This year's Best Original Song to pursue a path of freedom and equality, come together and feel the impact of an Oscar live performance.

This year's Academy Awards have been the best in the past 17 years, but in fact, in the past Oscar ceremony, it was almost the same as the white world, with the of the blacks being nominated for the Academy Award, and the chances of winning the award were slim.

From the 1980s, African-Americans broke through the invisible differences and efforts to push to pursue equal power, from the first winning black male actor to the first award-winning black actress, who was thrilled to see how difficult a black man was to take away from a white Oscar ceremony. (Glory moments: Lupita Nyong'o confess, " Don't let the skin determine your value )

Although the number of non-white nominations this year is not high, in addition to winning multiple awards, the , , directed by the Mexican director Alianza · Inalito, , Oscar will make the best original song to the .So let the winning list, don't have the meaning of the time!

In 1965, the black civil rights leader of the United States, Martin Luther ·, led the city of Selma to the streets, resisting the rules of the segregation of public transport, and eventually forced the court to repeal this unreasonable act.

In February, a time of black civil rights, John Legen d, a black R&B from the Grammy Awards, and the same Common, joined together as rappers win Oscars for the Oscars, are especially meaningful!

Although the United States Constitution regulates the right to equality for people, women, black and other equal rights depend on a of anti-apartheid actions, such as the 1950-1970 era, the women's equality movement initiated by writer Betty · ·, and the women's empowerment not only in the role of women and their mothers and their wives.

The clamour for equal rights has blossomed from the 1950s to today, even more in the world, in the two men's prize-winning speeches, as well as the of the people of the world, freedom and equality are not related to ethnicity, religion, gender, etc., which is the highest meaning and value of survival for a person.

Common: " The spirit of this bridge connects the boy who lived in South Chicago, dreams of a better life, a Frenchman who is fighting for freedom of speech, and defense of democracy, and defending democracy, to those in France standing up for their freedom of expression, to those in Hong Kong, for

This bridge is built on hope, born with passion and elated with love for all human beings. ”

John Legend added: ' 50 years ago, the won voting rights bill was now being undermined in this country. 'We know that it is a right that we should enjoy, and we know that it is the practice to fight for freedom and justice.This country has a lot of restrictions on us, until today, compared to the Black Serfs of 1850, more black people were under control." We know that the Venting Rights Act that they bought for 50 years ago is being coming right right now in this country today. We know that right now, the strugle for freedom and justice is real. We live in the most incareated country in the world. There are more black men under correct control today then were under slavery in 1850.

So when these people hear this song, we actually want to tell you that we are with you, we love you, and we see you we are with you we see you we love you and march on

Then they performed on the dance floor, and they were deeply moved by the entire audience, giving Bradley · and Cobb Bradley Cooper the tears of the men.

This year's Oscar ceremony, with the addition of two composers to best original songs, led to the black crowd fighting for equal rights 50 years ago. In women's struggle for rights, the Red Carpet Project #askforher, the winning actress from the red ·, Patricia Arquette, a moving speech for equal pay and human rights, has made this year's Oscar ceremony more meaningful.(Sibling: Winning the awarts of Auntie Mae's standing ovation!Patricia Eiquit: " Women, it's time to fight for themselves!" )

As Common says, we can all be united in the spirit of equality and toward each other's pursuit: "Love everyone, let everyone be free," in the end, like "One day, when the glory comes. It will be ours, it will be ours."