If you like movies, you will be fascinated by the charm of the image, the structure of the plot, but in fact, the other important role of a good film-music.

Did you shed tears when you watched the movie "12 Nights"? The dog's smart eyes, their howling, the end of their lives, follow the music of the lay, we go into their last live in the world of the square inch. In a movie, the image presents the plot, the music renders the mood, follows the sound picture the flow, we deep story, is shocked, is excavated. If the film is a strong tree, the plot is like a root, the image is lush red leaves of the warm green, music, like the hidden in the flowers under the branches, without publicity, the achievement of the whole story. (same field Gayon:"12 Nights" leading film: Dog's most vulnerable human nature darkest Night )

If you have been knocked out of your lungs by this year's "12 Nights" finalists for the best soundtrack , you cannot fail to recognize one of the composers of the film, Nie Lin.

Not only in "12 nights" to force the audience true Tears, Nie Lin participate in too much film production, such as "big tail bass eel", "invisible runway" and so on, also from the stage drama "Proof" to Wu director of the "Human Condition" series accumulated more than 10 theatrical works, not finished! The mainstream and non-main circulation of the talented woman, participated in a lot of advertising soundtrack. We asked about the source of Nie Lin creation, from childhood to learn classical flute with her answer to all the people are very surprised answer: pop music.

Writing, leaving the best time of my age.

Nie Lin said: "My university began to write 100 totaling more than pop songs, now think about how there will be these wonderful love ideas, these things now will not have, a lot of feelings can only stay in the present." Nie Lin laughed at the sentimental self, but also cherished his childish thoughts at that time. In the name of youth, we can do a lot of brave and abrupt dream, we can not worry loudly singing, youth, probably is used for absurd! Although Nie Lin mouth laugh at that year that does not 腤 the little girl, but we know, these things, to her precious. (Recommended reading: from girls to women, we learned 10 things )

Nie Lin said: "Music is like my diary, recording my growth." 」

Creation is looking straight into your weakness.

She would say that, presumably because she was with the music from the memory, and in each of the soundtrack, Nie Lin recorded herself in the music. "The music is naked, I'm always doing it, feeling like I'm being stripped out." "As we have often heard:" Your work wants to move others, first of all to move themselves. Nie Lin over and over again in the music to look at their own weakness, but also repeatedly in a burst of courage to climb up.

To hear her say that, we think musicians really need a heart that is not hard to push. In fact, listen to Nie Lin's music is sad and warm, Wu director and Ku Yizheng director has also described her "a young man has an old and deep heart", we asked Nie Lin How to create music, she said:

"My body seems to have a sound-expansion machine that is always experiencing emotional stereo-wrapping."

Nie Lin said he was bothered that every minute, her sensitive nerves were open. "Feel the World all the time, sometimes also very tired." "As a creator, it is a good thing to be sensitive to detail, Nie Lin thanks to the sense of awareness, but also easy to be immersed in their sentimental emotions." We have always felt that creators like Nie Lin are on a mission to the world, they are destined to bear some kind of physical and mental suffering, so that talent can be moved to the world's creation. We in life, also through such a medium, to experience life more profoundly. (Recommended you see: Slowly experience life, the scenery is more charming along the way!) )

"Magnify happiness or sadness and feel alive." "Nie Lin said, no matter how sad and happy, can become a moving, can carve life of the chisel mark." Look forward to "live more feel" we, perhaps should learn to treat themselves more serious, look at life more empathy, try to talk with the whirling green leaves, try to be with the stranger eyes, try to ease tears. (Extended reading: To cultivate the ability to thank the "ordinary Day", do not miss the life of a good moment )

"I've never been a Nie Lin in my life," said the "Expansion Machine", which never stops. "Yes, Nie Lin's life is full of continuous creation, every moment she must grasp the feeling of micro-Miao into music, we ask Nie Lin how to view the musician this job?" Nie Lin's answer, let us more understanding, she is not only an artist, but also an ideal practitioner,

"Music needs to stick, write 100, there is always a sell to go"

Nie Lin said that she had just stepped into this circle, her music is not well-known, is no one will want, so she constantly accumulate their own creations, sent countless DEMO Shi Shenhai, and then continue to create. Her work has come to an fore, because of her insistence on herself. Nie Lin once in the creation of the bottleneck, so resolutely left the existing ease of life, she said: "Before the Jazz has been very not to start, seven years ago to the United States to go to college, is to make up this piece." I was afraid of "that's it" and I thought I should go and see the world. "(Extended reading:" Throw it !) The real world outside of the comfort zone

And deep darkness, to reveal a glimmer of light

Her demands for the ego and the rigor of her work are far beyond our imagination, and Nie Lin said that she was most afraid of hearing repetitive, similar melodies in his music, and whenever she looked back at her: "Can there be more?" "Nie Lin requires every creation to have a breakthrough, she also said:" For me, I do not want to spread the low tide of music to others. So I prayed to God and asked him to let my creative healing ability bring warmth, not just sadness. 」

Even if you want to move people, Nie Lin also insisted that the music can not spread the negative energy, must be in the gloom of the story to leave a glimmer of sunshine to the audience.

