Liu Xuan, a creative person who has finished his master's degree in the United States, said: "Good luck does not need to pray to God, as long as we are willing, each of us to get a hopeful path!" 」

This afternoon we came to Liu Xuan's studio, a door after Liu Xuan warm to greet with us, with the nature of the tone to ease the first meeting tense atmosphere, while Liu Xuan still in the work of the solution, so we wait, secretly observe his studio, surrounded by his side is a professional audio equipment, There are a few guitars in the corner, a big window in front of the table, a broad lawn and river, far from Taipei 101, the view from the Liu Xuan window is the true appearance of Taipei's peaceful reality.

Liu Xuan, who grew up in the intersection of eastern and Western cultures, lived for decades, so there is a wonderful chemical change in his body, in foreign learning experience, let him have the Western culture with unrestrained, but also because the father Liu Literati elegance, and faint revealed a trace of Oriental culture of Shen-wen, experienced in various industries, jobs, Through 30, into the 40 perplexed him, from the self, the observation of society, gradually Shen Dian, hoping to become a "useful creative person", become that small starting point, with more young people, converging into a more brilliant dazzling "change."

Lucky for myself: I want to be a useful creative person

Liu Xuan In the past, has written a lot of prose sharing, but this time he has a "functional" full psychological book: "Get lucky! tohelp you good luck ", let everyone follow step by step to grasp the luck, we are curious, Why would he have such a change in the new year? Liu Xuan smiled and said, in fact, I usually rarely look at self-help books, but like to see psychological-related analysis books, see a long time there will be some ideas, think can be applied in life, so this time, in addition to writing a book they will like, but also want to from their own body, began to try some new changes.

Liu Xuan says in his observations of several social events, found that young netizens have two phenomena, first, more and more do not believe in the words of the people in power, second, for social events often sour words appear, but no one put forward other "choice", so really can change what? (You will like: What really changes Taiwan is that most people are willing to make small changes . )

He thought: "Maybe it's too hard to change the whole social structure, but if we can start from our own life and make some adjustments and changes, maybe these forces will gather up and cause more change!" 」

So at the beginning of 20,151, hoping to become a useful creative person's Liu Xuan, decided to open a creative little experiment, he held a "next cup of coffee" activities, the rules of the activity is very simple: in the café to help the next guest to pay, and leave a blessing of the small note, so the activity began ....

Liu Xuan said: "In fact, the price of coffee is not high, but the focus of this activity is that people have to stop busy footsteps," personally "write a card, which increases the difficulty of the activity, but more temperature. "In the film, although not like the European and American reality show, there are exaggerated expressions and movements, but Liu Xuan said that he was in the scene, can feel the eyes of each lucky eye for a moment of sparkle, the mouth slightly rise, the mood of subtle changes, the spread of goodwill, and the success of this activity, is entirely due to be willing to stop and become a continuation of activities "Actors".

from this experiment, Liu Xuan more to confirm his imagination, each of us can in the individual life circle, with individual energy, resources, anywhere "make a Difference", and when there are everywhere such "trivial" occurs, " Change "will happen, without the need for government agencies to do a smile ambassador, or celebrity endorsement, someone will become happy, there will be more smiles appear,

Liu Xuan confidently said: "Now we can get rid of the star effect, or the mass media, because each of us can cascade their influence, now we have" new rules. (same field Gayon: Everyone is the power of change, from the turbulent 2014 to see the rise of Community power )

As a creative person, Liu Xuan said: "Creativity is priceless, only" action "will produce" value ", if we are only unrestrained imagination, but never put into action, then the idea will only be" No value, "and will not cause any change, only the power of action, poured into the creative, let it live, and infect more people, then this" priceless "meaning, it will be large to immeasurable value.

Liu Xuan said: "Taiwan actually needs a feeling, a belief that they can" change "feeling! The point of this remark is not "change" but "production".

