Neil and his 10-year long distance partner held a wedding in Italy last month, he is always brave to face love, face himself, let many people are encouraged!

do you know Neil Patrick Harris? If you have seen the Super Red album "How I Met Your Mother", it must be a stranger to him, the one who enjoys being single, always wears a suit and loves to play laser games , Barney Stinson, Neil plays the live !

Although "how I Met Your mother" has been at the end of the recent past, let a ticket fans shout reluctant, but Neil's acting career continued to be active, in addition to being the host of the 2015 Academy Awards ceremony, he also plays an important role in the film "Control", is a fairly charismatic male star! (same field Gayon: Ellen DeGeneres, Oscar host: Be true to yourself and be free )

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Another place that is very Neil spirit is that he was generous out of the closet in 2006, active for gay voices, he and his other half David Burtka previously gave birth to a pair of twins through surrogate mother, daughter Harper Grace and son Gideon Scott, a family of four often public flash, let many people are good envy! Taiwan's gay parade is about to take place on October 25, and today, women fans want to bring us together to review, so that everyone loves the classic Neil Patrick Harris moments! (Take a look: The birth of a new choice, everyone has the right to start a family )

First, when he faced himself with courage, but also gave a lot of people to face their own courage

2006, not afraid of media and social gossip, Neil decided to be generous out of the cabinet, and in the coming year with his partner David to attend the Emmy Awards ceremony, his courage has given many people considerable encouragement. Let's take a look at his moving declaration of the Ark!

" In fact, I think the eyes of the public have always been very friendly to me, I have been able to live a normal life, until recently, people seem to have begun to be interested in my personal life and feelings. So instead of ignoring the statements that I made without asking, I am very happy to be here to break the rumors and misunderstandings, I would like to be proud to say that I am a very satisfied with the life of homosexuality, and I am happy to do my favorite career, and with a group of great people work together. "(Respecting Love Together: teaching children to respect gay love from childhood )

"The public eye has always been kind to me, and until recently I have been to live a able normal life. Now it seems there are speculation and interest in me private life and relationships. So, the rather than ignore those who choose to publish their the opinions without the actually talking to me, I am happy to Dispel any rumors or misconceptions and am quite proud to say so I am a very content gay man living I EST and feel most fortunate to being working with wonderful people I love. "

David Burtka & Neil Patrick Harris

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II, "how I Met Your mother"? Barney Stinson is "legendary!"

do you like to watch albums? Then you must not miss "how I Met Your Mother" this work! Whether translated into "Chasing Love story" or "How I Met Your Mother", you will never forget "Suit up! ". legendary! " These two sentences Barney Stinson's classic lines! Neil played the Barney Stinson, is a mysterious rich, because the feelings have failed, vowed to be a playboy big radish.

In the play, Barney often appear always wearing a suit, but sometimes for the sake of the people, but also love strange clothes, with the real life Neil always like and two children play the personality of the game is really similar, can not help but let people think, is Neil created Barney, or Barney created the present Where's Neil?

Third, when he in Tony Award (Tony) Big sing "Broadway no longer belong to Gay!" 」

Neil at the Tony Awards ceremony in 2011 as the host, and in the opening performance, the "it ' s not Just for gays anymore" This song, when he sang "Because Broadway has never been , it's not just for gays anymore! ( Broadway has never been so open, and now it's not just gay anymore!) "(Note: the English lyrics here use Broadway"broadway"with a broad"broad"to play word games), the people present in a flash of laughter.

In a witty manner, he opened the humorous jokes of homosexuals and heterosexuals, and invited the scene's movie stars to join in the chorus, which was the first successful presenter to bring gay topics to the mainstream awards ceremony. Take a look at this wonderful performance and look forward to his surprise at next year's Oscars. (Look together: the victory of gay rights!) France behind the same-sex marriage and Adoption Act

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Four, when he excitedly said:" Yup, we put the ' n ' and ' d ' husband '."

Neil announced on Twitter last month that his 10-year-old partner, David Burtka, has been married in Italy! in a Twitter photo from Neil, They wore Tom Ford's tuxedo and looked like two happy silhouettes. Neil said sweetly, "Yup, we put ' n ' (Neil) and ' d ' (David's) in ' husband '," and the excitement was palpable. The wedding was hosted by Neil representative "how I Met Your mother" producer Pam Fryman and invited rock singer Elton John to perform at the party. (Look at the Sea Bear said: Another attempt to love )

September 8, 2014

In fact, the two lovers, Neil and David, had been engaged as early as 2011 when New York State announced the legalization of gay marriage. Now, their four-mouth life is quite interesting, wonderful, although a few months ago there have been rumors of their feelings discord, but, Neil through Instagram show David and two children intimate photo, and said "I love my family deeply, any contrary to the fact that the report is a big mistake." "And the news of their marriage has made these rumours more self-defeating."

When he and David proved to the conservative community that gay families can certainly bring happiness to their children.

Whether it's on Twitter or Instagram, we can see that Neil and David's family are four happy and cute, and they use their actions to tell us that gay families are absolutely capable of making their children grow up happily! In fact, their family life also envy many people, perhaps not every parent can play with the children like this! (With love to start a family:"Home, is made of love" gay children tell you what is Love )

Harper and Gideon were pleasantly surprised by the eggs of anonymous donors, who were thrilled to know that they were twins. Neil once said: "I have always been a master of life of the big things, until these two treasures appear, everything changed!" "They agreed with each other, the children called neil"papa", want to call DAIVD when the"daddy"address, quite cute." Let's look at their family life together!

The first day of kindergarten! Look what the teacher did to them ...

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Brought a friend (?) Mickey Mouse, go and have dinner together!

It seems my daughter is very fond of Mr. Potato Head (Neil) 's fashion vision ... She looks very photogenic, but she seems a little nearsighted.

To help his son assemble a wooden train table until two in the middle of the night, but it seems he just want to play with the sweep ...

After reviewing some of the classic moments of Neil Patrick Harris, I'd like to share a little story with you, Richma, a gay Latin singer who has been around the world, Ricky Martin, who has two cute babies by surrogate motherhood, has been asked by his son, "Dad, have I ever lived in your belly before?" He replied:"You are in my heart, and will always be in my heart." Then, and further said: "There is a very respectable woman, she lent me her belly to help you come to this world, and after you were born, give you to me." After listening to the son, said the sound of "ok!", and then satisfied with the back to play toys. This answer, in addition to showing the intelligence of Richma, but also the voice of many gay families!

Perhaps, because the physiological structure of gay couples can not conceive babies, but their love for children will not be reduced. We believe that love is not gender, "because we love each other deeply, so want to openly tell everyone that we are in love, but also want to be able to accept the love of the environment." "This mood, everyone must have had it!" I hope that the romance of Neil Patrick Harris and David will encourage you to work hard, dear ones, and let us bravely pursue love and create a more friendly environment for love. (In love with a family: Spain "gay baby Tide", become a mother is my life the best thing )