Interview with Hong Kong mouth female writer Denethor poetry! Was sealed as Hong Kong's most outspoken female writer, foot heels on the central ring, reviews current affairs, sophisticated but kind-hearted.

If you are Hong Kong people, you have not heard of "Lancashire Road", if you are not Hong Kong people, you should begin to know the name denethor poem .

In the year 2007, a "Lancashire Road" column appeared in the Hong Kong letter. Denethor, a 28-year-old practising lawyer, foot Jimmy Choo heels on the central office, do not forget to write a pen sharp enough "inch" of the text, spicy and sensitive, sophisticated and good, denethor poetry almost overnight, in Hong Kong, a "decoding Denethor poem" Storm.

"The saddest thing in the world is not to say that the truth will be suppressed, but to speak freely, but not to tell the truth." 」

Even the people of Hong Kong laugh at the "gold-digger" era, Wang Dishi led the new form of double B (Bourgeois-bohemian) and "Tell the truth" ethos. In the strange and bizarre in the ring, she saw the love and society of all sorts of irrational, still can in this imperfect world enjoy life, learn to use humor to dissolve sadness. (Recommended reading: in Hong Kong, write down belong to our love of the Qingcheng )

In real life, no one knows who she is, the name Denethor, is a mystery that only she has the ability to solve. Despite a public appearance after four years of writing in Shang, even held close to Talk show, Hong Kong Media and readers of her gender, age, life is always skeptical of the vision, they do not believe that there are women in the world so understand men, think Denethor poem this name should be set noun, common creation, behind certainly another mystery.

As a result, in the 2007, Denethor poetry is always 28 years old, always a mystery, and Lancashire Road this street in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, has another symbol.

Woman fan specially invited to denethor poetry, and she conducted a series of interviews. From the Wang Dishi representative of the Hong Kong era of significance, talk to Hong Kong now strange phenomenon, and then talk about dating, marriage, occasionally hit evil love state. When all attempts to deconstruct Denethor poetry, Wang Dishi said: "Sometimes, know not necessarily to say, have the talent not necessarily to reveal, can not buy up not necessarily to buy, the disadvantage is not necessarily to pursue." Leaving White is a kind of elegance. work is, Love is, and it should be so. 」

Q1. First of all, let's talk about Lancashire road so column! Why did you want to use the name "Lancashire Road"?

Daisy: Lancashire Road is a road in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, English is Lancashire Road, named since the British Lancashire County, I like the name of the rich British taste, and the streets lined with trees, is located in low-density House, full of petty bourgeoisie feelings, unlike most residential buildings in Hong Kong densely populated.

The heroine of my column Denethor poem is a person living in Lancashire Road a three-storey house, lead a Bourgeois-bohemian life. Lancashire Road is not only the name of the street, but also represents a feeling, a taste, so I chose it as a column name, and later became the name of two of my books.

Through "Lancashire Road", I want to express the belief of Denethor poetry, a young woman in the strange and strange in the middle of the face of love and social absurdity, still able to enjoy life in this imperfect world, with her humor to dissolve sadness. (same field Gayon: refuse to be a good girl!) Hong Kong women's free and easy charm )

Q2. Lancashire Road column A shot and red, what do you think the public attempts to decode the "Denethor poem" is the phenomenon?

Daisy:i don ' t care. I have nothing to do with how others interpret me, I always write what I like to write. In my life, I am the protagonist.

I wrote for the first four years incognito, no one ever saw me, there are rumors that Denethor poetry is actually a man disguised, or a group of men disguised as women, Wang Dishi in the column is 28 years old, there are also many people rumored that Denethor poetry is actually an uncle, or at all more than 28 years old, I think some people in the world like to complicate simple things. In fact, the whole thing is so simple from the end, I just write out what I really believe. As for why some people think Denethor poetry is a man? Presumably because they don't believe that there are women who know men so well, they think only men can write the secrets of men's hearts. Is it really that hard to understand men? The characteristics of men come and go without prejudice to the head of the penis, the second is to Wei Face-saving. It's much more difficult to write women, because women's psychology is very complicated.

