The Girl's heart is very strong! (Move together!) menstrual to do more to do six kinds of good sports, to the United States will move .

Lion King's good voice Circle of life, in fact, apply in the monthly reporting menstruation body, seems to be unusually appropriate! Let us move the scene to the Lion King's prairie, feel the endless vitality of the body, constitute our beautiful life cycle.

The veritable blonde Blondie's "The Tide Is High", now is the third day of blood volume is more! Lana del Rey's "This is what makes us girls" think, hey, what's the big deal, that's the girl! Then listen to Yael Naim "New soul", after each menstruation, and can see again alive and kicking himself! (Don't forget, you also have Little Red Box OH)

In the end James Blunt sent this one to you ' re beautiful, hope that during the menstrual cramps, you have such a warm person, may be your friends, family or the other half, can make you feel that the world is no longer so cold, pain no longer so unbearable, can look at you, let you know such a you, It's beautiful. (and the last he'll be and you:))

' Re beautiful, you ' re beautiful
You ' re beautiful, it ' s true.