This is thanks to all the interviewees who have met with all the women, because of your wonderful stories, which make us closer to life and a little bit more alive.

Time series is winter, just step into the summer of the woman is still in the memory of bright blooming, here feel the vitality of the team, also because of interviews with many strangers have a brief rendezvous. Over and over again, listening to them speak, they seem to be listening to their inner self. I often feel that dialogue with others is a cure, in the process of speaking out, to clarify themselves, to hear the answer while getting a broader view of the world.

The end of Thanksgiving, want to give these people who have talked to me, thank those who met, the ripples of my thoughts, thank you for writing down the road of your life, let me also as if on the road to learn life again.

Teach me to be the same in abundance-He Yi poetry

"In fact, whether I am a value or a sex to the environment in Hong Kong is very similar to a heterogeneous, because of this, it is more to change." 」

"I know Hong Kong is in turmoil, so I want to go home," he said. 」

"Not only to leave some room for themselves, the feelings are also need space, we always see only things, too attached to the present, but the relationship between two people to maintain a little distance, to see can better place, and the feelings of the blind spot." 」

This September, there was a full dialogue between female fans and He Yi poems. She talked to us about movies, music, talking about life, and in He Shishi I felt her star power, that is a kind of "experience so understand" the tolerance and understanding of the heart. In the process of chatting, He Shishi will not throw out the "public version of the answer", or even throw out a more surprising surprise, take the problem to another level, let me think further. (same field Gayon: unwilling to do only after days, He Yi poetry: "In Showbiz to be a chivalrous woman, in fact, not easy")

Everyone said she was a Hong Kong girl, but in He Shishi I saw the light beyond the days. Shortly after the visit, the Umbrella Revolution had sprung up in Hong Kong, He Shishi first to stand up for the people of Hong Kong, to live with the people, to spare no effort to participate in the campaign, and even to take up the scene and be arrested by the police. He Yi's feelings about Hong Kong were revealed during the visit, she said she was tired of the Hong Kong environment, and even wanted to leave, but after two or three years in Taiwan and Hong Kong run, He Shishi understand their feelings on the home is impossible to give up, so she in Hong Kong the most bitter, choose and the people of the city stand together. She went home and saw the news picture of He Yi and Hong Kong people standing at the moment, I was in front of the TV set red eyes frame.

For me, He Yi poetry is not just a female artist, she accumulated the wisdom of the years, she not only concerned about themselves, more sincere for others to pay, I am grateful for this interview, let me in the He Yi of the expression of poetry and conversation to experience her emotional meticulous, spiritual rich level. Beyond the star Halo, she is a sense of friendship and awareness of social conscious of the showbiz chivalrous woman.

Teach me to be honest, to see true love--personal opinion Chen Yu hoon

"Marriage equality does not compel everyone to enter marriage, under love, everyone is equal, all should have the same choice, should not deprive anyone of the opportunity to give commitment." 」

"All true love is flawed. True love is through the waves, two people can also grow old together. "Ideal condition" is to set up the limit to oneself, but become the resistance of love. 」

"Do not believe in true love, you will not meet the want, do not believe in love, get along with easy to become a skill and calculation." We can not maintain with a person without true love of the inertia, love makes our life a lot of things have become different, give meaning, it is small in the feelings can seem to be magnified. If a person does not really love, then his life will not be complete. If you don't believe in true love, what do we have to believe? 」

"Feminism is not just about physical, economic autonomy, feminism is most important to me is" don't define women ", women do not have to do, they should like all boys, have more options in life. 」

Stepping into the box with the Chen Yu, women fans of the editor full clothes, before going out for today's visit dress attentively. "Chen Yushun himself very gentle ah!" "It was the first impression he gave me, both in conversation and in subtle movements, that he was a very amiable person, like a good friend, who talked about feelings and talked about social movements." Why is Chen Yu's writing always so appealing? Maybe it's because he's more honest than all of us. He is a man of great respect for subjectivity, and he also says his "fashion commentary" comes from subjectivity. Beauty does not have the standard, this is like a woman fans believe that, every kind of beauty, have been affirmed value. (same field Gayon: personal opinion Chen Yu the sharp Talk About love: "Do not believe in true love, but also to believe what?" ")

Golden Horse 51 Red Blanket an end, Chen Yushun immediately uploaded "2014 Gold Horse award Comment," Do not know how many people like the editor, one side in the leading men and women lottery, looking at the comments of Chen Yu-hoon laugh. " This time, a reader said, "his blog article was read and forgotten," Chen Yu the Army replied: "Please Wansi in 2014 years Golden Horse Award of red Blanket wearing by personal opinion described as:" A. Volcanic lava B. Junk Mountain C. The octopus that sprayed ink to escape d. All of the above are "

We like the humour of Chen Yu, just as we like his honesty.