Why do some people think denethor poetry is more than 28 years old? Because they do not believe that 28 years old so young to have their own set of views on the way of the people, politics, culture and art, they think that it is not the experience is not written out, so it is impossible to be 28 years old.

They also think that a person can not only understand music, but also understand literature, social current affairs and have their own views, so must be more than one person's collective creation. These are just common sense to me, no need to make a fuss. I wrote it all from beginning to end, so why should someone help you with such a trivial matter? A person's mind is not related to the age, 40-year-old people can be very naïve, but some juvenile teenagers are very sensible.

Moreover, many things do not have to experience to have feelings, not necessarily need billionyearold have "life experience." Everyone can experience the life of others through literature, music and art. (Recommended reading: An interview with a cross-border musician Su Zihin )

For example, I read the middle school to listen to Rachmaninoff have'd been through feeling, as if with Rachmaninoff experience all the catastrophe he experienced, notes have a variety of life taste. His Piano Concerto No. 2 is my favorite music of my life. Literature and art can make the thought more broad and more mature.

In fact, I started writing "Lancashire Road" in the letter at the age of 28, so Denethor 28 years old. I choose to let her stay at 28 years old forever, because Denethor is a kind of youth spirit, a kind of love oneself, forever full of vitality spirit. (Recommended reading: falling in love with one's life )

Q3. Who are you to say "Denethor poem" To You, and how would you describe her? What would you say if you used three adjectives to say denethor poetry?

Image source: denethor poem FB

Daisy: Denethor poetry is me, although my ID card name is not Denethor poetry, I am not a practising lawyer, I write in order to facilitate, so I put all my personality preferences on the Wang Dishi body, because again for her to think again personality preferences is too much trouble. In terms of character, the Denethor poem is similar to my 99%. What's the remaining 1%?

I'm smarter than denethor poetry.

Three adjectives? I think one is enough, I have a nickname at home called " Miss Typhoon ", is the aunt to me, because I have been acting as a typhoon, once interested in what will be a strong, family members also think that I often do unexpected acts, often for their surprise, for example, my mother woke up one day to open the newspaper, she saw her daughter's photo published on the full page, a look, the original daughter is "mouth denethor poem", almost scared my mother to death. I did eight jobs before I wrote full-time, so my family called me "Miss Typhoon" to go without a trace.

Q4. What kind of epochal significance do you think the appearance of "Denethor poem" is? What kind of Hong Kong phenomenon does it reflect?

Daisy: This is the message I keep advocating in this article: We are in a changeable age, an era of chaos, not so easily affected by the world. No matter what the world becomes, I must keep my principles.

Hong Kong is a materialistic society, many Hong Kong people in order to live in the camp, some people in order to work on the social ladder will gradually relax the principle, become tactful, everything does not matter, but we must not forget their own.

People want to have edges and corners, not to hurt others, but no matter how far in central, learn what survival skills, also can not let their sleek and smooth to even their own not recognize the point, I do not want to become that kind of person.

Even if that can make me climb higher and make more money, I'd rather not. In my eyes, the angular people have their beauty. Even if this personality will let a person on the road encounter more fall and touch, also always better than lose themselves. I think the reason why my works can arouse some readers ' sympathy is because we all have this idea in heart, all have their dreams of chasing, but in order to live, make money, have to give up some principles, the heart is actually not happy, but helpless to the reality bow. (same field Gayon:"Every decision you make, is to let the butterflies vibrate the future" China early network CEO Wang Yu interview )

I am a man who sees the coffin and does not shed tears, I will not compromise with reality, adhere to their own way to live their favorite life, some readers may feel that Denethor poem out they want to say but dare not, or do not know how to say the bottom of my heart, so has been supporting denethor poetry, and her common retreat, as if it is a comrade, is also a friend, Together on the road of life to fight.

Q5. So far, you have a lot of different types of books, writing novels, there are theatrical and personal talk show, but also published this year, the style of the book "Style", and we talk about your book it!