Liu Xuan wants us to start with ourselves and expand the power of practical action.

so you can often see Liu Xuan FB sharing a lot of inspiration, activities, because he thought that creative thinking, not necessarily to keep the trade secrets, to share with others but can inspire more inspiration, so that more people join the action, so we can have more power, and this is Taiwan society at present, The need for a dynamic, mixed with the belief can be a better mood, as well as more down-to-earth to take action! (Everything starts with action: a shocking education of transnational discourse: a Dream without action, not a dream )

Three lucky for young Taiwanese

Liu Xuan, a 42-year-old, keeps in touch with new things and spends time with young people, take part in a lot of sharing, like he mentioned, the future is expected to cooperate with Shell good room, but also very concerned about the things that women do, he is in fact, like us, has gone through the life of lost time, so can with experience, with a higher vision, To look at the difficulties faced by young people, so he wanted to share his observations and observations and give the young Taiwanese three lucky:

What you need is not luck, but "believe" in Yourself

"At the age of more than 20, it was the most infallible moment, during this time you can work, play, and make friends, even after these things, still return to the original point, to find a job, or to find new objects, but we all will become a different person, these experiences will be at the age of more than 30 in the deposition, Become a kind of energy contained in body. 」

Out of the society later Liu Xuan, in the master's graduation back to Taiwan, in fact, the heart is full of panic, because the same age friends have already had certain experience, they seem to lose competitiveness, how to do? So he decided to force himself, holding the "endure hardship when eat up" mentality, in the shortest possible time, with "Super English drive the United States" progress, in different industries, positions accumulated the most accumulated experience, we asked him in the process, have you been afraid?

He lowered his head a moment later, and slowly looked up and said: "Every moment!" Until now every moment, I still will be afraid! "(Don't be afraid, we accompany you:" uncomfortable, it is the beginning of growth "write a letter to the work of your hesitation )

Seemingly Liu Xuan of the victory Group of life, in fact, like each of us, in the face of life problems, will still be confused and hesitant, but Liu Xuan last choice " Believe ", believe in their own every experience, the end will be connected, and this belief will become the driving force to go down every day; it is believed that over time these experiences will cascade into a painting, and in the end we will know that our position in this world, when we find ourselves in the right place, we do not need to have luck, we can get happiness 。

You can only play according to the spectrum? Or can you play it on the wing?

"This is the best of times, and the worst of times", Now, young people are facing a time of rapid change, we face more challenges than we have in the past, but we also have more opportunities. In the past, when young people went to school or work, the teacher or supervisor can list some rules for the rookie to follow, step by step up the existing route, but now, no one has the absolute answer to solve the problems, these traditional authoritative role, can no longer guide us, the opposite " The answer is for young people. " (Facing the future: Ma Yun's "retirement" speech: believe that young people will do better than we do )

As a musical creative person, Liu Xuan, for example:

Think of yourself as a musician, you want to be the only one who can play the music? Or do a musician who can still play calmly even if the spectrum is blown away by the wind? The difference is whether we have the ability to "improvise".

Liu Xuan

To be an impromptu player, you need more than just the ability to improvise, but also to cultivate confidence, so Liu Xuan want to share with us this year "getlucky! to help you good luck " because he thinks that young people in Taiwan need more " Positive Attitude ", more from the accumulation of daily life and practice, suggest that young people can give their own 1 ~ 3 choices to try, in life in a controlled situation slowly try, and gradually you will find yourself more and more action Force!

Third, have a peaceful temperament, is not the money can not buy the lucky

Many people will think that Taiwanese young people are not so full of wolves, leopards and Liu Xuan to pursue lofty goals as the young people of China, but he shares with us his dialogue with Wang Chaoge, the mainland art creator, Wang Chaoge said: "The Taiwanese are characterized by peace."

The word "peace" is easy to say, but it is not easy to achieve it! There is a small story that said, a mainland people came to Taiwan, and the taxi driver said: "You Taiwanese are poor!" And the taxi driver said: "We are not poor, we just have no money." "This story sounds like a humorous joke.

