We're talking about how to learn to treat the world in a comfortable and comfortable way, enjoying Light and Light.We will find that every day is a good day for love.

the afternoon of the Valentine's Day, the Dutch and the Dutch chefs invited the popularity writer One and famous author Tsai Shu-chen to share before and after a cup of tea. We talked about how to continue to relax, love, love, and be gentle and comfortable with the world, and how to treat the world in a comfortable and comfortable .We will find that every day is a good day for love, and the host-chef shop and women's fans join together in the love of Just Light .

the start of Sharon's, Miss II asked what kind of a boy girl who came to the Valentine's Day with a woman, and what kind of relationship is she in?The boys and girls may still be in a relationship, or have just ended a relationship; some are still enjoying the sweet beauty of love, but others have been severely wounded, and the heart fragments are full of debris.But it's a bit tenderness to say that people here are here because they want to believe in love.(Recommended reading: From girls to women, five bad guys we've ever met )

Before Love, we always set a lot of conditions for love and each other, regardless of appearance, personality, or even the way that the other person shows love.But after the After Love, we learned that we actually wanted to be different from what was needed, and that we had too many rules, and instead let us fall into the shackles of love.

So, my dear, today's first topic, let's learn to put aside the conditions.

Shuji Shuzhen asked, "What is the feeling of love?"And when we talk about it, we don't really know ourselves, and before Love, we have a lot of imagination about love, lots of things about the other half, and then we follow these adjectives and conditions to find that so-called Mr.Right, and that's really right?"I don't think that's the right thing to do, because you can't describe it in words, you can only feel it with feeling," she says with a strong sense of tenderness.(sibling: love, no rules )

It's not impossible to get in love with one another, but it's actually impossible to get in love, whether it's the relationship between the two, or the person who looks like it.And love cannot be separated by conditionalities, and it is not a process of screening his people. It can only be felt with ulterior motives, to think carefully about what kind of person he is suitable for, and to be companionable to each other.Didn't you say "Little Prince"?" What is really important is that you can't see it."Just remember to always be sincere in love and be serious about it and enjoy the feelings and feelings of every moment."

After you have loved one node, we will find ourselves drifading away from each other. Perhaps we will be on a different path from the other side of the road.Or when you're still struggling to love each other, he has chosen to fade out of your life.When I was in love, we would think that the heart seemed to be strangled tightly, and crushed.(Let's hear what the boys say: Boys talking about lost love: Love is the final stage of this class )

Although nostalgia is a painful reminder, it is a state of gratitude.Because I've loved it, we thank each other for having to share with us the places that are not so much in love.When we're loved, we get a lot of power; when we love someone deeply, it's full of courage.

But heartbreak is not a bad thing, sometimes a total collapse is a blessing. Although perhaps, in the painful time of a lost love, we could not help suspecting that I was not good enough.

So the second lesson is Tsai Shu-chen's: "Find yourself to find a way to face the world.""

Miss two says, " Honey, when you're single, it's time to spend our time with yourself."

Tsai Shu-chun says that she once broke in love once and for all. " From the beginning, I've been in love, and now I've only been single for a year.But this year, I think I grew up a lot, and I liked to get along with myself.When Shu-chen said this, she was a bit of a key. "Before love, I found myself a key."The two women laughed and said they were heartbroken, but they also said in a strong tone, "Don't be afraid of being single, and that's going to be the fastest growing ever."(Siblemark: Give you the 20 women who are full of strength and embrace the real self!))

Sentinen Shuzhen even frankly had a deep question about whether he was not good enough or thin enough, so the other party left.There was a public outcry, and I doubted that the famous model, such as Shuen Zhen, was self-confident.It turns out that in the face of love, no matter what status we are, we are just a normal person. After heartbreak, we may all have some time of self-doubt, even when it's relatively easy to breathe in the world when it is back to the world."These are all just a process, and what we need is to rediscover the way we face the world, and in every situation we are able to focus on this moment, and not shy away from any environment or relationship with others," he said in a speech."

' One person can make himself self-critical. '"

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Perhaps we will find that films will shed tears, repeat only the same music, and will only eat 85 % of the black chocolate, but as they say, we will find better ourselves and spend time with the world in a way that we can live together with.

