What is the meaning behind the "Frozen egg treatment" benefits? Improve women's position in the workplace, or others say: "They try to define women's success"?

Last month's number 15th , Facebook and Apple Inc., two big companies, proposed a new benefit: " subsidized employees freeze eggs ." In response to the new policy, there have been two different voices in the public reaction, some of which are certain to ensure that women improve their careers and parenting options. Some argue that the policy defines a career as a success for women, and that the short term seems to promote equality between men and women, but they also question the change in long-term social structure. Why is there so much doubt about this welfare? Let us talk about the main idea of this welfare first! (same field Gayon: is the equality of men and women enough?) From a different man in the feminist class.

Frozen eggs = Protect women's career development?

Frozen egg treatments include ovulation needles, egg-taking, and cryopreservation of eggs by freezing. Frozen eggs usually cost 10,000 to 15,000 dollars in one weeks, and many women are encouraged to have more than one weeks of treatment to secure more. The cost of storage is around 500 dollars a year. Insurance is barely paid, and for most people it's a burden.

Facebook and Apple said the policy would guarantee job opportunities for women's 25~35岁 in their lifetime. Frozen eggs can delay the age of childcare, making their careers more stable and financially adequate. (Extended reading: Sexy Sweet doll Cameron's infertility confession )

In this policy, the two companies offer up to $20,000 trillion (about 600,000 NT) employees with frozen eggs, and Apple's new benefits include extended maternity leave, a subsidy for adoption, and Facebook offers 4 months of paid leave for novice parents. Some experts point out that this is the first time a technology company has allocated such a large sum of money to "non-medical benefits".

But frozen eggs don't really guarantee fertility.

The two big tech giants are leading the push to freeze eggs, and many of them are sure that it has promoted human rights equality, and many women have raised different voices. "It's a business insider who tries to squeeze women's working abilities by delaying women's childbearing and subconsciously directing women to work as the first mindset," they said. "Others think:" Such a policy does not really change the structure of men and women in enterprises, this is a short-term improvement policy, but does not really apply to ordinary people's career development, more likely to cause less children, aging. 」

Why is there such a statement? First of all, frozen eggs do not really guarantee fertility. In the past, women's choice of frozen eggs was mainly based on medical considerations, such as cancer treatment may lead to infertility, so first frozen egg protection.

When frozen eggs are directed to "delay production" from "Avoiding future infertility", according to Corey Whelan, a physician at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), "Frozen eggs do not mean that the future must be a mother, and some women think frozen eggs are foolproof, but that is not the case." "We don't have enough data to suggest that women do frozen eggs to delay childbirth," "ASRM said. Because frozen eggs involve the age of the parties, with sperm, and more in-depth medical mechanism. But if you want to do this, frozen eggs before the age of 35 can increase the chances of childbirth. 」

Frozen eggs still have an irresistible risk of its existence. As a result, many people believe that such benefits will significantly reduce the future fertility rate and thus change the demographic structure of society. However, the frozen the egg treatment still becomes a consideration for many women. When the two companies launch this benefit, we can think about why most people want to postpone childbirth and gain career development opportunities. (Extended reading of the voice of new women: The Age of Housewives is coming!) )

Even if there is a risk, women still have one more option.

On the suspicion of "Women's career development", Facebook and Apple Street think they are doing it to protect women's careers. Many people think that such benefits will lead to more changes in the structure of the family, but also implicitly affect women in the workplace and family choice.

Jennifer Tye, director of the marketing of female contraception and pregnancy "app, said," When I entered the age of 30, I knew that the golden age of childbearing was in the countdown, but I didn't know what to choose. " Frozen eggs allow women to have more options, the company that subsidizes female employees to freeze eggs is worth encouraging! 」

"Women have children Shoujia" traditional won't be can not be changed, but also reflects the most common problem for women after marriage is "workplace and family" of the two election. With a family and a child, do we have to sacrifice our enthusiasm for work? I think that Facebook and Apple may not really decide for us that "workplace" is our priority in life, but they do provide a different choice for women who are active in their work achievement. (Recommended reading They all want to say: women, not only one way )

In fact, under this kind of welfare, let alone the Business Insider, we all see the big and macro of these two technological taps. Facebook and Apple do affirm that women can promote greater well-being for them in the company, and the proposed "paid maternity leave for both men and women" is almost sympathetic to human rights. We believe that the policy, whether today's employees want to freeze eggs to delay childbirth or they want to marry and have children before the age of 30, gives them a choice.

We are not everyone is face book Operation Long Sheryl Sandberg, not everyone has in the cause of "lean in" ambition. But, today, when there are congenital differences between men and women, is it good to use policy to give the other space and the right to choose the women we expect to have? (same field Gayon: Emmahuasen The full text of the United Nations speech: "Not only to fight for women's rights, but both sexes can be free! ")

We believe that the figure is not more women in power, it can solve the problem of gender structure and gender inequality in many industries. But it is absolutely necessary for women to have more options. After all, we have the right to be what we want to be, just like everyone else.