For a life full of music, Nie Lin said: " there is no way we can rely on music to live." My idea is that I have multiple roles, I am a musician, I will write words, I will arrangement, can be made, in the music has many identities. "

No one is a supporting role, the soundtrack has its own independent life

We know that Nie Lin not only does Non-mainstream music, her music in the land, animals, the edge of the concern of the characters, she also do the arrangement, to do the producer, Nie Lin said different roles let her learn to play their own roles, "producer" role let her learn to soften their own posture, here the insistence and with the insistence of their own music is different. Here's the insistence on magnifying their horizons throughout the album production of the Grand view, to communicate, to understand, is Nie Lin in different roles to learn. A creative musician who works as a producer or arranger will need more effort for Nie Lin, but Nie Lin said: "I can put my soul into the soundtrack." "

Nie Lin also said: "Never wanted to sell records to make money." Come up with this album, but also hope that they have an independent life, this is my self realization. I'd rather spend some money to get more people to hear. "

The earnest appearance of Nie Lin flute
(Photo source: Nie Lin fan page)

Film, stage music, followed by the end of the play is ended, Nie Lin gave the soundtrack a new meaning, jump out of the image, these melodies have their own character and charm, in each night and day between the play flow, so that each of us become the protagonist of their lives. (same field Gayon: Zeng Jinfang: 24 years old, she broke into Venice with the soundtrack. )

We often say that everything may not be desirable, but for Nie Lin, it can be done to wash the soul of the soundtrack, she is willing to work for other things, such as dreams need ideal to balance, such as non-mainstream music needs to make more people hear, need more publicity. Nie Lin know how to put down the figure of his creator, and let himself paste the world.

Music, to explain our life in more ways

Can do their own passion, Nie Lin think he is happy, we think this is probably the sweet burden, for the soundtrack, she said: "The soundtrack to achieve my addiction, I have been very want to act, and later found that the soundtrack let me play every role." "The soundtrack can follow the character and story of the development, can also dominate the mood of the audience, more likely to point out the climax of the plot, each of the heavy film, is a ups and downs of the mood, every pause, is the role of the monologue." (Extended reading: a Shei from dangerous souls!) Yellow River: "Every character is part of Me")

Nie Lin often feel that the most frightening thing about music is that we have no way to close our ears, do not know how much we have been affected by music, like watching a movie, we can because we want to skip the horror of the screen to cover up the eyes, but no matter how to cover the ear, the sound still does not stop to render our emotions, Maybe this is the most fascinating part of the soundtrack.

It quietly lying in the plot between, it quietly infiltration of our hearts, it let us become the protagonist of life.

Whether as a protagonist, or someone else's supporting role, whether to do the soundtrack, or pop music, Nie Lin feel that every serious hold their own lives, are brave. In the end, Nie Lin wants to tell the protagonists of every life the reader of every woman's obsession:

"Courage is, always full of expectations of life." 」

She also shared a piece of the soundtrack from Zhang's "invisible runway"-Bitter sweet. This story depicts the heroine lying in the hospital after the amputation, her husband is no time to guard in the bedside, chatting about the trivia of life, at that moment, Nie Lin feel to see their love, this is not passion nor love. is a kind of "Don't be afraid, I'm right beside you." "The indifferent. Fate of the cruel helpless, they can only choose to face.

Bitter Sweet try to listen

We are not so, day after day to pick up the courage to face life, setbacks and pain we know that the best way is not to escape, but to accept it. In Nie Lin's body, we see her courage is to do their own creative, constantly challenge themselves, every time to expect their own new tricks, her courage is to live to life. That courage is a solid and everyday, it accumulates in the moment, it blooms in the future every tomorrow. Women fans and Nie Lin believe that we will always have the ability to be brave, courage is not necessarily a distant adventure, in the present to create a more exciting life than adventure, but also a respectable brave! (Recommended reading: A person's life of extraordinary time, do not need so much )