Dear, please be responsible for yourself, as if you're going to identify yourself with yourself, you will have a better yourself.Even if everything has been destroyed, after the burial, we have to believe that we can all find some light, pliable, soft, and firm place.

Hey, don't be afraid of heartbreak, just relax and take time to get lonely. Put yourself in the understanding, the pain in the comb, comfort those scales.Because the heartbreak is that when we grow the fastest, we will like ourselves more than we are, and we like to get along with ourselves.

In the last lesson, one says: " Everyone loves another person, starting with himself."

Miss II stressed that "good faith" is the most important thing in love.She asked if she was a person with multiple identities, how did she find her in love?One answer says that in love, we are often pursuing the so-called "perfection" and even shaping itself into a certain image, with a very heavy shell in love with a deep love.But, honey, we can't go for perfection, but in addition to perfection, it doesn't actually exist. In the pursuit of perfection, what we have shown to each other is what we want to be recognized.

After seeing the eyes of the entire boy girl, one gently, one gently, says, "Any love will not be built on the shape of a child."A relationship that is stable over a long period of time is because we love each other's beauty and not good .At this time, it seems that the air in the book store freezes, and every reader who comes here is thinking seriously about what happiness is, if it's a lovely thing to be seen in each other's eyes, and that someone loves it deeply.

Ssu laughs and even laughs that the first time you go out on a first date is absolutely plain, and you have to show the most true self to each otherThe second lady immediately picked up and said, "Now we can prepare for the make-up release." "We can come to a real face to face!"The entire audience burst into a burst of laughter, making the atmosphere of the salon all the more relaxed.

Miss II also quoted Marilyn Monroe's saying, "If you can't accept the worst of me, you don't have the best of me."to be followed by.Miss II says that even in love, in other relationships, or in the course of life, we need to give ourselves some flexibility so that we can relax ourselves, as long as we remember to be "optimizing".It's like Tsai Shu-chen has always emphasized in today's Sharon, "Don't ever stop letting yourself grow up.""

Sook said, "Don't stop growing up, we need to force ourselves to grow up."To continue to accept different things, I have always been on the subject of learning to learn."

Every heartbreak is the process of searching again, and once you've been the brightest and the brightest of my desolate border, you've been the brightest.Those tears and all the pain will eventually become sweet-sweet, and let us have a better life.

During Q&A, a girl asked, "Why would anyone like to have plural people at the same time?""The person does love the plural, but he has the freedom to choose how many people he wants to build," he said."The person who believes in the relationship with many people at the same time is a lack of personality," he said.

A girl shared her own story, saying that she had a consensus on both thinking and future planning, but the parents were more traditional, and hoped that both parties could get married and have a baby as soon as possible.The girl choked on herself, who did not know what to do, tried to communicate with her parents, but had no results.When the girl was sobs, she was able to take over the microphone, and he told her that "the other half of the values that I could encounter with values is very hard to cherish, and it's worth trying to value."If the first communication is not valid, then try again, and make sure that your parents understand and agree with your thinking."The girl noddly nodred, had a brave wipe away, and she should have had the courage to move forward in the first words."

Whatever love and love, we all need to be comfortable, honest and truthful, and loved by others.Let's challenge ourselves in love, because it's going to make us find ourselves important. Aha Moment.

Davency says, "Simple is the highest level of complexity" and hopefully we can all find who we are, let others feel warm, make love end up, don't pursue perfection, and say simple words no more.

The day after the salon in the chef's workshop, the young ladies exhorts that they must be relaxed in love and not be afraid of being single, and gently end with a gentle heart.This time, a lot of the women who love it, Sharon, would like to thank the old bookstore, the cupcake Cubetit, the cupcake Cupetit, the Bliss, and the good partners of the Valentine's Day, and give us a lot of love and teach us how to enjoy life.

After Ariel Sharon is over, besieging a circle of people who feel that today is a great day and next time we can make progress, the hearts and minds of each other, and their hearts and minds to each other, trust each other, love each other and be loved by their partners, and are truly happy.

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Dear, let's continue to learn how to love, Just Light!

I hope we are all able to use the most truest and true self, so much so that we are so brave.

Thank you particularly for a lot of loving angels


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