Sports, changed the way Wang Li and his body dialogue, so that her life more exciting. She said, run, adjust breathing, life will be very different.

A walk into the company, the house exudes a bright fashion flavor, many wearing avantgarde girls in the inside like a beautiful young art, enjoy the heart and pleasing to the eye. On the second floor, there is a figure to my first eye will be glued, it is a dark and deep long hair, bronze healthy skin, and a rise in the corners of the mouth like to melt the whole world of laughter.

Ten years ago, she was "Black Pearl" a popular model circle, later Flash caused a noise, divorce more aroused the media's strong concern. In the past few years, she is no longer just a supermodel, she is a runner, not only with the media dialogue, more understanding with their own dialogue. She starts off with a single face and runs out of the media to fill the siege of the lost wedding model. An interview an hour, she completely changed my impression of supermodel, she is running for herself Wang Liya.

Don't think the "running" here refers to a walk on the embankment of the kind of Wang Liyache, the play is serious! From marathon to Tri-iron to boxing, Leah started running from a girl who did not move, the biggest turning point was the year when the "Lost Wedding Model" was crowned.

Run through the darkest of life and learn to breathe again

Leah said at that time of his life in the dark, she felt the failure of marriage and immature, life like beach mud as no goal, "I have nothing to lose, at that time it felt so." Leah said the tone of this sentence let me distressed, I believe that many girls have been like Leah in the past convinced that "to find a good home is the most important thing in life", so in not enough time, not ready to enter the state of marriage, and even produce like Leah " Guilt, but dear, you have to believe that it is not your fault, there is no so-called failure of marriage, all experience will make you more complete, you must find a life for their own efforts! (Recommended reading: Find a good home, better to have the ability to make their own happiness )

It is like Leah in this relationship, karma under a friend dragged to the morning run, she is very curious, what is it that they talk about this matter when the eyes have light? So she ran, Leah said: "Learn to breathe, to move, let me briefly forget." But we all know that it is not enough to forget the pain temporarily, the most important thing is to find a cure for the pain.

Leah said: "At that time from friends around to encourage me to wear sportswear, wear sneakers very good-looking, this thing let me very surprised, originally I can seriously do one thing and be praised, when the model was too accustomed to be picky, in the runway I even want to go what kind of route to others to help me decide. But today I want to run what route, I want to run, how long, how many challenges, I can decide. 」

After listening to the passage, I blame myself for imagining the model job as a "beautiful job". But Leah said she is in this line most of the time is not self-confidence, one into the circle is not everyone called her "Black Pearl", more people criticized her and "popular models" different characteristics. She is more frankly since childhood because of natural volume, black skin, schoolwork is not good, has always been unhappy children, she used to blame parents often, think parents to her body is their fault. I'm fine. How do you change these inferior moods?

Running, talking to yourself, to the family, to the world.

She said: "I was born in a strict family, once and my father on the phone to share my experience of running a marathon, he told me not to run, I am very fierce response to him:" You know what, I run not only to encourage myself, but also to encourage others. " "After this passage, Leah's father's response:" Well, you run, do not hurt on the good. Leah said, at that time she seemed to really feel the father of her deep love, because did not know the dialogue, so always and parents disharmony, but now she found, sometimes that is the way elders care. "Now talk to him on the phone, no matter what his attitude, in fact, I can feel his heart is laughing." (Recommended reading: Dad's shy true words: 13 gentle Proverbs for your dear daughter )

Leah's inferiority is partly from native families, because parents are not good at encouraging the way to educate their children, not good to hear the voice of their children, Leah also suffer from the way they communicate, but really grow up, gradually understand those parents "negative" behind the mind, is actually a deeper layer of concern, Leah said: " Because you know how to talk to your body, you also slowly find ways to communicate with your family and know how to love them. "Run up to let Leah find himself, she is no longer confined to blaming the family, but know how to be grateful and feel, more active dialogue with the world."

You don't like me, it's okay, I like me.

We are so wonderful in the treatment of "model" and "runner" of the body, what is the same dialogue?

Leah replied: "When the model was a child, I feel that my external state must be the most perfect, because I want to the whole audience of the spotlight Zhengchong." When I began to exercise, I feel that I am free, see the running out of the sweat of the appearance of the face, but very moved, I strive for their own, I now feel that they are both beautiful and strong people. 」

Leah said that the movement forced her to talk to the body, knowing that she was empty and helping herself in class. We know Leah not only sports, but also to participate in oil painting courses, secretly learned that Li Ya have a small dream is able to open a painting, see her obsession with everything, we believe that this day is around the corner!

In the course of the movement she also kept trying to understand the body. She said: "Sports are the dialogue with their bodies, I can also?" Do you want to keep going? Feel it all the time and find the right way to treat him, such as when to exercise and what food is right for me. "Leah also said that exercise is not just a dialogue with the body, more taught her how to treat others:" I learn how to treat another person on the run, I used to be too easy to cooperate with each other, think anything is good, today at least know what I like, can talk to each other, before the focus of life are transferred in love, Now I'll feel like I have to have my own time. The other party has not read back, do not like me also does not matter, I know that I like myself. (Recommended reading: talk about a love that doesn't need to please others!) Be the happiest of your life )

Give up not at all my options, life this way I only run down

We are also curious, Leah How to find a love of their own pipeline? She said that the first time to participate in the marathon, when the shock is "the original really someone can support me selflessly." She said: "The first half horse marathon in San Francisco, I did not have any sports foundation, to adjust my life and rest, do a series of changes." 21 kilometers along the road, every stop, there are many people refueling, I think this kind of encouragement is very valuable, they did not take money, everyone is constantly give me encouragement and applause, care about my body state, after the race I got a Tiffany necklace, compared to my lover gave me, I earn money to buy, this necklace far more than those values , it is the most precious necklace in life. It came from my feet and my will. "(you will also like it: the supermodel who walks out of the runway stands again: this time, I choose what I want )

Leah also said that running the current marathon is not difficult at the moment, in front of a series of training is the hardest, to force themselves not lazy, forcing their own out of the running, people have asked me to want to give up, but give up at all not my options, life this road, I only run down.

