Every time in the life of tears, there are Jiangmichi, Mei want you to see the most different of yourself, in the removal of the mask, sincere expression, brave forward.

Jiangmichi, debut 15 years of lyrical tender Love song days, this time, she took a new song and strength, back.

In the evening of Friday, we came to the Star Entertainment company in Neihu with excitement and nervousness, the heart echoed small beauty gentle lyric song, thought can in her body can find some healing breath, after the interview found, the mind conceived small beauty and real her completely different, she is very optimistic, very easy to close. Not only the healing, Mei's cheerful, so that the surrounding atmosphere are happy.

"Every tears in my life, there are Jiangmichi." 」

This is the album's propaganda, the first time to see the real goose bumps, a few exciting songs in the ears, the past life story in front of the surface. 1999 debut to now, sang 15 years ago, so over the past, the Mei has been with her favorite, best music, accompanied us through many ups and downs of life for a moment. (Recommended reading:22 songs to help you find the happiness of the song list )

So, what about Amy's own?

The 15 singer career was not as smooth as we imagined, with three different companies in the United States, and the death of his father's brain stroke during a busy musical, even after his elder brother's cancer in the busiest album production period. She has never forgotten what her brother said before she died, "stick to your music and live your life."

At a low ebb, she congratulated herself as a singer because she could write a diary with music and record her mood in addition to listening to some of her songs. Amy says family and friends have always been the greatest force to support themselves. Although a lot of tasks for fear of parents worry so did not say, but the family is always the most powerful haven of Amy, at the same time, can make a very sincere in the entertainment, can cry together to laugh, and then go on the friend, she is very grateful. (Recommended reading: A home that accompanies our growth but is neglected )

Through a period of frustration and pain, Mei more brave and strong face of many life unrest, but also cherish the people around us, every moment of life.

"Every song, you can remember the story of that stage, and the way the process." "Thank you for the song, thank you to the people around, thank those who make today's own experience and stories."

Hypnosis to unlock the heart, with creative affirmation of life

Mei said that the former self is a very self-confidence but very love to be brave people, many emotions often do not say exports, many times will conceal their vulnerability, and then gradually put the real themselves hidden or wrapped up.

has been very curious about their insecurity from where to come, a Karma meeting, Mei conducted a hypnotic treatment, in the process of her experience or fetal period, in the mother's stomach discomfort, a feeling of indescribable feelings arises spontaneously.

"Mom, ask you a question yo, you answer me first, I tell you why." Did you ever try to take me away? 」

A silence like a key, untie the heart knot for many years, for their long-term uneasiness to find a way out, but also thanked her mother finally chose to give birth to her, let her enjoy a happy family. After the small beauty, no longer hidden, but more able to face the feelings of the heart, the words written in the heart recorded down.

"I never thought I could be a songwriter," he said. "Mei will start to create is because the owner of the seed music Tian Dingfung and friends Guangliang, Peggy Affirmation and encouragement, just began to slowly no longer questioning themselves, remove uneasy hesitation, write down a sincere song, sing more profound story and moved." (Recommended reading: an interview with the Tiger Chocolate Orchestra: singing the Pure in everyone's heart )

Remove the mask and give yourself the most powerful force

Don't wait for the dead of night to find no songs in your heart
In order to hold this happy orbit has exceeded the load

"This new album, The Mask, wants to deliver a lot of positive power," he said. "Amy thinks everyone has a mask of their own, many times we disguise the most vulnerable part of the heart, when the disguise will be very tired after a long time, there will be a voice to tell themselves, is how much desire to calm down to listen to the truest voice, and then fearless to express.

Every lonely heart wants to be loved
Every night is waiting for the morning
Believe that you are the same truth
Short Life Let Love write the beautiful traces

Remove the mask of the small beauty, the real face of their own, found that their lack of security, very much needs the affirmation of others, very concerned about the external voice, so lack of courage to adventure. Later, through the love of their own family and friends accompanied by encouragement, more important is open heart, and their own dialogue, slowly know, once thought it is easy to be defeated by setbacks, think very much need the help of others, across the difficulties, found that things are not so complicated, in fact, they are their greatest strength.

"Resistance" This song wants to bring to the reader, and female fans have always been convinced that the same: please love yourself, listen to the voice of the heart, don't be afraid to hurt, believe yourself and then go on, this is the most beautiful truth. (Recommended reading: listen to the voice of the heart, find your unique charm )

The Long Music Road, the new Jiangmichi, will continue to go on

This new album, presented in app format, album page, singer Signature page, even CD can keep it spinning! No matter how the album is presented, the overall shape, the song annotation, this album "Mask" will be one of the eyes bright, very trendy avantgarde, but also very sincere.

Said Amy, the company's partners believe that any generation will be supported by genuine music, so we strive to create a platform for creative people to do better music, insist on good music, and let the music continue to continue, hoping that Chinese pop music can no longer ups and downs, but from the downturn back to the apex.

We believe that Amy's colleagues also hope that she can cross the past various ups and downs, in the singing to find the happy, true self, to the next belong to the Jiangmichi of the beautiful peak.

The new little beauty, like this special makeup in general, she wants to tell you her purest, most primitive, most child-like side, naked and candid, telling you her story, starting from her own, singing these songs and also healing themselves, "because moved oneself can move others." 」

"This road looks beautiful, in fact, will encounter many variables along the way, so the pressure is stronger, otherwise it is easy to be vulnerable to defeat the heart, so you must not give up the original dream because of some setbacks." 」

Looking at the firm and sincere eyes, she can feel that she is no longer 15 years ago that little girl, she is more courageous to express the feelings of the heart, more devotion to sing a song. In this long and hard, can even be said to be no retreat of the music on the road, I believe she will embrace enthusiasm, happiness and courage to go on.

15 years later, different from the same period of Elva SIU transformation into singing and dancing days, Mei has been in our hearts retain the same status, whenever the encounter is not smooth or questioned about life, will think of those who accompany our songs, think of gentle and resolute her, Jiangmichi.