Liu Xuan also smiled, but then seriously said: "We can not only look at the economy to belittle themselves, because we have something, money can not buy!" 」

Taiwan is a very magical place, we have a moderate climate, changeable terrain, inclusive of various ethnic groups in this land to live together, we have the Confucian interreligious, but by Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States, regardless of culture, art, Philosophy, mind, Taiwan can be cited The important role of the Chinese community. (about the land we love: The big picture behind Taiwan's "little certainty", real ambition, hard confidence)

To look farther and bigger, to the Liu Xuan of Taiwan's hopeful

We asked Liu Xuan how to make "peace" an advantage for Taiwan. Liu Xuan Contemplative said: "This thing is not necessarily to flourish, but need to deep." Because you are thoughtful enough, because you do something deep enough, you are serious enough, so you can have peace, so that people have to admire you, and finally cultivate a respectable style (dignity), and this dignity will make people want to learn close. 」

Liu Xuan said that many parents in Taiwan have a contradictory mentality, Taiwan society often put young people labeled Strawberry, and will be full of "fear of child hardship, But fear of children suffering "contradictory mentality, but in fact, young people can endure a lot of bullshit goes, but we have to have a clear goal and direction, not with the standards of the outside world to measure themselves, but enough to understand what they have, and then find out what they can pursue, with a style that cannot be reproduced ( Dignity).

Being a father is another kind of luck.

In retrospect of his own experience in life, we asked Liu Xuan the most important experience, he said that every experience is important, indispensable, and after thinking for a while, he told us that we did not think of the answer, let his life is the biggest change in fact: to become a father.

Liu Xuan at this time to take out their little daughter made up the hand to share with us, face full of Father's pride and satisfaction (about the love between father and daughter: Dad's shy true words: to my dear daughter's 13 gentle proverbs )

"When you become a father, you will know that a little life depends on you, this is the burden and responsibility of God, when the child appears, you accept this matter, and then there will be a dramatic change in the mind, the priority of all things, look at the color of things will be different, it is difficult to explain! 」

Liu Xuan spoke of the child, with a smile on his brow

Liu Xuan laughs that his child is his "little Boss", to follow the children, rest, work time will also be adjusted, but also stimulate their own many abilities, such as to get along with the children, so need more efficient to complete the work, solve two small children's disputes, so learn more communication skills ... Wait a minute.

He also mentioned his admiration for his wife, even though his wife was a full-time author, but she can see many Liu Xuan did not notice the details, such as the lack of home to find what needs to be supplemented, while taking into account many small details of life, Liu Xuan said: "I am a boy, so really can not so delicate to take care of so many things, But when I see my wife behaving like this, I also think about what kind of role I can play in my family. 」

Liu Xuan that the family should be treated as a "team", and children are new rookie players, so they will spend more time to teach them, when he suddenly stopped, a word a word heavy said: "Although the child's things, in our life is very important yes, but not every!" Thing Thing Cia "It would be a loss to get along with the couple," he said. (with children still love: The child more loving, the French husband and wife for a lifetime of the secret )

To marry, to have children, whether for men or women, is an important change in life, Liu Xuan that in this process we should all learn to change with ourselves, and to understand that these changes may not be the way we dream, when two of people can adapt to each other, new roles and positions, You can have a more tacit understanding to work together to complete a family.

This day, we talked with Liu Xuan for one hours, from back to Taiwan to become a father, he has more expectations for Taiwan, hope that Taiwan can be better. But we all think that Taiwan needs to be better without superheroes, and that it is possible to call and concatenate each and every little action. (A better answer to you and me: How to change the world: you and I both have the ability to change )

If everyone is making a little bit of difference in their lives, like a coffee experiment, give a stranger a thank-you and a smile, as I do with words, to share more beautiful stories, like Liu Xuan wrote the next book as a seed: "I do not think of this book as a self-help book, perhaps after reading, you can get positive energy, can be stimulated, But I hope this is a reference book, can stimulate more people have some new ideas, new behavior changes! "Then perhaps Taiwan will be closer to what we are looking for!"