Leah very understand his body and psychological what is, after the race to take their own to eat delicious things, is her best reward. She said, "I'm a model. Since 11, eating has been a very evil thing for me. So can be presumptuous to eat a meal I like things, do not have to consider tomorrow show the stature of the state, such a comfortable meal, is the greatest reward. 」

After listening to Li Ya said, we may be a bit sad, models to eat a big meal, are going through their own rigorous test, those we think the daily trivial things easy, for her is a great reward. To know how to find a way to satisfy myself in life is what I see in Leah. Compared with her lover's Tiffany, she cherished the first half of the horse running Tiffany, because it is entirely on her own to win the affirmation. (Recommended reading: The most beautiful season: 30 years old is not the first, but the climax of Life )

Not afraid of thin enough, there are always I can wear clothes

After listening to the Leah of diet, we are very good to see how the "model of the body"? Leah Frankly replied that he used unhealthy ways to lose weight, cut off food, vomiting are necessary, what weight loss drugs have been eaten, but to form the body needs more than a dose of drugs to stimulate, so to develop a more fat physique, she very seriously said to me: "If my previous slimming mode has influence on the model of the girl's impression, It is wrong for me to apologize deeply for thinking that a model is so thin. (Recommended reading: Stop putting fat girls and skinny girls on Libra: Stop using the body to reset the meaning of a person )

Leah said: "I used to be afraid of clothes can not wear, or wear on the stage is not good-looking, now I think the body's symmetry than a thin more important, this dress can not fit, he could find someone else to wear ah, there is always suitable for my clothes." 」

For now Leah, thin is an attitude, she also in the near future out of a new book, " thin have attitude: Wang Liya's bodybuilding notes ," and readers to share how she step by step to know how to love themselves. She likes to breathe in every muscle she feels, and she likes to run her own body, not only because to stand in the shape of the runway, her external is not a designer, hair stylist, make-up artist layers of the beautiful packaging, not everyone's efforts to achieve the spotlight before her, but with exercise to regulate their body state, "This is my own , my training, my persistence. Leah with a firm eye. (You will like: Real size models )

Every part of the body, I like

We asked Leah what he liked most about his body. She said: "I can not single like the part of my body, they are every inch of the results of my painstaking efforts, whether it is my tan skin, because running and the calf muscle, these for me are very beautiful, each of them, I do not eccentric treatment." 」

Wang Liya should be the only one who has a particularly generous face. Such a face, we feel very sincere, very cute. )

In Leah's speech, it's hard to imagine that she was a girl who had been on the show makeup because she was frustrated by criticism, it is even more difficult to imagine that such a girl can now advocate in her own face book to exercise as much as possible without makeup! She said: "The Kangxi is very popular actress make-up remover unit, I did not expect to become the program burst point, after a lot of discussion." The concept of exercise without makeup is because this skin can breathe well, Sohe State of course, unlike before, but this is my most comfortable state, I do not think a woman biochemical makeup exercise, she likes, we can suggest her how better but do not deny her. 」

Leah actually very understand the girls do not want to make up the mood, because she has spent a good freshman life in the eyes of other days, including into the line because others praised her is black Pearl, they try to tan more black, but overdo it. Now she, for their own and live, for their own and run, spend more time to run their own, no longer easily because of other people's words and hit. (Recommended reading:"What part of your body do you want to change most?") "The answer for adults and children is ...

It's a happy thing to be able to be positioned by something you like.

Leah said: "People have asked me, you are afraid of being positioned, I will say, if you can be the things you like to locate, it is not a very happy thing." 」

In this environment where we like to be positioned, we are often labelled, Leah by his efforts to tear off the "lost wedding Model" of the label, you can hardly imagine her description of their days "every day to go to the nightclub, very lively place, do not want to be alone, even with their own pain." 」

But today, Li ya life, she proved that women can have their own life, after the divorce can be very exciting life, positioning and how? Just like Leah heartily fell in love with his black skin, think she is more than the reluctance to wear clothes that do not fit more care about the comfort of the body, understand their own needs, do not care how others positioning you. (Recommended reading: develop the gentle face of life: From now on, you deserve more beautiful days )

It happened that the little blackboard behind this picture wrote the famous quote of Coco Chanel: "in order to be irreplaceable, one must always is different. To be irreplaceable, you have to be different. "Is it also very consistent with Leah's attitude towards life?"

In Leah, I see a kind of not admit defeat, also not zhengchong. She had experienced the time needed to grab the spotlight, and she knew she was the lamp that shone. I asked Leah to use a word to describe himself, she said that she is a spicy Mandarin duck pot: "I like stimulating, even if insipid I want to have." 」

Life flavor, like pot Mandarin spicy pot seems very good, in the passion to grasp the climax of taste buds memory, in the indifferent time to enjoy the quiet day. such as Leah sent to women fans readers recently read this sentence:

"Don't worry about the vague future, just try to be clear now." 」

Enjoy every moment of ups and downs, the life of this pot, your own seasoning.