Facebook hangs, some people feel anxious about the end of the world, and some feel like, "Well, I can finally work it out," Don't you think?

two o'clock in the afternoon, a bolt from the blue, Facebook hangs up (does anyone like us keep on doing it again?) , and Instagram together disappear, although not Sang, but Twitter is just as Yuwengdeli, to greet 2015 first traffic peak. Facebook hangs, some people feel anxious about the end of the world, and some feel like, "Well, I can finally work it out," Don't you think? (Recommended reading: face books do not share also happy, not happy are their own life )

We want to say that Facebook is dead and women are still here. Let's take this opportunity to review last week's 10 favorite articles, as well as the latest news on the website!

Top 10 favourites last week

find yourself a long time ago: Three exercises you can do when you are confused

"You're not strong enough because you're so comfortable." Interview with Vice president of P&g Communication and public relations Xu Youjie

Love is not accidental! 36 psychological problems that make you fall in love with a stranger

Why did you get married? What are you married to? Jay and the "collapse of generation" dilemma reflected by the wedding of Kun Ling

Malala, Allempe kee, kee Lanatri! 20,146 time for a woman's comeback.

Six indications analysis emotional value is not worth to continue

Jay and Quentin's Fairy tales: Why should we aspire to dream wedding?

"Women are obsessed with private talk" 隋棠 prove to be a woman's best life

A gentle peck, a hot French kiss, a man's most memorable four kinds of kissing skills

are you the one who wants each other? 10 honest questions to ask before entering a marriage

A simple essay: Last week was a hot week for love! About Jay and the wedding of the Ling also have a very wonderful discussion!

This week you should know about a woman's obsession.

01. Recently It's Dahan, you know? Come on, fill up! "24 Solar Term Special Edition" during the Dahan, let a woman warm up the body of the way to fill the air

02. Liu Xuan Hot interview with women fans! "In this age, the answer is in the young man." Interview creative worker Liu Xuan

03. Woman obsessed with weight author! Shishun's new book, To love the romance of your past life: The historical tide of Goethe's romance and the revival of Lust

04. Belle and woman fans meet the woman in private whisper time woman whisper: Imperfect, still can love Ah

05. What, you don't know that women are obsessed with "Mistress history" books? "Mistress history": Princess Diana's lifelong envy of women, the story of Camilla and Prince Charles

(The story of Voltaire's mistress, Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy, and the story of a more affectionate woman, please click on the Mistress History anthology )

Finally, as I finished finishing the last one, Facebook was resurrected! (Presumably, Facebook engineers have just gone through a series of hectic ... )