Daisy: I am a very "gossip" person, to all things in the world are curious, the whole universe can not write a happy anecdote.

In the past has written travel prose "a person elopement", the Love anthology "Without You, will not die!" ", the Workplace series " Denethor poetry @ Office "(1-3 episodes). In addition,"I am my ․ denethor poem"(1-5 episodes) talk about current affairs, culture, music and Life feelings, the novel "Peacock Man and Durian girl" satire intellectual hypocrisy, "not Michelin" introduction restaurant, recently began to write ghost stories, The work on Japan's occupation of Hong Kong in World War II was also in full swing ...

So far my favorite work is "a person elopement", many Hong Kong readers (especially college students) told me that after reading this book will not stop, addictive like the constant chasing me other books, this is the most popular among all my works of the book. This book describes my trip to many countries of the story of travel, experience or recall in the journey of love, friendship, has a romantic, youthful feelings. (Recommended reading: to a little confused and wandering 20 years old )

Readers often ask me, Daisy, you write a wide range of subjects, how do you not see your strengths? We wait so impatient! The little sister's strength is in addition to eating, is dress up.

It's a woman's responsibility to dress up, I'm decorating the city, heavy responsibilities.

So, you must think of shopping right away? Well, shopping is certainly a way to look for beautiful clothes, but one thing is much more important than shopping itself ──style.

Clothes should have their own style, and more than clothing, even eat, love, work, friends, should have style. I think since I want to write, write a practical and spiritual value of the style book, in addition to sharing the experience of buying clothes makeup, also talk about how to build a personal style, make oneself become a more attractive person. (same field Gayon: woman not only one kind of appearance!) 10 Instagram Fashion Bloggers you should be chasing.

If you want to be a fashionable person, you can have money. As long as you buy the most popular style of the upper body, ye are very fashionable. That is to say that a person without brain, no taste, no principle, as long as the money, can still be very fashionable. Why in the end dress like a catalogue, addicted to follow the Tide Hing brand? That is because of lack of self-confidence, to rely on the logo to affirm their value. Style is another thing.

As long as there is faith, there is personality, do not spend a lot of money can wear stylish. Dressing is an attitude. If the years is a "God steal", it can steal a woman's collagen, but never steal a woman's spirit.

Youth, is an attitude, a belief. Famous brand can whitewash a person's shell, young can make up for a person's ignorance. But the light in your heart, brand name is not burning, age is not extinguished. Old, will no longer have to hope for life, this is to make a woman into a fat grandma's reason, do not rely on cooking hard, do not rely on children difficult to teach, also do not rely on her husband to go to prostitutes.

The man who steals the woman's youth is herself.

Once a reporter asked me: "daisy, what do you think is the biggest problem of female clothing in Hong Kong? "I say that some girls in Hong Kong are dressed very style and they can't help looking back at them when they meet in the street." But some girls have a vague personality, they wear what they wear, maybe a little afraid of something different. I think the problem for these girls is not to like themselves, or not enough to like themselves. If you like yourself, even a cheap piece of clothing can be worn out by you. Because you believe you are attractive, clothes are just toys that make you attractive.

Some people mirror, always feel that their eyes are not big enough, the nose is not high enough, buttocks too big, calf too thick ... Counting, I really think I should dig a hole into. Hold this mentality, even put on 100,000 yuan a Dior is also waste. In fact, the focus is on people, not shirts.

If you want to dress well, you must first like yourself, that includes your own shortcomings. I'm not perfect, so what? Because of these regrets, I am today's me. These flaws are my unique mark, which makes me no substitute in the world.

If you like the way you are, you don't care about other people's eyes.

Society on the dress has a lot of label stereotypes, heavy make-up is chicken, wear punk is bad students, the division milk must be electric circle curls fat woman ... let me share my personal experience. I have been writing incognito for four years, when many people said Denethor poetry is actually conner comments, Nuzhen or a few men disguised as my point of view is "masculine", the article is not like "typical young women" can write things. Later, I published the photos, we have "visual" only reluctantly believe that I am a woman.

