"Narcissism" should not be a negative word, like oneself should not be a slogan but a series of actions. Because the way you like it is the most beautiful you are.

If you could change a part of your body today, where would you most like to change?

The Jubilee Project team from the United States visited 50 vegetarian people with a simple question, men and women, different nationalities, different ages, half adults and half children. In the face of this problem, adults talk, the child is a little overwhelmed.

After thinking for a while, the adults said that they wanted to "have a little bigger eyes," tall tiao Some, a smaller forehead, a smaller face, and a small ear, and asked, "Is it really possible to change only one place?" I am not satisfied with a lot of AH. 」

Many people also share the experience of being ridiculed by their classmates or friends as they grow up because of some parts of themselves, so that they are particularly dissatisfied with some parts of themselves. (Same Gayon: Poor North Korea is also crazy plastic?) "Beauty brings success" in Korean culture )

The child, however, was puzzled by such a seemingly simple question. Pondered the imaginative answer.

"I want a big mouth of a shark!" So I can eat a lot of things. 」

"I want to have a mermaid's tail!" 」

"Want to have a pair of pointy ears, like elves!" 」

"I want to be like a cheetah's foot!" So I can run faster. 」

"I don't need any change, I really like myself now." 」

Think about the last time you were comfortable with your body and looks, when was it? Is it too far away to be a child? When is the last time we were comfortable with my body?

As a child of us and grew up with us, how far away? We see a lot of beautiful things, but the definition of beauty is broader, or more narrow?

In the process of growing up, we learned a lot, but also lost a lot.

After growing up, we no longer have the kind of self-confidence as a child, we are more and more say not export "I think I am very beautiful now, do not change!" "We always have enough of ourselves to be satisfied with the place." From head to toe, from eyebrows to chin, we are very strict with ourselves. Maybe we are not perfect, but "the pursuit of perfection" itself is a paradox, because there will never be eternal perfection, accept their own "imperfect" is a must practice.

Now the world, fashion dynasties, beauty seems to be. But perhaps, we should let oneself have more imagination to the beautiful, not necessarily is the paper person, also not necessarily is oversize, not necessarily is the high nose or the nose, the big eye or the small eye, high or short, white skin or the healthy muscle. Beauty should also be a spectrum, is a more than the meaning of the adjective, in this light spectrum, we are free to choose their favorite, but also the most comfortable appearance. (Recommended reading: the size of the United States is not only one )

Now, we are also starting to rethink the role of Photoshop , to think about how fat or thin, makeup or beauty is more suitable for their own, in recent years, there are more and more films remind us: " we are more beautiful than we think ." Finally, I would like to send the film finally, the charming woman said: "I like with the age, look at the face of wrinkles, but also like my hair gradually gray." Because that's what I look like. If it changes, it may not be me. "

Dear, we can hope that we are getting better, at the same time, also need to like the present oneself a little more. "Narcissism" should not be a negative word, like oneself should not be a slogan but a series of actions. Because you like the most, is the most beautiful you look:)