Teach me to put down my character and talk to you-Cheng

"Because of miss, so learn to be brave." Confession need courage, break up need courage, face oneself need courage, in miss and lost, we learn more is actually brave. 」

"When we were young, it was easy to give in to others and it would be silly to think about it, but it was because there was desperate courage, that stupidity peculiar let us go to the collision." Grow up, have the mellow sophistication of the ability, more intelligent to deal with all kinds of relations, but lost courage. To cater to each other is not bad, but to find the balance point with the bottom line, the relationship will be happy. 」

"Tacit understanding and consensus is the most important factor of two people together, I think the most comfortable relationship between two people is to understand each other's interests, if you do not understand each other, think the other side is too perfect, it is" love ", not love. Compared to the "goddess", we are looking for can be accompanied by the woman beside us, she may not be the most beautiful, but must understand your heart. 」

Into the "16 summer" shooting scene, Cheng as if into the "Ding" role, in the handsome Cheng and Taiwanese mandarin in the Ding National Day he converted freely, let me see the actor's skill. The day in the woman fan interview before actually have a TV station visit, Chengen also patiently again and again with repeated shooting instructions, not only so he also actively participate in the discussion, put forward better content shooting. He has a natural charm that makes it possible for people around him to get along with him more naturally, and to have heart-to-heart talks with people. (same field Gayon: man and boy dialogue actor Cheng: "Love is courage, Love is intelligent")

Listen to the Cheng and the role of meeting and growth, I understand that a performer in the showbiz can persevere in the need for more perseverance and enthusiasm. Fade star Color, he is more like a big boy, sometimes naïve to chat friends, and sometimes carefully talk about life. The charm of Cheng comes from his sincerity and not leaving his hand to others. This meeting, he let the woman fan editor also on a lesson: treat people with sincerity, a person to true. 」

Teach me not to fear the disappearance of youth--Chanxiang

"Youth is a life of the consumption of their own, waste their own." To me, life is not a meaningful thing, life is a kind of existence. So, the existence of man is, in that moment, you use it, like the vigorous use of youth, to exhaust and burn it. 」

"Why can people break through checkpoints?" It is because of our inner drive to "want to Love" desire, that thing is how strong. If you see him fighting in the flesh, you feel pain, you will understand. 」

"Really desperately rushed, fell down, is not regret, how others define your success is not important." 」

"Compared to the memory of youth, I am looking forward to the next moment of life." 」

In the interview for several moments, I was excited to shed tears. I listen to Chanxiang director talk about the story of youth, talk about life so big proposition, he uses "do not add demands only try to" attitude to face everything. It seems as if all the "success" that everyone is expecting is of little importance to him, he only cares about how he lives the density of life. And, in him, I feel a film practitioners work silently for more than 10 years of thick foundation, many people have such a gas in the film, they are poets and workers on the scene, after the play the actors have gone home, they still live in the role. The director said: "After the film, the most unaccustomed is to have no privacy, I am a quiet person, like a simple day." "I think he's just being honest with himself," he said, rather than indifferent. (same field Gayon:"Back Light Sonata" director Chanxiang: "Over the youth line, let life more publicity impact." ")

If you want to see how Chanxiang director for the sadness in life to find exports, I very much hope that everyone can have "back to the Light Sonata" memory, that is everyone, will come to the point--facing the year near at, how can you embrace the passion of life? In the film directed by Chanxiang, I saw life shining in the darkest valleys, and in front of the director of Chanxiang, I saw that I could still live more exhausted.

Often finish an interview, feel how fortunate, I can become their life story to the reader of the people. this year, how to thank all the women fans to meet with the respondents, because there are your wonderful stories, so that we are closer to life a little bit more understanding alive a little bit. This time, I want to be the reader's identity, the people who have left a deep impression on me, because the way you read your soul in a conversation, or deep or shallow, for me, are the most beautiful and unique fate of life.