What are the hottest articles for women fans in the 2014? Is your favorite article on the list yet? Come and see with us!

2014 is coming to an end, dear, how is your year? Believe that your 2014 years have their own, with tears or laughter in exchange for happiness. Whether sad, happy excited, indignant, or frustrated, We are here for you. Always.

this year, women are obsessed with the magazine. From the point of view of the author, from the Women fans editorial team, from the partners, from the publishing house, from the reader to contribute 2,200 articles , written words are marked by the journey we have traveled. Just come with us to review the hottest 10 articles of the year!

"I love my meat and my body." We love the Jennifer Rollens .

Jennifer Rollens, how can you not love her? We love her nature to do their own, love her humor, love her not to dump the media, love her satisfaction with their meat body, more love her in the nude after the Storm sexy debut, loudly said: "Don't say this is a scandal, this is a sexual crime." 」

are you the one who wants each other? 10 honest questions to ask before entering a marriage

Marriage is not the end of a relationship, but a new beginning full of challenges. We don't know what the future will look like, but are you willing to grow with the one you love?

a letter from a girl to her future boyfriend: Will Your love make me grow?

Love is flowing, in the relationship between two people, we certainly will not always be the same, the best love, not the same, but together in love grow, the best direction, is that we all become better people.

"Margin" is a second, a life, together is called Fate

Love is the sweetest and most bitter thing in the world. We can not only accept the sweet love, to escape the pain of love. You can't lose, you can't win.

how hard is breast-feeding? Three things you must know.

There is a kind of person around you, and you rarely notice them, even if they are so unique. They are mother milk mothers. A group of unique, but difficult to explain clearly in simple words.

how to maintain a long distance? 8 things that we know after a long distance .

Long distance love, clearly separated from the distance, but more clearly see their love.

a reflection of the nude photo exodus of Hollywood actress: "You wear too little to be raped" era, not far away from

Super business Shelf on the front page of the full version of the "hundreds of female stars naked photos out" of the news with the privacy of the picture presented, as well as the network on a "kneeling point", "Dare to shoot the awareness of the outflow of" entertainment. This phenomenon reminds us once again that the era of "You are too little to be raped" is not far away.

the negative demon in the global Desire City: When Taiwanese women meet Western men

What is the relationship between the new wave of moral panics in Taiwanese society and the European Renaissance Hunter Louges? The key is the establishment of the patriarchal social monitoring system. In addition to the Taiwanese men, there is a group of Taiwanese women who have made a serious accusation against women who have been in contact with Western men. This group of women, on the one hand, picked up the stones at hand and threw them over the earthly demons, and on the one hand they were anxious to be clear: "I'm not that kind of woman." I'm not worshiper. 」

Taiwan Media Listen up! Please let go of the involuntary public figures .

As long as you don't dance with the media, the news media will have no meaning to chase the news. Every one of us is the power of supervision and change!

Why Taiwanese girls don't dare to use tampons

"Girls do not because the physiological period is limited, physiological period will not be your obstruction, you can still do whatever you like to do!" 」

"The same game!" Five pieces of pearl which cannot be missed in hundred good articles

Popular, thousands of choice, in the past 100, and then select these five articles you should not miss the Good article. To our wonderful 2014, as well as the authors who wrote down their views!

15-minute job interview in the United States to change the attitude of a Taiwanese person

No matter what you are doing, no matter what opportunity you are trying to get, you just have to put down your self-esteem, take the skin, brave to say, do it bravely, you have more chances than others.

Breakfast control Don't miss it! Inventory 12 Popular Brunch You don't want to miss

"brunch" has become a habit of many people, like in a leisurely afternoon, a relaxed meal a little exotic brunch, and sisters Chat, with the lover to take a walk, with their own afternoon dating, in the slow brunch rhythm to find Tianshi Happy Days!

The father who married but never had the time, made Taiwan's mother a false single parent .

Take the child to the park to play, look at others and quench, only their own mother and daughter alone, to the supermarket, other people's husband in carrying things, they have to think of a way to be a superwoman. what is a "pseudo single mother"? Is the husband work very busy, very late home, one day with the child said not to two words, or the basic evening, see the child's face.

"Is it a girl who deserves to be found dead?" "The ubiquitous culture of rape Rape Culture

The whole society has blamed the victim more than condemning the rapist for the occurrence of the rape, asking the victim to review the behavior of the perpetrator rather than the violence of the perpetrators.

after 30 years of age, choosing the right path is more important than choosing the right person .

Finding a right person is better than finding a life journey that suits your liking. Don't worry about being lonely, walking maybe just one person will follow you along, and then learn to work together for the road of love seriously live.

2014 Ah, so fast, so fast, from the beginning of the article, also use the article to draw a good period. this year, women fans are very grateful to have you and you oh, We are here for you, and we know your are here for us, Always.

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