In the early days of public appearances, a fashion magazine invited me to take a picture of me, I gave a black evening dress, a wisp of chiffon red roses and big skirts 襬 with the wind. The magazine refused to use it because it was "too gorgeous to look like a female writer".

I am very annoyed, what is the female writer "should" appearance? Rotten body and rotten world? The Chinese people have this kind of problem, always think that the literati should wear a broken gown, and absolutely can not have enough to eat, so it is poignant. There are also magazines asking me to take a pen to meditate and to pretend that I'm taking pictures, because "This is what women writers should be like." Pretending to be a literary art? You're a reader, you idiot? (Recommended reading: Please, give us back our appearance)

I asked, "Why can't women writers dress up gorgeous?" "As long as I'm doing my job, I'm still a good writer, whatever I wear," he said. My only concern is to live well, I have no obligation to meet the expectations of others. What I like, what I hate, I don't change because of my career. If one day I am no longer a writer, I will always be me.

The general public often stereotypes to some people, the most disadvantage is that many stereotypes are from TV dramas, aunts Aunt gossip, authoritative but no knowledge of the so-called "opinion leader", so that some women lose self-confidence, fear of dress once with the mainstream stereotypes will be criticized. Some women are so scared to wear their own clothes, so the world will have a distance of ten feet away has been recognized as "the teacher's milk" women.

Why do housewives have to dress like master milk? Why can't a housewife dress beautifully? But in the end, what I'm asking is--why do you care about other people's eyes? (Recommended reading: when the desire to milk with a handsome chef home: Negative space of the erotic flow and housewife Rebellion )

In my life, I am the protagonist. I never "dress like a woman writer".
Some people admire my dress and some criticize it.
But I'm cool, I'm happy, it's none of your business.

Q6. I've heard you talk about "the responsibility of a writer is to write something you really believe." "Will you take the writer for identity?"

Daisy: Writing is to find poetry from the rubbish, let people know that the world is riddled with holes, we still have the reason to smile. This are basically a piece of shit, yet we can write poems out of it.

The responsibility of a writer is to write what he truly believes, to express what he believes to be true through his works, and to enable the reader to see himself in the writing of the writer--The true self--that is true to me.

The novels I write reflect the life that people face, but the characters and plots that are mentioned are not the descriptions of specific objects in reality. A "story" is a container that the writer uses to hold his faith. This container and the characters, the plot is a kind of creation, but it is filled with the belief is not created, not illusory, but true reality, will be painful cry will bleed. (Recommended reading: Five keys to writing to make life better )

Q7. You write Love is also sharp, what is the ideal love in your mind? Is there a love dialogue that you like?

Denethor, three years old.

I say a joke, he knows how to laugh, that's the match.

"I love you, but I know you do not love me, so I will let go, I wish you happiness." "I think the most important thing in love is respect, not just the" I love You "do not have to ignore each other's feelings. (same field Gayon: who said I love you first?) )

Q8. The readers of women's fans also witness the changes and impermanence of Taiwan Society. Let's have a conversation with a group of women at the end of the poem.

Daisy: The style of life depends on two kinds of "qi"-backbone and courage. A woman with a real style can raise her head in any environment. A woman with intelligence doesn't need a brand name at all. What they wear, it looks like a brand name.

"Liang" is an attitude. I like myself, no need to care about other people's vision. Dress Up is a pleasure, not for pleasing a man. Even if the facial features are not beautiful can be very attractive. A word--true. False-fake people are ugly, with no more cosmetics are not saved.

Every woman should have a pair of glass shoes. No gift, no Prince to give, but by their own ability to earn money to buy. (Recommended reading: They are brand names!) Five classic women of fashion pronouns )

In the chaos of the Times, the value of scattered, before all low-grade only read high, now the society teaches us to learn to money. But in the Denethor poem, we saw some kind of not bow to the times of the choice of good stubbornness. Want to introduce this kind of denethor poem to you, learn to let oneself become smooth and supple day, do not forget own angular, actually is how beautiful one thing.